Walking around the mansion aimlessly, the thoughts of what happened in Carson's office ate up my mind. I still couldn’t get over the fact that something sexual almost went down between us.

And the sick part of all this was that, if it had gone further then I would not have stopped it.

After walking around the whole house, I went into the kitchen last. Since I got here, I've not stepped my feet into the kitchen. Funny though, because I loved cooking.

As I walked in, I stopped at the entrance in awe. I was surprised at how big the kitchen actually was. There were maids running around trying to get things in order. And it seemed like there was feast going on since everywhere was bustling.

"Luna." Someone said suddenly. I whipped my head to face the person. It was like that person called the attention of everyone and they all stopped what they were doing to bow to me. If this was not a new and strange feeling, tell me what was, I thought to myself.

I liked it though. I felt
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