Chapter 17

Giselle's POV :

Two months later:

Even after two months, I still can't get him to open up. I guess I've made a 0.05% progress. The charity events became common and I think half my wardrobe is filled with fancy dresses. I totally forgot and don't care about Travis. My hair became longer. The whole world seems to change, but Tito doesn't change.

Tonight is another charity event and my boss donates a lot of money for anything related to children. There was once a charity organization for children suffering from leukemia and he donated 10 million pounds! That's a truck load of money.

He actually picks me up at charity events and drops me. I never dropped him again. He stuck to his word on no drinking. He lets me off early at every charity event. Because of these events, he gets more business partners.

I got ready and waited downstairs for him. I like him. In

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