Chapter 18

Giselle's POV :

I saw the partially bald headed pot-belly man staring at me. I shuddered just at the thought. Would my boss seriously let him kiss me? I was repulsed at the thought.

I stared at Tito and I found nothing on his face. Just his lips set in a thin line.

Then in an instant, his warm, soft lips made contact with my cheek and I was saved because his sinewy arm wrapped around my waist. My mind couldn't decipher what was happening, but the only thing on my mind was his lips on my cheek. His LIPS on MY CHEEK! I may seem like a lovesick teen who's exaggerating, but that's what he's doing to me.

We heard a few 'boos' from the crowd, because they were obviously expecting him to kiss me on my lips. I knew he wouldn't. how can he when he has Fortis's name tattooed on his chest. I mean I'm not jealous or anything, just stating facts.

I want to meet Fortis one day.

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