44 Chapters
Chapter 11
It's Monday and I am back to work. Today was different I don't know why. Today seems too busy than the other day. There's a lot of work. Work has been filing and filing without stopping. Soon the day is about to end but my work is not yet done. Until its already seven in the evening but I am not still done with those works. I was not able to eat my lunch because I forgot the time. It was exhausting I was finally done with today's work and it is already eleven o'clock in the evening. I kept everything in place before I left. I was left with a little energy. I take a cab not wanting to disturb uncle ben. I almost fall asleep during the ride. I just try to keep my eyes open until I reach my apartment. As soon as I reach my apartment I plopped down on my couch and dozed off. I didn't even bother to change my clothes or have something to eat.. That's how tired I was.  I was awakened by the sunrise shining in my face. I open my eyes look in the direction of the light from the
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Chapter 12
I woke up early as usual and do my morning routine as always. I Have to go to the office this day and in the evening is the ball which makes me excited because my date is my assistant that I like. And tonight would be my plan for my first step on pursuing her. I have to take it easy so as not to embarrass myself also. After getting ready, I got in my car and drove towards my company. When I arrived at the parking lot, I vaguely see a figure of a woman walking towards the lift. The figure looks like Cass, She is so early today. Actually, I feel sorry for her for how many days of keeping her busy but I can't help it I really need her assistance so that it could be completed before the targeted time. Thanks for my diligent assistant its really done ahead of the requested time frame. I'm walking towards my office while passing by the office of Cass I stole a glance at her and I can see a glimpse of happiness. And she looks refresh maybe because I let her rest yesterday. I get inside my
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Chapter 13
There it was, a red blood ball dress. It looks amazing and magnificent. It was an off-shoulder with heart shape corset and princess style. It was just unbelievable. Beside it was a red plump that had sparks of gold in the heels. What was Liz thinking? anyway, she's good at the things like that so she has to be a good taste. I sighed I had no other choice. I  was thinking about how I would going to style my hair when I heard a knock on the door.  When I open it," Hi miss Lim right? I was sent by Mr. Stanley to help you for tonight." she said politely. It turns out Mr. Stanley hired a person to put on makeup and style my hair for me. Very thoughtful indeed. " Okay, Thank you. Please come in." I said while letting her inside my apartment. " It's okay MMiss Lim, I think Mr. Stanley deserves your gratitude. I am just a person paid by him to beautify you tonight but I can see the reason why Mr.Stanley is doing this to you." She said with a smile on her face. Hearing what she say
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Chapter 14
I excused myself there to give them time to talk first so that I could also think alone for a while. I sit down at the bar counter to have some drink a little and from where I am sitting I can see them talking and it seems that they are whispering. I sigh, that's how girls talk a girly talk. I went in pouring some drink for myself. I am not going to drunk. Just something to take my mind off.  " Mr...I mean Josh" I heard someone said from the side. " May I?" It's her best friend Liz pointing to the seat beside me. " Sure," I said. " Would you like to drink?" I asked her. she nodded. And I called a bartender to get some ladies' drink. I poured it into her glass. We took a few sips. I was wondering what would she want to talk about that makes her follow here. " You like my best friend right?" she asked me suddenly and I was stunned Is it that obvious? I smiled at her. " Looked I know you like her and please don't deny it," she said with confidence. So I nodded. " Too bad y
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Chapter 15
We arrived at my apartment. He already stopped the car but because we are still talking about each other, I didn't get out of his car immediately. We are talking like friends long ago. We lost track of the time until we realized that it was already one o'clock in the morning when he dismissed me right away. We have a good time talking to each other. I felt happy to have another friend other than Liz. Anyway, he said a close friend so I agreed. But if I am being honest I like his personality too. He doesn't have the vibe of a spoiled rich young man. Maybe his parents discipline him for be would be in charge of their big business company. Actually, if he is not so rich and also my boss, I might be fantasizing to become his girlfriend someday. But Heis my boss and he is rich and I am not. He also has a girlfriend so it is a good thing to be his close friend.  I was taken aback when he told me about being friends and he wants to know me better, especially when he told me th
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Chapter 16
I sleep until three o'clock in the afternoon, and I was awakened by the sound of urgent knocking on my door. I frantically get out of my bed and walk to the main door of my apartment where the knocking hasn't stop. I was still a little groggy from my sleep. When I opened the door it was Liz who immediately walks inside while rumbling something that I cannot comprehend because my mind is not yet totally awaken. I close the door after letting her in. When I turn around I see her about to sit down on my couch. I walk towards my small living room where my friend was already sitting looking gloomy. "Why is that face?" I said. She looked at me with a little confusion, "What you still didn't know?" she said irritably. " Here I am worrying too much but I can see that I am worrying for nothing," she continued. " Is it the news on Weibo that you are referring to?" Don't mind them we know that it is all fake news and besides we already know that they are just making that news for money. As lon
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Chapter 17
I help her carry her stuff into my car because she doesn't have a car. I think I would give her a car and I would put it like a bunos for her good performance at work. Hmm, that sounds like a great idea. I will do that later. We got in my car together with her friend which didn't say a word but just nodded at me when she saw me following Cass earlier. I drove them to the seafood restaurant and lead them inside. I chose the corner which is not too noisy crowded. As we sat down, the waiter came in and give us their menu. I let them chose their food and I also chose mine. While waiting for our order we talk about random things. Ten minutes later our order was being served. We eat while talking and occasionally laugh at some things that we talk about. I felt a warmth inside how good it would be if we will officially become a couple. I really like looking at her without her knowing. She doesn't have to put make-up on but still, she looked beautiful and innocent. Actually, I followed them
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Chapter 18
After I got home I didn't expect this grocery shopping to be like this, but anyway I am thankful for the presence of Mr. Stanley it makes my things a lot easier. I felt ashamed when he also help me bring my stuff inside my apartment. So I invited him to drink something and have a chat with him before he decided to leave. Liz who was also with us, I know she just observing the both of us. I felt relieved when Mr. Stanley decided to leave only I can breathe freely. I was distracted by his teasing and flirting ever since he gets close to me in the supermarket this afternoon. When he is gone Liz bombarded me with a lot of questions but I just told her maybe his just being nice. I didn't tell her about the teasing and the previous word that Mr. Stanley told me during the ball. I didn't want to hide it from her but I just don't want to disclose it to her because it is so early and I don't want to assume something. Maybe he just told me like that just like what he always does when he likes
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Chapter 19
Josh POV Meanwhile, in the CEO's office of Stanley Manufacturing Corp., Josh looks so focused on his work but he seems bothered. He absentmindedly lookup and occasionally looks down at his wristwatch, like waiting for someone.   ........ I was working but my mind is wandering somewhere and someone. Today is Monday but she hasn't arrived yet. Was she absent? but she did not tell me yesterday or before she was out the day before her day off. And she did not file for leave, is she suddenly sick. I sigh to myself maybe I was just overreacting. I try to put that thought in the back of my mind and focused on my work then suddenly I heard a knock on my door. " Come in", I said without looking in the direction. I heard the door open from the outside and then close but still, I didn't lookup. " Mr. Stanley, Miss Lim just called and she said she'll be absent this morning, she won't be able to catch the in time of work even if she wan
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Chapter 20
Cass POV When Mr.Staley's car is already out of sight, I started walking to my apartment and opened the door I entered. I change my shoes into slippers the I go to the living room and plopped down on my couch. I'm a little tired, but it's okay at least I was not scolded by my boss for not coming this morning because of being late. I can't help but admire Mr. Stanley's kind behavior plus the breathtaking handsomeness very much perfect. I felt my stomach swirl with that thought, I must be captivated by his way of how he talks to me. Ugh, I hope he would be rude to me like what my colleague describes him. I know I was starting to be softened by his kindness to me, but I know I am no match for him. In terms of status, we really don't match each other, so I am destined to just admire him secretly.  I was sitting on my couch for almost an hour thinking of Mr. Stanley's handsome face, his smile when he looks at me, ugh. I sigh and stood up the
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