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Chapter 11
Sigh! His wife was just too beautiful that so many people were trying to court her. It gave Philip a headache. “Hey, Aiden’s here! Come, come, come and sit beside your Uncle Johnston.” Martha was clearly enthusiastic as she welcomed him. “Why did you have to bring gifts? You’re just too kind. Just your presence would have been enough!” “It’s Uncle Johnston’s birthday, after all.” Aiden smiled and walked over to sit beside Charles. At this, the crowd started shooting mocking looks at Philip. This son-in-law of the Johnston family was just too wretched. Even an outsider could sit beside Charles Johnston, but as a son-in-law, he had to sit closest to the door. This difference in treatment was just too obvious. Martha was smiling with her eyes as she looked at Aiden like she was looking at her future son-in-law. “It’s thanks to Aiden reserving this private room that we get to dine here at Virtuous Court today.” The crowd then looked at Aiden in adoration. To be able to reserve a
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Chapter 12
Watching everyone causing a commotion, Wynn felt like she was sitting on needles. Although she did not know what Philip had prepared, he had told her that it was a painting. Philip was not a complete idiot, so he had brought the painting that Russell had given him. But sadly, Wynn did not know. She only thought that Philip had simply bought a random decorative painting. Now that Aiden had brought out his famous Chinese painting and received great comments from everyone, the painting in Philip’s hand paled compared to a treasure like that. He would be humiliating himself if he took it out. “It’s just a gift. There’s nothing to see.” Wynn chirped in for Philip before shooting him a vicious look. If he humiliated himself in front of everyone today, she would hate him forever! She would never be able to lift her head up again in front of Aiden. “Sis, you’re just rude now. We can’t ignore Cousin Brother-in-law’s regards,” Lynn giggled as she said. She then walked over and snatched the
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Chapter 13
“Since Mr. Clarke isn’t here, I won’t disturb you any longer. Please have a great time.” Javier had come so suddenly and left after delivering gifts, leaving the crowd shocked. Charles coughed with the card still in his hand and asked, “Does any of you know this Mr. Clarke?” Everyone shook their heads. A figure powerful enough to have the owner of Virtuous Court personally bring over delicious food and great wine was not someone they could be acquainted with their lowly status. “Could it be Philip Clarke?” No one knew who had said this for fun, but the whole room burst into laughter. “Stop joking, how could it be that trash? If it were him, I’d eat these wine bottles.” “Other than having the same last name, what else does our cousin brother-in-law have to show for?” A few of the youngsters were mocking without reserve. Wynn found it hard to bear, so she scolded furiously, “That’s enough! What are you guys saying? He is still your cousin brother-in-law no matter what!”
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Chapter 14
Philip pondered before saying, “I won’t meet him for now. Let’s talk about it in the future.” Anna replied, “Understood, Mr. Clarke.” After the call ended, Philip sat in the corridor and slept the night away. The next day, early in the morning, Wynn said to him coldly, “I’m taking Mila home in the afternoon, will you be coming with me?” Philip nodded and gave her a bitter smile. “I’ll go and apologize to Father.” Wynn’s heart skipped a beat when she heard him, but her expression remained indifferent, only nodding without saying anything. In the afternoon, Philip and Wynn brought Mila to the Johnston family home. The atmosphere in the house was cold as soon as they entered. “Dad, I’m home.” Wynn feigned composure. No one came out to greet them. Charles was sitting on the sofa wearing reading glasses as he read the paper while Martha was busy in the kitchen. Philip put Mila down, and the little girl immediately hid behind her father’s leg, hugging Philip’s leg tightly.
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Chapter 15
Aiden, who had been looking cheery, was now in a daze. What was going on? Mr. Clarke was upset, so the gallery was not to be opened to the public. Could there be any other reason more random than this? No, he must have done something wrong. “What’s wrong Addy, did something happen?” Charles and Martha found Aiden’s expression a little odd. “Oh, it’s nothing, nothing at all. They’re just reporting the gallery’s situation to me.” Aiden forced out a smile then added, “Uhm, Uncle Johnston, I have some urgent matters, so I will be leaving now.” He then stood up to leave. “Oh, Addy, is it really urgent? Won’t you be staying for dinner?” Martha followed closely behind him and saw him out the door. “Maybe next time. Goodbye, Uncle Johnston, Aunt Martha.” Aiden hurried away. Of course, he would be in a rush. If something happened to the gallery booking, he would lose all face in front of his future father-in-law. He had to rush over to the gallery to see what was going on. After seein
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Chapter 16
“Causing trouble?” Anna frowned. Her aura became colder as the temperature around fell by a few degrees. Whoever dared to cause trouble at Civil Gallery must have eaten a bear’s heart! When Allison saw Anna’s reaction, her mouth curved into a cruel smile. She pointed to Philip, who had his hands stuffed in his pockets as he stood leisurely, and said, “That’s right. It’s that migrant worker over there. He’s not only causing trouble but was even delusional, saying that he wants to see you. I scolded him for a bit, but he said I didn’t have the right to be at Civil Gallery. Isn’t he an idiot?” Anna glanced coldly at Allison. Although she was not fond of Allison’s condescending tone, the girl was still one of her people, so she kept quiet. Anna then strutted elegantly over to Philip and asked with a straight face, “You’re the one causing trouble?” Philip glanced at this woman in front of him. She’s Anna Carter? Not bad. Gorgeous and very endearing. Philip did not answer but quietly t
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Chapter 17
“Lloyd Zalman, who allowed you to come in here?” Anna denounced icily. She despised this shitty fat man because he had been coveting her for a long time now. Whenever he had time, Lloyd would come into her office and shamelessly tried to take her to a dinner date. He was also underhanded, always trying to bring his friends and family members into Civil Gallery through his connection. For example, Allison Cooper was one of the people he had brought in. “Anna Carter, what’s with your attitude? As the operations director of Civil Gallery, can’t I come here to take a rest?” Lloyd Zalman settled himself comfortably into the sofa. Like a huge pile of meat, he had layers of fats on his stomach that his shirt was threatening to burst open. “This is not somewhere you can enter. Leave immediately,” Anna pointed to the door and said coldly. The new owner was right here, but this idiot was so presumptuous. Lloyd chuckled then glanced at Philip and teased shamelessly, “You’re really somethi
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Chapter 18
Philip smiled. “I’m here to take a look.” What a coincidence to run into Aiden here. “Take a look? What’s there for you to see?” Aiden sounded displeased. “Do you know where this is? Is this a place someone like you can enter? Get out this instant!” Aiden hated Philip. The broke man had stolen his goddess from him, and now, he even came to Civil Gallery for a stroll. Did this man not realize that he was tainting this gallery with his existence? Philip frowned slightly, feeling irked. “Why can’t I be here to look?” This Aiden Grant had no idea that the man standing in front of him was the new owner of Civil Gallery, so he still had the gall to look down on him. Philip felt disgusted. “Hahaha!” Aiden laughed out incredulously. “Philip, you’re such a fool. Do you know what kind of people are allowed in Civil Gallery?” “This, I really don’t know,” Philip calmly answered. Aiden tipped his chin up, already forgotten what he came here to do. When else would he humiliate Philip i
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Chapter 19
Today was Saturday. Wynn got up very early to start putting on makeup in the bathroom. Philip came out from the bedroom to coax his daughter, who was making a fuss. “Isn’t it your off-day today? Why did you wake up so early?” Philip was carrying his daughter as he stood at the bathroom door and asked. Wynn answered without looking at him. “I have to go back to the office today and meet a client in the afternoon.” She then looked at herself, left and right in the mirror. She put on her lipstick, then pursed her lips. This woman was gorgeous. Even with light makeup, she was still as endearing as a fairy. Wynn squeezed past Philip, hastily took her bag and put on her high heels. “Oh, right. Go over to the gallery today to help my dad out. Let Lynn look after Mila. I’ve already informed her last night. She will be over at about ten.” “Come back earlier, Mama.” Little Mila was still in Philip’s arms as she waved at Wynn with her adorable and fair little arm. Dimples appeared on he
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Chapter 20
At the same time, Philip had reached Civil Gallery. Today was his father-in-law’s exhibition, so he had come to help out. As soon as he entered the door, Philip noticed that the hall had been luxuriously decorated. There was quality and taste. It was definitely not done simply. It seemed that Anna had put in a lot of effort. Jasmine then noticed Philip, who was looking around at the door. She walked over with a smile and greeted, “Hello, do you need my help with anything? Uhm, you are…” The exhibition today was extremely important. Manager Carter had instructed that everything had to be perfect as the guests today were all prominent figures in Riverdale City. Hence, all the staff had to be respectful and humble. They should never judge a person by their looks. Jasmine had thought that Philip was a guest here for the exhibition. After all, she had already received a few, and they were now waiting at the resting area in the next hall. But to her surprise, it was him. Philip loo
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