51 Chapters
Chapter Eleven
A lay awake in bed staring at the ceiling. Ever since I came back from the palace today, I been quiet, too quiet for everyone's liking. Umma asked me so many times I just told her that am fine, am just feeling under the weather. It worked, except for Asmy that disturbed me for quite sometimes then ignore me when I refuse to tell her anything.I turned around in bed and stares at Asmy deep asleep. I wish I'll be able to sleep the way she sleeps, deep in her sleep without any care whether the world is spinning or not.I sat up, holding my legs in my chest, I wish you can unknown things after knowing them. I don't even know what's wrong with me. All I know is that am feeling so sorry for the prince, the things he went through, is not every one that can go through them and still stand on his legs.One thing I know is that he is a survival. I think that's why he is working hard helping children in nee
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Chapter Twelve
Nawal's POV.I push close the oven's door then twirled around and pick the spatula on the counter. Using it as a mic I started miming the song a was listening to "I like me better by lauv".I twirled until I reach the fridge and open it, then took out chocolate sprinkles, Gazing to the door I found Umma and Asmy standing by it, murmuring something to themselves.I continue my dance and twirling in the kitchen miming the song."What is going on with you" I turned and found a frowning Asmy standing near me."Me?, Nothing" I said while I went and checked on my cup cakes."I was right when I told Umma to get Imam and do rukiya for you". She state clearly thinking that something is wrong with me.Sitting on the counter, I face Asmy, raising both my hands and said "Am fine Asmy, in fact never been better". As a
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Chapter Thirteen
Nawal's POVI stood in front of the dressing mirror applying eyeliner, we are currently getting ready for the summit.The whole house has been kind of quiet after my sudden allergic attack and Farida showing up to represent Umma Magajiya which annoyed the crab out of the prince cause I over heard him on phone shouting why can't Mami represent her? Why is she sending Farida or it is because she wants to show the whole world that she's not in good terms with Mami?.I didn't exactly know who he is talking to, but I can easily guess that it is Umma Magajiya on the other side."Look at you all doll up" Sultana said while standing beside me doing some last minute touch up."You look nice too" I said while gazing at her in her peach colored material gown, she is looking like her real princess self."Are you girls still not ready" Mami ask coming into t
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Chapter Fourteen
Third person POV The ray of sunlight cascaded inside the room through his window, although the sun is kind of hot been it summer morning, but the room is cold because of the air conditioner that's working in all corner of the room. Different sort of machine is displayed in all part of the room.Laying on his back he lift his weight lifter with his eyes close thinking about what his father disclosed to him yesterday night.Never in his wildest dream did he ever image that she is the one. Is just so twisted now. All his life, from the moment he knew about the so call marriage from his father, he wanted to know who the girl is. Now that he knows, he is just so confused.Letting go of the weight lifter the slowly pop his eyes open as he sit up.To his greatest surprise he found Nawal standing in front of him and staring at him, more like gla
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Chapter Fifteen
The week's blur by quickly. It's been 4weeks now after the controversy of The prince and Farida yet the whole emirate are keeping quiet about it, no article from them, no press release even if they asked the Prince or the king or even queen's they'll just brush it off with a laugh.Around 2pm in the afternoon I left school then decide to stop by the palace to see Mami, she traveled since last week and came back yesterday.Plus I haven't been to the palace for almost a week now, and some of the prince clothes arrived few days ago which means I need to organise it in the right place before he scatter it everywhere.I decide to finish up in his side before going to Mami's. I was in the middle of arranging the clothes while listening to señorita by Shawn and Camila all the while miming the song."Señorita right?" Started, I turn gazing at the face i wi
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Chapter Sixteen
"What's going on here" I turn to the source of the voice and found Abba that just stroll inside the house."Ab...Ab...Abba is nothing" I stammered knowing that if Abba is angry he is worst than Umma."Why will you say is nothing" Umma said with a deep scowl on her face."Tell him were the bracelet is". She continue with a stern voice."What?" Abba asked shock as his gaze travel to my hand. "What happened to the bracelet?"I sighed in defeat as I turn and face Abba then whispers "I lost it"."How? Where? And when?" Abba asked all at the same time this voice becoming annoyed."I don't know" I answer honesty.Abba shook his head as he ran his hand through his hair in frustration."Just find it" he said, as he gaze at me worried, before he stroll inside his room.Umma look at me, looking so angry then sa
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Chapter Seventeen
We sat in a comfortable silent as Adam drove out of the palace, I gaze at his direction through my side view and notice he is looking at me with a smile on his face. I smiled too and then turn my head to face him directly but he quickly put his eyes on the road which made me to chuckle and ask "What?" while grinning."Nothing" he answered simply still smiling."I know you're thinking about what a did earlier" I said as a matter of a fact while waving my hand.He smile tilting his head and said "maybe"."You see, I know that you're thinking about it" I said as my smile increases. Fixing my gaze to the other side I sighed "Gossshh, I have no idea what came over me, am just so angry at him" Which is strange cause 99% of the times I felt angry at him, then it'll suddenly change to a feeling of wanting to impress him, which is why I always arrange his closet to perfection and
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Chapter Eighteen
The days pass by in a blur with me ignoring everyone including Asmy. I refused to get another phone like everyone wanted me to including Mami cause she came here at least trice. I always give them excuse that I need a break from it.Its still a nightmare to me even after Abba explain everything to me. Well not everything, he explain the basic saying that he'll tell me the rest when it is time.As for my work, I hand in MY resignation letter which was officially declined by the Prince. And Umma said am been irresponsible which Asmy support her which made me to reach the conclusion of being angry at both of them.Putting my earrings, my mind wonder back to what Umma said this morning when she enter our room and find me laying down on our bed. She thinks that am running away from my problem saying that I should face them head on cause running away will not help me.Deciding to face on my demons, I got ready t
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Chapter Nineteen
Dedicated to: Ayshatu04Happy birthday dear, wish you many more ahead.I stares at the rise and falling of her chest as she lay down there sleeping in peace. "Sleeping beauty" I whispers out looking at her beautiful face.she looks so beautiful laying there with her blue coloured abaya and covered under the blanket. Her hair is spread across the pillow since Asmy dried it for her when I brought her back.My mind flash back to when I reach the garden and saw her laying there, for a moment I stood as the image slowly turn to my mother's lifeless, cold body staring back at me. I felt as if all the air has been drain out of me.I didn't even know when I reach the ground with my hand wrap around my throat, trying t
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Chapter Twenty
Dedicated to All the fans of Becoming Royal. She storm inside his parlor looking so angry to the extend her whole body is shaking in anger. She didn't even mind the maids that where busy working there, and the guards that where guarding the place.Walking to his bedroom door she turn around and face them then shouted "leave".All of them stop what they're doing and face her, including the guards cause is very unlike Mami, being angry at the worker's to the extend she shouts at them."I said leave" she yells again while closing her eye's.All the maids drop what they where doing and rush out of the parlor while the guards close the giant double door behind.The door where she stood open and the King appear before it,By just looking at her he knows that something is wrong to make her this mad when they did not even have break fast.

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