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Ava had slept on the couch that night. so, she had to sleep lightly and by morning, took a bath making breakfast then getting it to Kara in bed who was still sleeping."Hey! Kara. Wake up. You have to go to school."Ava knocked in shaking Kara from her sweet sleep."Hey! Morning. I'm I late?""No. You got an hour and a few minutes. You should take a shower and have your breakfast.""You made me breakfast in bed?""You don't want it? I ca
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"So! what do you think? Can a few of this get done before the end of the day?""Yeah! If you give a little hand. Me and my friend here can have alot done before the end of the day."" Well okay. Tell me what I will need to do and we get started." Asked Ava."Well. Not too much. Can you just take a seat
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"What do you think of the maroon?" Asked Mr. Bradley."Nah. Maroon is like old. Right Ava?" Replied Kara."I don't know. Whatever you choose. I go with?""Then how about the black? It's cozy." Explained Bradley."Too big. I don't think we need that." Responded Kara."So it's um.. for the both of you?""No!.. no no no.. its for her house." Kara
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"Wow.. this looks delicious. ""My mom taught me how to make it. I don't know what she called it but I call it dinner.""What! Hehe." Chuckled Ava taking a seat at the couch as Kara passed her a plate of food. "are you planning on heading back home. You need to make amends with your father.""I don't wanna talk about that please.""Alright. Then this Martha friend. Who is she?""Oh. She is my friend. Went to kindergarten together. We've been
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Ava led her way out of the university hall to the parking lot where she picked up her car driving to town straight to the store she first found ben.Arrived and knocked for a welcome inside finding Ben was seated clearing out a piece of wood."Get to see you this early miss Sinclair. Your my morning charm today I guess." Joked Ben getting close to her.Am I? Good morning Ben?" Greeted Ava."Good morning miss Sinclair. Shall we?" Replied Ben tagging into his jacket.

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"I think we should live." Snapped Kara placing her napkin on the table."Sure. As you wish. Excuse me sir." Called Ava onto the waiter that had served them."Yes Miss Sinclair?" Responded the gentleman."The bill. Please." Answered Kara."Yes miss." Snapped the waiter heading back to the counter and then again handing Ava the bill book. "Here is your bill miss.""Thank you." Responded Ava as Kara took the book away from her."I'm paying for this." Chuckled Kara taking money from her bag into the book. "Here you go." Said she handing the waiter back the bill book."That wasn't fair. I love paying for my bills. " complained Ava getting from the seat."I love paying as well. Maybe next time we split it in two?" Proposed Kara."No. I don't want that either.""Okay then. Next time you pay. The next I do."<
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Parked outside manning university with a drained sight of Dante's car parked outside right next to hers.   "He's back as well." Growled Ava.   "I guess. Your punishment being lessened had him a chance of getting back." Responded Kara.   "I did think I could have a spottless day. Maybe for a week." Said Ava slamming the door closed after she had picked up her bag pack.Read more
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"What are you to do about it?" Inquired Martha from Ava.   "Nothing." Answered she.   "Well he will have to talk to me. And tell me why. " said Kara.   "You're not serious. Are you?" Smacked Ava towards Kara.   It was then as they were continuing there argument when the bell rang them back to class. Just as the rest of the time, Kara kept quiet in the back as she glanced at Martha and Ava who kept flirting through out the whole lecture.   Martha had her seat right besides Ava and Kara was behind them. Which seemed to be very uncomfortable for her.   Not denying the fact that she was feeling quickly replaced, she also hated the thought of Ava trying to get Martha's attention.   By the end of the lecture, Kara was pumped and hardly even said a wor
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After her confession to Ava, Kara hadn't nearly said a word at all to her. She was more distant and rather unemployable to any of the conversations they usually had together. Though Ava tried had to bring her back to the woman she had met before, she couldn't do much. She hardly wanted to raise Kara's hopes of ever getting into a relationship with her. No matter how hurting she made her feel, the decision about dating Martha still stood. She had never detailed the reason why she couldn't get into a relationship with Kara and neither did she explain it to her the moment Kara gave in. She rather took a stroll to start wooing Martha. To Martha, it was a pleasure knowing that Ava was interested in her. She had already fallen at first sight but had no idea about Kara's feelings towards Ava and neither did Kara ever show them again since the say. Two days before Halloween, Ava had asked Martha out already and they w
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"How many times do i need to apologize to you Kara?" asked Ava as they arrived the cottage. "Didn’t demand for any apology Ava. I just don't get it. Okay, I think I do but I don't know why I have to still be feeling like you are hooking me up and pushing me away at the same time. Getting me to date any random person." exclaimed Kara ragging. "That wasn't my intention though. I want you to feel happy. Like the way you used to be before you had to start growing feelings for Me." she mentioned gazing into her eyes softly. Kara gave the gaze back at her and inside the house she led. Walked on settling at the couch. "I'm really hoping I can get over the thoughts I have for you Ava. I pray it's just a mere infatuation cause if it isn't. You and I might not be friends anymore." "Are you serious about this?" asked Ava sitting next to where Kara was. "I’m very serious. I think staying awa
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