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Chapter 11
*Claire's P.O.V*We sat in silence for the next few hours. I was doing everything I could to silence my wolf's perverted thoughts. I couldn't help but find them equally tempting as well. I couldn't stand how the mate bond made me act. I had just met this man last night and I was already willing to crawl into his bed. Something had to change. I wasn't sure how long I would last until I finally caved in.I pushed any thoughts about Alpha Killian out of my head and tried my best to think of anything else. I wondered what Hazel's mate was like, what she might be doing at this time. I wondered where Brandon's mate could possibly be and why he hadn't found her at the ball.My thoughts consumed me for awhile, and I had hardly noticed as we hopped on an exit from the highway."Are we here?" I asked softly, not daring to turn my eyes to Alpha Killian. I didn't want to deal with the feelings his silver gaze would provoke, and my wolf w
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Chapter 12
It was only another hour or two until we finally made it to the Blood Moon Pack's territory. I found myself scanning the forest through the sedan window, wondering how close we were. The ride was silent, but it was a comfortable silence. We finally made it to the center of some town and I found myself looking around excitedly. Although we traveled for the Ball every year, we never got the chance to actually explore. I frowned as we drove through the town, watching the red brick buildings fade into the distance. We traveled down a wide road that led directly into the woods. The sound of Alpha Killian's voice made me jump, but I kept my gaze on the trees that flew by and the fact that I could see a rust colored wolf easily keeping up with the sedan. After another thirty minutes we drove through an open gate. I looked on ahead in awe. The Blood Moon Pack looked like an enormous town hidden deep in the woods. The giant silver gate at the entrance could easily f
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Chapter 13
I slept peacefully with pickles in the fluffy white bed regardless of my circumstances, last night was free of nightmares for some odd reason. While the lack of nightmares confused me, I was grateful. My real life had become a nightmare, the last thing I needed was for my demons to haunt me as I slept.I spent the day in my house-like bedroom, refusing to leave even for food or water. The last thing I wanted was to see Alpha Killian's face. I still couldn't understand if he had some kind of mood disorder or if he just wanted to wait until I was on his territory to be an absolute dick to me.Sierra whimpered at the thought of our mate hurting us. She had already begun to grow attached to his strong face and charcoal eyes. I on the other hand was more sure than ever about my distaste for mates. This was exactly what i had been worried about.I could tell it was late in the afternoon as the sun began to set through my window and the sky began to dim. A
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Chapter 14
*Kira's p.o.v*I left Claire to go change for dinner and made my way to Killian's bedroom where I'm sure he was busy sulking.I knocked on his bedroom door a few times and finally decided to let myself in when he didn't answer. And there my brother was, the big bad Blood Moon Alpha, sitting on his bed brooding over a hundred and ten pound girl."Was me not answering not a good enough reason for you to go the fuck away?" My brother snarled, which would scare most people, but he didn't fool me."Look, me and Travis are taking Claire to dinner with us." I rolled my eyes at him. As big and scary as he looked, he sure acted like a kid sometimes."You'll do no such thing." He snapped, standing up from his bed as he glowered at me. My annoyance with him continued to reach new heights."Oh I am. She already hates you for locking her up for three days, which was a dick move if I do say so myself. Taking her to dinner will give
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Chapter 15
We pulled into the driveway and I stumbled through the front door of the house, refusing Kira's help."I got this, I got this." I slurred, my finger pointed at her chest. She raised her hands in defeat and tried to stifle her smile.As we walked through the door I frowned when I didn't see Alpha Killian in sight."We're hoooome!" I sang drunkenly, placing my hand against the wall to steady myself.I smiled to myself as I heard Alpha Killian's heavy footsteps coming down the stairs.*Alpha Killian's p.o.v*I spent an hour or so dealing with the fresh batch of rogues my Beta had brought in for questioning.For a month now there have been attacks on people in my pack by a large group of rogues, and the people in my pack looked to me to make sure these attacks were stopped.After spending the better half of an hour torturing a couple rogues, o
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Chapter 16
*Claire's p.o.v*From the second my eyes opened my head began to split. I didn't dare open my eyes, the last thing I needed was the sun enhancing my miserable headache.I let my mind wander, trying to place last nights events. While my memory was unusually foggy, I did remember being invited to dinner with Kira and Travis. Step by step, I tried to go through the events that led me to where I was now. I could easily remember sitting at the round table with Kira and Travis, a strange fruity liquid sloshing in a glass as I brought it to my lips. Everything after that became incredibly fuzzy. My splitting headache made it harder to think, shrouding my memories like a blurry picture.I found myself remembering flashes of different faces, and for some reason Alpha Killian's was brought into the mix. His expression wasn't what I remembered, his features looked soft somehow. His silver eyes glinted in amusement as his lips pulled
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Chapter 17
Alpha Killian remained silent as I slowly ate the omelet he had made me. I was grateful for the silence, but couldn't stand the concern in his flickering gaze.Part of me wanted him to go back to being cruel, so I didn't feel so terrible about trying to escape.Rhea detested the thought, but this wasn't about her. I knew no matter what, she would insist we needed to remain with our mate. I didn't have the heart to tell her, but I knew I didn't deserve a mate, not after what had been done to me. Even a year later, I still felt disgustingly dirty.Once I had finished, and my headache began to subside, I retreated to my bedroom. I sat on the plush bed as I contemplated how I would escape this place. I knew Alpha Killian would leave the house to work in his office for most of the day.My chances of escaping were so slim that I almost knew I would have to go with plan B, but I owed it to my family to try and es
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Chapter 18
The smell of sunblock hung in the air, a telltale sign that summer was in full effect. The sounds of teens splashing in the cool water could be heard, along with the sound of laughter and chatter.Summer was finally here, and I found myself excited to spend it with some human friend's I had made from school.I slung my beach bag over my shoulder, feeling relieved that I had remembered to pack a towel and some water. Beer and other fruity drinks could be smelled with the passing breeze.I turned to a pretty blonde girl, Maria. I had met her only two months prior, becoming friends instantaneously. Brandon and Hazel came to the forefront of my mind. I could've invited them, but I didn't.Maria was one of the more popular girls at school, and I felt lucky to have been the target of her friendship. Brandon had graduated already, and Hazel happened to be home schooled. I h
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Chapter 19
The memories of the past finally began to fade away, leaving me stranded in the middle of an ocean.The first thing I noticed as my consciousness was pulled back to the present was the fact that I was no longer standing. I could feel the hardwood floor under my bottom and legs. The sparks shooting through my face came next. As my eyes began to adjust, I looked into the concerned face of Alpha Killian.I could see his lips moving, but my ears hadn't caught up quite yet."Claire?" Alpha Killian murmured, "Claire can you hear me?"I tried to ask why he was so close to me, but the words came out in a disgruntled jumble.Finally, when my brain was completely caught up, I took in my surroundings. Everything looked the same, minus me sitting on the floor. Then I realized how close alpha Killian actually was. I was sitting on the floor against the bed, his body crouched between my legs as he held
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Chapter 20
Heaven was nothing like I thought it would be.No family members welcoming you home, no pearly white gates. No sense of peace and happiness.Heaven was floating in the darkness, wondering how the hell you got there. Slowly being tormented by memories and mistakes you had made.The worst of it was over, I had come to find out. I wasn't drowning anymore.I would've embraced my pitch black darkness if it weren't for the constant beeping that was emanating from everywhere.Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep.A steady constant sound.A strange sensation came over my body- if that's what you'd call my spirit or whatever. Something I thought I would never feel again. Sparks.All at once I was blasted in the face with memories, each one embedding itself into my skin as I began to plummet through the darkness.Finally, I land
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