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Chapter 11
Nikolay: “Nikolay!” The girl, Lidia, one of my maids moaned as she came undone underneath me. “Fuck!” I hissed reaching my high inside the condom. I laid my head in the crook of her neck breathing heavily as I pulled out of her. I laid down beside her, and she looked at me taking deep breaths pulling herself to lay on my chest. I knew that she wanted to be intimate, or to at least try to catch my attention. But that wasn’t going to happen. “You can leave” Lidia looked at me and nodded pulling herself away from my chest. She got up and wrapped the sheet around her as she sat down and began putting her black dress and white apron back on before she left the bedroom. It was already morning and I knew that I had to get up and head to down to the dining room. It was time for breakfast, and I was aware that the whole family would be down waiting for me. Getting up from bed, I went to the bathroom to take a shower, washing my hair and
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Chapter 12
Kiara: “Do you have everything you need?” Maddie asked me as I was checking my purse I nodded. Both of us walking toward the door, getting ready to go out. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME WHAT TO AND WHAT NOT TO DO!” I heard Claudia yell, her voice booming in the house. “YOU WILL NOT YELL AT ME, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” Nikolay yelled. His voice causing everyone in the house to freeze as chills ran down my spine. I looked at Vladimir who walked out of the living room at the sound of the two siblings. Both our eyes widened when we looked at one another. I put my bag down and both Vladimir and I ran upstairs following the two siblings’ voices. Both of them yelling as loud as they could, looking as if they were ready to kill one another. “YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU LIKE! YOU GO OUT WITH DIFFERENT GIRLS EVERYDAY! DO YOU THINK THAT I DON’T SEE THE GIRLS LEAVING YOUR BEDROOM? AT LEAST I’M NOT MARRIED, NOR DO I HAVE A BOYFRIEND TO CHEAT ON!” Claudia yelled as lo
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Chapter 13
Kiara: “He seriously hasn’t left his office since morning?” I asked Vladimir walking out of the living room. I went to the kitchen to get something to drink only for Maddie to tell me that Nikolay hasn’t eaten anything all day and everyone was somewhat afraid of approaching his office to give him anything to eat. “No, he won’t even let anyone in, I tried, got kicked out. You can imagine everyone else” Vladimir said looking me in the eye, his brown eyes meeting my green ones. I sighed and shook my head. I always knew that the man was going to be the end of himself, but I never expected that he’d end up starving himself to death. “Give me a few minutes” I told Vladimir who frowned in confusion as I walked toward the kitchen. He followed me there and I raised an eyebrow when I saw him walking inside after me. Rolling the sleeves of my blue black shirt, my white sweat pants being low waist were comfortable to maneuver around in. I took out bread, cheese, roast be
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Chapter 14
Nikolay “A normal newly married couple give one another love bites, claim one another as lovers, the man is sure to please his wife until she cannot walk…” Dimitri said glaring at both Kiara and I. We were still in the gym having been stopped by Dimitri, Ivan, and mom “but here you two are. Giving one another bruises and breaking each other’s legs so you wouldn’t walk” “And the issue in that is?” I asked raising an eyebrow. Kiara bit her lip stopping herself from laughing and I smirked. The two of us sharing a glance as we got ‘scolded’ by my parents. “Since when do you even lay a hand on a woman?” Mom asked angrily. “In his defense, he did mention that he didn’t. But we decided to break that rule” Kiara said looking at mom who raised her hands in surrender at the two of us. I put a hand on Kiara’s lower back and she raised an eyebrow at me. “As long as they’re happy, then why are we upset?” Ivan asked looking at Dimitri and mom who glared at
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Chapter 15
Kiara: “Good morning Maddie” I said entering the kitchen. My hair was tied in a ponytail, wearing black jeans, sneakers, and a white shirt. “Good morning” Maddie smiled as she whisked eggs. “Need a hand?” I asked Maddie opening the fridge. Maddie smiled and watched as I took out fruits and placed them on the counter, getting the wooden cutting board from beside Maddie and searched the drawers for a knife. “I suppose that you weren’t going to wait for my answer anyway” Maddie teased as she saw me wash a few strawberries. I smiled and walked back to the counter, cutting the strawberries in half, then the kiwi, pineapple, and dragon fruit “what are you doing?” “Mum used to love having fruits on the table for breakfast. I guess I just got used to having a proper plate platter, which is why I’m making it” I said smiling “are there any eggs left?” “Yeah, they’re on the fridge’s door, what do you plan on making with them?” “Boil them,
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Chapter 16
Nikolay: “You are not going anywhere” I said pointing the gun at Kiara who stood frowning. Her eyes searching mine “search her room, and take her gun” “What the hell?” She asked angrily. Vladimir walked toward her, his eyes cold as ice. He walked behind her and took her gun from her waistband. She frowned and kept her eyes on me as the maids, Alexei, and Viktor stood in front of her. Either searching her room or standing in front of her with a gun. “My guns are in the last drawer” Kiara said keeping her eyes on me. Her eyes looking at the maids who were emptying her boxes of jewelry on her bed, or opening her lingerie drawers, searching her clothes. “You will not open your mouth” I said glaring at her “you’re lucky that you’re even alive” “The gun isn’t even loaded” Vladimir said looking at me. I frowned in confusion and found Kiara’s arm crossed and her eyes staying on me before she moved and walked to her dresser’s last drawer. Opening it an
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Chapter 17
Kiara: “Nikolay, if there’s nothing you need. please, I’d like to speak to my mum in private” I said looking at the Russian. His eyes met mine and he nodded not saying a word as he walked out the door and slammed it shut. “Hello mum” I said answering my mum’s call. I was glad that she didn’t video call me, the bedroom was in too much of a mess for that to possibly happen. “Hi princess, how’s my beautiful bride?” Mum asked. I could tell that she was smiling. However, I knew that if she knew the state that I was in, then she wouldn’t be smiling. But I didn’t want to worry her about it. Her safety was all that mattered to me, no matter what it cost me, I didn’t care. As long as she was safe and alive. “I’m fine and you? How’s dad? I haven’t heard of him since I came here” I said putting my headphones to fix my clothes. These clothes needed to be done, and I didn’t want the maids of this house to fix them. Especially since they were the ones who made this
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Chapter 18
Nikolay: “Can I ask why you tracked my call in the first place?” Kiara asked walking inside my office. To say that she was annoyed right now was an understatement, but when Maddie walked down and told me that Kiara was asleep, and that she found her holding her phone in her sleep. Her grip tight, and that she worried that she might have gotten a call. Then mom coming out of her bedroom looking troubled triggered me, letting me know that something bad has happened. “You slept holding your phone. Maddie told me how tight your grip was on it. Meaning you slept out of stress and anger, then mom” I said looking at Kiara as she walked inside the office, her arms crossed over her chest. Vladimir raised an eyebrow at me but I rolled my eyes and nodded to him, Viktor, and Alexei to walk out of the office, they had been with me when I bugged the phone. Though, I did not expect to find a threat from her father toward her, I expected to see that she was working AGAINST us. That
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Chapter 19
Kiara: “Bloody hell” I hissed opening my eyes. My head killing me with a headache, I reeked of alcohol. It being the first time I’ve had any of it in two years. I had stopped drinking when I grew older, finding no pleasure in doing it anymore. It bothered dad at times that I would reject the wine offered. But I knew that it was better when I didn’t. At least someone was always sober to stop him from getting in trouble. The door to my bedroom opened and I tried raising my head to look at who was entering. But my head felt like it weighed a ton. Forcing me to keep my head on the pillow and taking my other pillow and throwing it over my head. “Relax sleeping beauty, Nikolay just sent me here to bring you Advil and a glass of water” Maddie giggled removing the pillow from my face. I glared at her and she smiled innocently. Her smile devious, but I was still angry with her for telling Nikolay that I seemed upset when I fell asleep. “You know, if I didn’t n
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Chapter 20
Nikolay: “You can’t be serious?” Kiara asked with wide eyes. I smirked and stood in front of her. Taking a step forward forcing her to take a step back until her back hit the wall forcing her to stop moving. Her eyes met mine and I put my hands either side of her head. Caging her between my arms. “Now, I do recommend that you NEVER do the little stunt you did out there…” I leaned closer to her ear. My hot breath hitting her neck “unless you want me to be sure that you won’t be able to walk” Kiara gulped and I smirked when she pushed me back. Taking a step forward away from me, her cheeks red as she blushed walking past me. She opened the door to walk out of my bedroom, with me one step behind her. “I recommend you taking Advil, I’m guessing your fever rose a little” I winked at Kiara who froze in her spot, her back to me. I could tell that she wanted to say something to respond to my comment, but she kept herself controlled and walked inside her bedro
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