24 Chapters
(Should read the story IT'S JUST I LOVE YOU first before reading this, though it's Stan alone story you will know more about Zaki when you first read the story It's Just I Love You.)   (Sharian Roden POV).   I woke up tied in a chair. I slowly lifted my face and my eyes widened as I saw who was in front of me. "You look surprised, you can't speak. Did you think that you could escape, and I would just let you go after you powdered my buildings?" He said. "Zaki!?" "You sure a difficult lilgirl to tame huh." He approached me and pushed my forehead, so I looked up. "You want money, right. Look!" He pointed the money in the cases. "It's all up to you. Plus I'll support the Stygian." He said. "Why ... why would you do that?" "I want you." “Are you crazy already?” I laughed at what he said. He wore me a bracelet stamped “Z’s”. Means Zaki's. This person is crazy. Read more
Zaki Delrama-Sharian Roden Indelcio-Clarence"Clai" Zamora-Aileen Lopez=Nate Guevarra=Ian Cole Mercado=Kerwyn Leford Del Fero=Zaneah Lynn Indelcio(Lynn Severio)(Lindsey Montero)=Denforth Ardy Del Fero=Jervis Ghazi Del Fero=Kezen Aslani Indelcio=Sharian Roden Indelcio=Stan Elthen Indelcio=Sid Dalton-Stygian's Brain.Feline Zamora-Layla Rivera-Drew SamonteDylan Delrama& Aiden  GomezPhem=Craig Alegre=Ethan Garcia=Gabe Montero=Izzy Montero=Theron Morales=

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(Sharian Roden POV) "Burn the store down !!!" I shouted at the Stygian members. "Have mercy Madam, don't! Please." The owner of the store I'm going to burn down. He hugged my legs. "I've been holding you back for a long time. You don't pay, right? We won't be blessed with anything right from you. We should burn down your shop than for us to go back and collect the little you gave!" I kicked him. "Have mercy!" "TSK, burn that away. Everything." I said and the car returned. As the sister of the esteemed gangster Young lord Stan Elthen Indelcio, leader of the Stygian Beasts the most powerful group here in Cordova City, I have nothing to fear from anyone. At least one, not because of my brother Stan but because I’m not afraid to die, so I’m not afraid of anything. Stygian are doing their best to get numbers, also because the rival Rubicund is growing and getting stronger, so we need big money to supply everything that each group needs. The more members, the greater, but the cost i
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Chapter 2-I'LL KILL YOU
(Sharian Roden POV) "Ugh. Ugh. Stop. Zaki." I looked at Zaki when he laid me down and lifted my legs. It's been 3 times already, but he's still not done. Blood all over the bed. There were a lot of his bite marks all over my body. He is a very bad person. He is an alien. Freak, beast, demon! "Can tell by looking, that gangsters like you would have such a beautiful body." He said and pushed my shoulder. "Stop already. I can't anymore!" "Not yet. You have to get used to it, sweetheart." He said and enters me again. Damn! I never thought that my first time would be this painful and with this devil Zaki Delrama. It hurts too much, but I still won't kneel with him. No way. "No more. Zaki. No ... More!" It stopped and looked at me. "Listen, Roden, never in my life will I ever forgive what you did. Do you know what I did to the people who were against me? I killed them." He said lifting my face.
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Chapter 3-GREAT TOY
(Sharian Roden POV) <Friday> "Clai, do you have a walk tonight?" I asked Clai, and he didn't seem to hear me. We are inside the IC room. "Hey! What? I'm asking you!" I said grabbed the book he was reading. "Aist, can you please don't disturb me first? The novel is so good that I'm reading it day and night." Clai said grabbing the book again. "Ugh what so great about that novel?" "The woman as the protagonist in this story is my ideal girl. Sweet, modest, and cute, that you will do everything to protect her." Clai said and sit straight. "TSK, if you're looking for that kind of woman, you should be enrolled at Williams University and not here at Crown University. Almost all the women here are gangsters and can protect themselves. A girl like that in the novel doesn't exist in this kind of place. "I said and stood up. “Do you know why I prefer women who are modest and kind?” Clai said placing his foot on the
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Chapter 4-STAKE
(Roden POV) Earlier I was rolling like tires in my bed. 5 am and I still can't sleep because of the anger in my heart. Tired and reluctant to get up. Maybe the poison is already affecting. While I was worried about the possible effect of the poison on me, maybe that useless Zaki was now so overjoyed. I wish he'll die soon! That idiot! Wait, why don't I try to get a doctor? Maybe that freak is just fooling me around. That is possible because that person is still abnormally stupid. It's annoying because I can't get his serious face and eyes out of my mind. = You belong to me Roden, now and forever. I won't let you leave my side. You must stay beside me until I get tired of you, or else I will wipe all the Stygian here in Cordova City without leaving any single trace of them! = He was mad, his courage to say those things. He is an alien, a demon. Why am I acting like this? It's the freak's fault. I feel like I can’t do any
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(Sharian Roden POV)   "Here, take this for the reservation. The place is top-near the hidden arena, for you to see as clearly as we fight." Zaki said handing me a blue card with Z. Delrama written on it.   "Did I tell you I'm going to watch? I won't go watch! You know you've been interfering too much. How long will I have to pay for my sin with you?" I replied, not accepting the card, and sat in the chair I saw in front of him.   "You immediately forgot everything I told you. You're mine! So even if you don't want to or if you want to, you'll watch. You must watch, you are our stake, right?" He throws the card at me.   I want to break the neck of this bastard!. He was holding my life. It's hard to escape from him.   "Fine, I'll watch but tell me about that event first," I asked taking the card.   Zaki stood up, took off his coat, and sipped wine. &nbs
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6-Win Or Lose
(Zaki POV)   "What are you doing Zak?! Choosing a fighter carefree! I know how important this hotel is to you, but why did you choose Roden to fight for you? You know I'm better than her why didn't you choose me, huh?" Aileen yelled at me.   Aileen has been working with our family for a long time. We are just the same age and have trained to fight together from childhood until now.   Aileen was dad’s fighter, and she was a fighter earlier than me.   Behind the Rapture Hotel class is the boring customs.   "Shut up Aileen. I know what I'm doing."   "Stupid, it's the end of your ownership when Roden loses, I have a strong feeling that she will lose. Do you understand? Because when she loses the ownership will be taken away from you and the ownership will go to Clarence. I can't believe you're being stupid." Aileen shouted.   "Oh please shut
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7-A Demon
(Roden POV)   I was walking down the hallway to the Icon Room when someone suddenly grabbed my arm.   Turning around, Clai's face opened up to me with an unreadable expression.   "Why did you agree to be Delrama's fighter?" He asked and tightened his grip on my arm.   "Oh? So you know now? Why? Are you afraid of me?" I raised an eyebrow at him.   "What's between you two?"   I remember what Zaki and I were like. I'm Zaki's possession, even though I don't want to admit it I still feel that he's holding me.   "Argh, the hell, who the hell cares what's between us anyway?"   "What is this?" He said he was holding the bracelet given by Zaki with the ZAKI's logo." What's going on?"   "You don't have to know. One more thing, you're probably not afraid to lose so why are you asking questions?" I said and p
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8-Feel Wanted
(Roden POV)   I just looked at Zaki while getting dressed.   I touched my jaw. Furthermore, I was nervous before that I might not be able to get my jaw back, but in just a second Zaki got it back to normal as if he hadn't just dislocated it.   There is something hidden from this guy.   "Come on. I'll take you home." He said after getting dressed and fixing my uniform that he messed up.   He pulled me up and down on the bed.   Zaki held my back out of the clinic.   I feel like I'm not that angry with him anymore.   In the hallway, he stopped and looked down. I saw Ian and Nate in the garden sitting on the bench.   I looked at Zaki. He stared at Ian. For the first time, I felt jealous of a man.   Zaki's gaze is full of love for his younger childhood Ian Cole Mercado even though
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