All Chapters of The Secret of the Fierce Ex-Wife: Chapter 31 - Chapter 40
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They got to the bar. It was full of people because of those weekends. Naneth and Kyla enjoyed it.While Abigail, Mia, and Kay were there. Abigail noticed them and she approached them with Naneth.“Excuse me, you’re here.” Said Abigail.“So! What? This bar is for all.” Naneth said boldly.“Haha! I mean, this bar is just only for VIP people. You don’t have money. Why are you here with your friend?“When you insulted Abigail? We are underestimated first! We have a job and I will even slap you with our salary. It’s not that we’re poor, we don’t have the right to come here.” Disgusted, Kyla replied.“Hey! Don’t you dare insult our friend,” Kay said.“What is rude? We keep quiet here and then your more rude friend will just come to us?” Naneth sighed.Mia and Kay pull Naneth and Abigail pull Kyla. There was tension in the bar. The bouncers had a
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Natasha was uneasy at what Louie had told her. Maybe there is something that happened to Naneth. Abigail noticed her, she asked her mom if she was okay and her mom replied she was okay, pretending she said she was worried about his dad.While in the hospital, Naneth was being treated. The doctor came out.Kyla and Gio came immediately. So far, Naneth has recovered and she just needs to rest.Dominic was eager for Naneth when he heard what his auntie Natasha said. He was nervous. Maybe how Naneth was. He called Kyla to find out what Naneth needed. Kyla told him she was okay and that she just needed to rest. That’s where the thorn pulled Dominic. Thank goodness and Naneth was okay with what she said to herself.No one at the party knows what happened at Natasha and Louie’s house. The fun continues even though the Roa family is facing something.Louie came home furious.“What happened, guard? How did she get into the house and especiall
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Louie still suspects that Natasha was involved in the burglary at their house. But he could not find evidence because the CCTV monitor was turned off, so no matter what happens, the authorities still will not believe him.Louie and Roel meet again. They talked about what had happened in their house.“Bro, why did you come home to your party so early?“Yes, bro! I didn’t want to go home in case there was an emergency at home. Our guard called to say that someone had stolen from our house. To make matters worse, she was a woman who dared to enter our house.”Roel was speechless. He knew Naneth was what Louie was referring to. So he just listened to Louie’s story.“Didn’t the CCTV see who that woman was?“That is the problem because our CCTV is turned off. I wonder how it turned off, even though we didn’t turn it off.” Louie replied.“Really! Who can take off? Isn’t that the g
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Lira goes down to see who is the person looking for her. She saw a woman who looked rich. She was wondering who this woman was. Was she didn’t even know that and only now she saw this woman?“Excuse me, miss, who are you looking for?“Ah! Are you Lira, right?”“Why do you know my name?”“I’ve been asking your neighbors.”“Ah! I turned out to be Abigail Roa. You are Lira.”“Ah! Yes, it’s me! What are you doing to me?” Lira asked.“Ah! It’s nothing. Are you pregnant? How many months is the baby in your womb?” Abigail asked.“Why are you asking? Are you the new DSWD here in our area?”“Haha! Me? Looks like DSWD workers? Are you joking?” Abigail replied, looking irritated.“Oh! I’m sorry because your face is new and I don’t know you.”“I already introduced myself, haven’t
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“What did you say, sister? Naneth is Robin’s wife?”“Yes! Why are you surprised? Is Naneth from your family?” Abigail asked in astonishment.“Ma! Alas, my stomach hurts. Ahhh!” They were all confused when Lira’s stomach suddenly hurt. Robin quickly loaded Lira and got into the car to take her to the hospital. Lora and Abigail followed.Abigail was nervous about what had happened. She didn’t think that was the consequence of her going to Lira’s house. She has remorse that she might cause Lira’s premature birth. She burst into tears. I hope Lira is okay. Robin will be furious with me.The doctor immediately treated Lira. Lora and Robin are anxious. They are in front of the door waiting for the doctor to come out.About a few more minutes passed. The doctor came out of the emergency room. “Doc, how is my daughter?”“She&
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Dominic has already arrived at the location Kyla said. He hadn’t immediately found Kyla. He kept asking questions to the people there until he found out that she had been taken to the nearest clinic there because she had lost consciousness. He immediately went to the clinic.He was in a small barangay away from the city. The men sent Kyla so far. Dominic was also unfamiliar with that place.“Excuse me, nurse, did anyone bring here a woman who allegedly lost consciousness?”“Ah! Yes, sir, she is in room 3.”“Thank you,” he immediately went to room 3. He saw Kyla lying down. There was a woman there watching over her. Dominic didn’t know the woman because she looked different and had a big scar on her face, so he just thought of thanking her instead of judging the woman.“Hello, I’m Dominic. Thank you for bringing my friend here to the clinic. I’m sorry for the inco
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“I don’t know Naneth, I’m confused if I will punish you and Kyla for violating the company’s protocols. Besides, you have a point in what you said. Know if you are a kind person and want to help. I admire that attitude towards you. I also want to help you, so I won’t just tell them what you told me today. It will remain a secret to the three of us. The day will come when I will know everything is up to me.” Gio said that looking into Naneth’s eyes.Naneth didn’t know how to react to what Gio said. She was surprised by Gio’s answer. She thought it would make him furious, but she was wrong. He even wanted to help Naneth. Naneth suddenly felt joy in her heart that she didn’t think that Gio was very understanding. She thought Gio was arrogant, but he was hiding something good.“Thank you, Gio,” she hugged Gio again as she smiled.“Just remember that I am here for you.
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Abigail could not believe all that was happening in her life. She didn’t know if she could handle it all. What hurts the most is that she finds out her father’s long-held secret. That he could kill her mother was just because of jealousy. She wants to get lost. She just wants to end her life because she grew up with pure lies. “Girl, are you okay? What is your problem?” Mia asked.“Yes, Abigail. You can’t solve that if you take it alone.” Kay said.“Huhu! Can I trust you if I tell you my problem? Don’t you judge me because our family is not happy?” Abigail answered as she cried.“Of course, we are friends. Whatever we talked about, it was just the three of us.” Mia replied.“Do you know Natasha is not my real mother? And the sad thing is that I still know my real mother was killed by my father. Huhu!” Abigail was all crying.“What?!”
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Chapter 39 THE MEET UP
Naneth was about to get in her car. She was in a hurry to leave because she was about to miss her duty when Robin grabbed her arm.“Let me go. What’s your problem?”“You are my problem. Why didn’t you tell me you were working for dad’s company’s opponent?” Robin asked with anger. “Do I have to refer all my decisions to you? When did you care about my decisions?” Naneth answered boldly.“That’s not the issue. The issue is you’re lying to me. You’ve been with that company for a long time.” “I am just your wife in the role of paper, Robin, but you have no right to tell me what my decision is in life. When have you been a good husband to me? Tell me?” Naneth shouted back.“Yes, you are just a wife on paper, but you swore to God that we will be one. If you don’t love me, why did you continue?” Robin s
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Althea smiled as she entered the restaurant with Gio. She is also excited to see she wanted to meet up in the restaurant.“Dad!” smiling Althea calls out to the man she saw. That was his dad. While smiling, the old man looked at him.“My daughter Althea!” the man kissed Althea’s forehead.“I miss you so much, dad. Even though I’ve only been here for two months. By the way, who is with you?”“Sit down first before I introduce my companion. By the way, I want to introduce you to her she is Jean, she used to be my employee before. I know if you only saw her now but she doesn’t work for me anymore because she already has her own business so that she can also take care of her stepmom because she is weak.” Althea’s dad’s story.“Oh! I see, ah! Dad didn’t you know Gio Reyes first, he was the one I told you about before who was my boyfriend then, I can’t introduce
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10 Protection Status