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Chapter 11 Talisman of Concentrated Vitality
When he saw the chips on the scimitar, then the undamaged Meteorite Sword, Grim Reaper was boiling with rage.The weapons for True Martial Realm and Pulse Control Realm practitioners were collectively known as sharp weapons.Those sharp weapons were divided into nine rankings.The first rank was the lowest, and the ninth rank was the best.Caspian's Meteorite Sword was a rank six sharp weapon, whereas Grim Reaper's scimitar was only four.If Caspian's ability was far lower than Grim Reaper, and Grim Reaper killed him in an instant, then the rank of the weapon would not be so obvious.However, Caspian was only slightly in a disadvantageous position. After the fight, the rank six Meteorite Sword caused some damage to the rank of the scimitar."Damn it!" Grim Reaper's eyes were filled with murderous intent."Caspian, I didn't expect you to be hiding such a big secret. You restored your strength, but no one knows about it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter. Even if you recover, you'r
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Chapter 12 Life and Death
Penny was a mortal, and she never practiced martial arts before.Hence, it was impossible to avoid the long nail! Caspian swept his gaze across the scene and noticed the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality's cyan light was glowing brighter. In contrast, Penny, who stood at the distance, was about to be killed by the long nail. Then, Caspian gritted his teeth and ran at his fastest speed to Penny, pushing her to the ground. The long nail pierced through the air into the big tree behind the two with a loud whooshing sound. A hole the size of a bowl appeared on the tree. In an instant, wood shavings flew around, and the tree's trunk began to wilt and shrink.Penny was so frightened that her face turned as white as a sheet, and she was so stupefied by the scene that she could not move. Seeing that Penny was safe and sound, Caspian breathed a sigh of relief.If Caspian ignored Penny's life just to stop Grim Reaper from activating the Talisman of Concentrated Vitality, he would stil
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Chapter 13 Cloud Valley
The colorful light rays reached Caspian and slowly descended. Caspian could finally see that the colorful light rays were a huge circular fan, and two people stood on top of it. One of them was a lady in white, who appeared to be in her twenties. The other was a little girl in a hair bun, who seemed to be around seven years old.When Caspian saw them, he forced himself to stand.Neither of them was old, yet they could fly in the air. This must be something only an immortal could do! Hence, those people would not be killers that Carson sent.When the circular fan landed, the little girl jumped down and looked around.The bloody scene did not seem to have affected him."There's indeed spiritual Qi's wave motion. Your senses were right. A battle just happened here." Soon, the little girl turned her head over to look at the lady in white, who was her senior.The lady in white shook her head slightly. "However, this was a battle between the martial art practitioners, and it's th
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Chapter 14 The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale
Caspian felt as if his body roasted on a fire pit, and he felt hot all over. At the same time, he also felt bursts of severe pain.In a daze, Caspian noticed that he was in the Tower of Life.Caspian blinked his eyes. "What happened? Did the Earrings of Echo bring me in?"Caspian was also puzzled about what happened. However, he felt his physical body was not in the Tower of Life, but it was his consciousness instead.He could only see the images in the tower, but he could not see his body.Nonetheless, since he was already here, Caspian did not hesitate anymore and directly floated toward the fourth floor of the Tower of Life at the thought of the Earring of Echo's magic.He needed to be a third-stage True Martial Realm to enter the fourth floor.When he battled Grim Reaper, he already ascended. Hence, Caspian could easily remove the seal on top of the entrance to the fourth floor.However, the fourth floor was empty, and there was no booklet on the floor. Just as when Caspi
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Chapter 15 An Unbelievable Plan
Lucas and Fabian were at a loss for words when they saw the muds and remnants.Judging from the traces on the scene, it was clear that a caravan-like team was robbed here, and no one was not spared.Moreover, there was nothing on these people that could be used to identify them. Hence, it was impossible to know where they were from.Nonetheless, such a thing was common on this unclaimed land. Hence, Lucas and Fabian were not too surprised either.After making sure that it was not aimed at them, Lucas and Fabian decided to leave.After all, they were hardly able to save themselves.Just as they were about to turn around, Lucas saw something moving from the corner of his eye, and he took a look at it.It was just a glance, but he felt as if he was struck by lightning as he stood there dumbfounded.Fabian instantly noticed that something was odd with his partner, so he hurriedly asked, "Lucas, what's wrong!""That… That’s…" Lucas's eyes were wide open, and his breathing was getti
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Chapter 16 Caspian, Not Casper.
After devouring the whole roasted thigh, Caspian fixed his gaze at the remaining roasted meat like a predator watching its prey.Seeing the look in his eyes, Lucas and Fabian could not help but feel secretly afraid.After hesitating for a while, Lucas said, "It's yours! Go ahead and eat it. After you're done, we have something to discuss with you."  "Thank you so much!" Caspian answered with a hoarse voice and nodded at them. Then, he directly grabbed the meat.Caspian was famished. He never felt such an indescribable hunger before.Soon, Caspian hugged that meat piece that was bigger than his body, and he gobbled it up.When the rich aroma of the burning grease exploded on the tip of his tongue, a line of words appeared in Caspian's mind.The Fundamental Law of a Hunting Whale!In an instant, Caspian felt the peristalsis and digestion of his digestive system improve by dozens of times. Besides, his belly made a leather-rubbing sound, there were also noises of muffled thunder
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Chapter 17 Deceiving the World.
After Caspian said that he secretly observed Lucas and Fabian's expressions.From their reaction just now, the two did not seem to know himHence, Caspian was suspicious about their identities.Besides being famous in Salleria, the surrounding regions should also have heard about Caspian before.Moreover, these two men were well-trained warriors of the True Martial Realm. Thus, it was impossible that they did not react to his name but were triggered at the mention of Casper's name instead.Based on this observation, it seemed that not only the surface of things that could identify them had been cleaned up.Caspian was secretly puzzled, but he still waited for Lucas and Fabian's reply.However, Lucas did not directly answer Caspian's question, and he just waved his hand as he said, "Caspian, I believe that fate brought us together. My name’s Lucas Campbell, and this is my pledged brother, Fabian Hopkins. We happened to pass by the area and saved you. What happened? You're the onl
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Chapter 18 Gateway to Immortality
Lucas nodded. "That's indeed the case. Caspian, we saved you because we hope you can help the two of us. However, I'd like you to see one thing before I explain further."Then, Lucas hinted at Fabian to show Caspian the scroll painting that Fabian prepared. Caspian glanced at the scroll painting, and his heart instantly skipped a beat. "This is…"It was a portrait of himself! Nonetheless, Caspian quickly noticed that the youth on the scroll painting was not him. Instead, it was just someone that looked similar to him.Even though they resembled each other, one would notice at a closer look that the teenager on the portrait had a different temperament from Caspian. This guy appeared timid, and anyone would think that he was a coward.Seeing the complicated gazes flashing in Caspian's eyes, Lucas said, "Caspian, I'm going, to be frank. This person is Casper Montgomery. Yes, your hearing is fine as his name is indeed similar to yours. However, he's Casper, not Caspian."Caspian e
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Chapter 19 Earlington of Efrax
Before this, Caspian was the crown prince of Salleria.  In Salleria, there was no Pulse Control Realm's cultivator at all. Yet, Lucas could simply say the Lawrence family could enter the gateway of immortality, which inevitably made Caspian dubious. Nonetheless, Lucas quickly noticed his doubts. He nodded and answered Caspian, "It turns out you're worried about this. Since we're all being straightforward now, I have no reason to hide the matter from you. Fabian and I are the servants for the Lawrence family from the Earlington of Efrax.""Earlington of Efrax!" Caspian was stunned.Caspian did not know where exactly Earlington of Efrax was, but the word Efrax was enough to make him lose his composure.However, Caspian knew well that the content they were in was Idacith, and Salleria was one of the smallest countries.Above Salleria was Efrax. Even though it might seem as if Efrax was just a level higher, comparing the two countries would be like comparing a newborn baby to a bur
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Chapter 20 Who Is This B*stard
Besides that, Lucas and Fabian took turns to sleep when they were resting. No matter what, one of them needed to be awake. Moreover, both parties had a tacit mutual understanding of this subtle arrangement.Nonetheless, even though Lucas and Fabian were still wary of Caspian. It was a matter still related to their and their family members' lives... Hence, they still took good care of Caspian.Besides letting Caspian know about some necessary information every day, Lucas and Fabian would truthfully answer Caspian's questions as long as they knew about it. Usually, his questions would be on Idacith, Earlington of Efrax, the Lawrence Family, or even matters about warriors and cultivators, as well as martial art skills and cultivation methods, Henceforth, that broadened Caspian's horizon, and he felt as if a door to a whole new world opened in front of him.Caspian found out from Lucas and Fabian that the most significant difference between a warrior and a cultivator was their contr
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