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Chapter 10: Mates?
**DELANEY** In an abyss of darkness, I feel cold. I don’t know if I passed out from exhaustion or if Heather came back in and killed me. All I do know is that I want to be near Orion. I have no idea why. But I have this deep seeded need to have him with me at all times. “Hello, anyone here?” I ask. Stupid, but can’t blame a girl for trying. I suddenly feel my feet smack a road. And I am now standing on a dirt trail that looks like it leads to a beautiful meadow. Field full of wild flowers next to a small running river. A weeping willow tree and a blanket underneath. If I didn’t just walk out of some sort of darkness I would think that this was a date… But as I get closer to the blanket I see an animal. I walk closer and I see a white wolf with purple and pink hues in her coat. She is the most gorgeous animal I have ever laid my eyes on. She puts Zeus to shame and I hate even saying that. She's laying down with her head in her paws. All of a sudden her head pops up and looks direct
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Chapter 11: Mates; Part 2
**ORION** It's been about 4 hours since Delaney collapsed. The pack doctor thinks she must have a powerful wolf that came too quickly or too strong and it knocked her out. Which almost happened to me when I got Zeus. I haven't left the hospital the whole time she's been here. I don't want her to wake up and be alone. I can't even bring myself to think of anything to try and make her feel better. Her machine is beeping like crazy and she's hyperventilating. "Doc!!!! Get in here now!!!" Doctor Andres rushes into the room. He checks her vitals. And her heart rate starts to calm down now. "It appears she was either having an overwhelming dream or a difficult talk with her wolf. Either way she is fine." What the "Fine???? Does this fucking look fine to you Doc???!!!! There is no part of her being unconscious in this hospital bed, FINE!!!!!" I roared. I am livid and Zeus is pissed too. "Orion, I know you are worried about her, but blasting your aura isn't helping anyone. Es
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Chapter 12
**ORION** I keeping fucking this up. And what’s worse is I want to fix it. I have never wanted to make a female feel better, or get through their hurt feelings towards me. I just want her to smile. To feel better. I can feel her hurt running through my chest. It was bad enough I called her a whore in the woods when she was clearly running from Chris. But now I have basically called her an easy whore because of my raging Alpha Male thoughts. ‘Don’t you dare blame that bullshit on me. You’re the one who was caught on the fact of keeping your feelings to yourself. Causing her to feel like you didn’t care what she did. All you had to do was say, Yes Delaney, I do mind if you go and have dinner with Kylo, because I would rather you have dinner with me. Instead of being a full on weirdo and staring at the back of her head while she ate…’ Zeus is having none of my shit. ‘What do I do? Like fine, I’ll take the blame this time, just tell me what to do to fix it.’ I never whine like thi
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Chapter 13
**DELANEY** I can feel him outside the door. I can’t believe he would think that low of me, already. I’m not Heather or any other girl he has been with. I mean hell I haven’t been with ANYONE. ‘Why would he think that just because we decided to hangout with a male that we were automatically going to sleep with them?’ Hera growls in my head. She’s even more mad than I am. ‘Like I get it, when he first met me I was running from a perv. He didn’t know me.. But now.. Now he is my mate, and I like him and you would think he would think better of me.’ I say to her and she nods her head in agreement. BUT without him here, it is cold.. I feel it. The hurt I feel.. Too much has happened to me in my life. That was the whole reason I ran away to begin with. The one person I shared any feelings towards has hurt me by thinking so low of me. Caused a spectacle in front of his parents and his whole pack, when all he had to do was ask me to stay. I hear him talking outside the door, and it give
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Chapter 14: Healing
**ORION** She could’ve been hurt. Killed even. And I wasn’t right by her side to help her. She is my mate. My Luna. I need to make her a part of my pack as soon as possible. But first we need to go see my mom and see if she is okay. I can tell Delaney is worried sick about her, and so am I. I can’t believe in just matter of a few days my whole perception has changed on how I view the mate bond. How I thought it would be inconvenient to have her by my side, it has actually been a blessing. We walked downstairs, her hand in mine. And all I can do is smile. My smile disappears as we enter the foyer of the pack house and I see some pack members in the living room murmuring. I know they are worried. "Hey everyone, we are sorry for the scare but the threat has been handled. We are on the way to the hospital to check on our wounded warriors, Alpha and Luna. Then we will be paying a visit to the prisoners to figure out why they chose OUR pack to attack. This threat will not be brushed of
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Chapter 15: You Are Home
**ORION** We finally make it to my mother’s hospital room and I am a little shocked. In less than a day, my mate and my mother have been in the same hospital bed. I set eyes on my mom and she isn’t awake. My dad is in a chair with his head in his hands, sweat pouring from his forehead. Completely and utterly fearful. When an Alpha has an ounce of fear, the whole room can feel it. And if your Alpha is afraid, then you should be too. The last time my dad was like this was when my mom was attacked. Now here we are again. “H-how is she?” Delaney speaks, alerting my dad that we are in the room. He’s a brute with a good heart but when it gets like this, he has a one track mind. “She just won’t wake up.” He says. Delaney starts walking to her bedside. My dad is very uneasy about anyone getting close to my mother, but I know Delaney just wants to see if she can heal my mom like she did Kylo. ‘Dad, don’t freak out okay?’ I say to him through the link. His eyes advert to me. ‘Do you tr
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Chapter 16: 6 Months and A Punch
**DELANEY** I talked Orion into bringing me to the prisoners' cells. Maybe I should say threatened. I see there looks to be a small shack type door on the edge of the pack lands, almost covered by trees. Looks worn down and not taken care of. There’s no way they are keeping three rogues in here. “That’s because it’s a disguise. Once, my father captured a few rogues and they had help escaping while getting away because the cell entrance looked so obvious. But my dad built the cells underground and added this shack on top to deter anyone.” Orion says after noticing my confusion. “Now it looks like a tiny run down shed that we keep some old tools in for show. But there is a code you punch into the wall methodically and it opens the doors.” I am in awe. That is super smart. When we get into the shack, I see Orion punch in the code of what looks like a birthday. As soon as the floor opens up, there are double doors that open automatically. We walk down the steps and the putrid smel
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Chapter 17: A family?
**DELANEY** We get to the packhouse. And they have dinner ready. Oven roasted lemon chicken, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes. I'm starving. I still haven't seen Carina and Levi. I'll go check on them when Orion leaves. Once we finish eating, Orion kisses my forehead and tells me to mindlink him if anything happens. ‘Luna Carina, are you in your office. I’d like to talk with you and Levi.’ ‘I am laying down resting. The brute won’t let me leave my room. But he should be in his office. Come find me when you’re done breaking the news to him.’ She giggles. This woman knows everything. Now to check on Levi and break the news to him about not killing the attackers. I knock. No answer. What the hell? I open the door and there's no Levi. I search his office and there's no trace of him. Maybe he went to check on the warriors. 'Levi.' I mindlinked him. 'Hey darling, what can I do for you?' 'I need to have a conversation with you. It's important. ' 'Alright, give me a few minutes an
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Chapter 18
**ORION** Delaney protested letting me carry her to our room. Even though I begged. I never beg. But I begged her to let me tote her beautiful body to our room, where I plan on marking her. When I open the door, the scent of her hits me and I just love the fact that she is all over everything. She is almost officially mine.. I close the door and lock it. “So, marking. I guess that is like some territorial thing?” She says with a blush on her face. “Usually happens during mating.” I blurted out and her blush intensifies. “And mating is?” She says for confirmation. “Mating is well… Um… Sex..” I pause and look at her and she is listening carefully. “Marking usually happens during um.. Sex. And once the marking and mating process finished strengthening the mating bond to be unbreakable. I will be able to feel your feelings no matter the distance. As will you. And the mark will show everyone that we belong to each other.” She sighs. “ I am a virgin, Orion. I have never been intimate
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Chapter 19: Introductions
**DELANEY** We are up bright and early this morning. We're heading to breakfast before heading to this Alpha meeting with Alpha Maddox that I got to meet after the attack. I swear three to four days in this pack, and I have already stopped killings, gained a mate and a bite mark and now I am fixing to attend a meeting with my Alpha mate to discuss business. Which reminds me. “Orion, just so we are clear since I am now your mate, that means I can’t be the Alpha’s assistant. Sooo, please tell me that position was made up just to keep me close.” I say with a laugh. His face is stoic, one eyebrow cocked. “What if it wasn’t? Does that mean I get to find another hot and short blonde to keep as my assistant?” He says stopping us from walking. “Not in your WILDEST dreams!” I growled. I meant it as playfully buy Hera came forward. She did not like that. “Sorry babe. Hera didn’t enjoy your joke.” I say as the shock falls from his face. “It’s okay, my love. I have really got to get used t
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