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Chapter Eleven(The hurtful words)
Mira's pov: The door flew open as the person that I drain meeting stepped inside with a mischievous smile, with heavy eyes I stared at him. He walked towards me with a huge guy behind him who kept giving me a pitiful look. The guy is huge but you can't compare him to my mate, the guy that I don't even know his name, I painfully look at him to know the reason why he was here since he despised me very well. "What a wonderful scene," he said with a smirk. I just kept staring at him since I have no strength to stand up or speak, my whole body ached. "Do you enjoy the food?" He asked, making me confused, I glanced at him as he had indeed gone crazy. He laughed at me as he saw my confused state. "What a naive you were, so you have no idea what I was talking about? moron," he spit horribly to me. I glared at him as he stood up and started pacing around my room nodding his head in a disapproving manner. I tried standing up but stumbled but before I could reach the ground, I found myself ha
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Chapter Twelve(Confusion)
Mira's Pov: After the incident with my demon mate, after he shamelessly admitted banging a whore, after he uttered a profanity of making my stay a living hell. I decided to stay away from him for a while as I still got a lot of pain from him each passing day, though I vowed never to let go as I see him as my savior from this trauma. I sat with Luna and other rank members as we had breakfast. I have ditched breakfast for a long time now and she is already getting worried. I don't want her suspecting or finding out about me being mated to another pack member when I am here to marry her son. I don't want her finding out like this though she is going to find out soon not this way, even though she is always jovial and nice around me still I don't know if she will approve of me being mated to another pack member aside from his mysterious son, the guy that I haven't seen since I step my foot into this pack. I continued chewing my food as they discussed, I seriously had no idea what they w
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Chapter Thirteen(My mate turns out to be my arranged husband)
Mira's Pov: I was still in my little world with my wolf before she stiffened, which gave me concern. "Hey… Heaven," I called her. "Yes…" she responds with heavy breathing. "What's the issue?" I asked, confused. "He is here," she said almost to herself. "Who is here…." I asked with a throbbing heart. "I can feel him," she gently whispered. "Who…..I didn't get to finish as my hair stood up surprising me, my heart kept throbbing as the door was pulled open revealing the last person that I ever want to see now. My eyes almost popped out as I stared at my mate walking through the door with the guards bowing to him as he walked, he froze as he stopped. He glances around the room before our eyes connect, I nervously and surprisingly gaze at him. He looked surprised and gave me " What the hell are you doing here?" Look, he slowly strolls to his mother's side and pulls a chair out before sitting down with the huge guy behind him sitting down too. The huge guy smiled at me before sitt
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Chapter Fourteen
Mira's Pov:I nervously fiddle with my clothes as I try absorbing every single thing that Luna said, of my arranged husband being Nicholas, my mate. I noticed someone boring a heated hole in my head, I turned in the direction only to be met with the angry black eyes which frightened me. I turned away instantly, I knew that it was the gamma. I adjust uncomfortably."Your brother said that he couldn't make it to your wedding," Virginia said to Nicholas whose facial expression changed immediately. He looked hurt by what Luna explained."Why….." He questioned."He said that he still needs to put some things in control before returning," the Alpha said this time.I don't know but I kind of feel interested in this conversation, this is my first time being interested in their conversation. I don't know what but I feel the urge to know when Nicholas's twin will return. He signed as he scratched his neck in anger."I thought he had finished the freaky stuff," he said in anger."Mind your langu
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Chapter Fifteen
Mira's Pov: We all sat at the dining table without uttering any word, who dared to say a word except Nicholas who kept glaring deadly at me. The beta and gamma were dangerously glaring at each other, Virginia gave ma a pitiful look before diverting her attention back to her husband. The beta and gamma wives also were giving me the same pitiful look, I gave them a small smile that I am ok, whereas I am not one-quarter close to being, ok. I seriously wanted to run away from this place or even crawl under the table to avoid Nicholas's destructive gaze.I slowly peered at his beta, who was bending his head with his two eyes closed. I just wish I could do that but I can feel someone's boring heated glare at me. I bit my bottom lips nervously, as I prayed for the Alpha Den to calm down his anger and reconsider us. My middle lap is already sweating due to uneasiness. "Who sent me to growl at Nicholas? I always end up in trouble, now look at what I have caused. Assume I haven't put my mouth
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Chapter Sixteen
Mira's Pov: She stares at me as if I did lose it. I uncomfortably shifted on the bed before motioning for her to tell me about Nicholas's brother. I can't do anything again since the word has already slipped from my lips. Telling her to forget it, will make it look suspicious but who am I kidding, I can't deny that I so much wanted to hear about him. To know what she has to say about him."Why…. Why do you want to know about Derrick?" She asked me with a narrow eyebrow.I close my eyes as I tried wrapping the name around my head, the name sounds so sweet, enchanting, and most especially appealing that I feel f****g drawing to it."My Derry…" I inwardly moaned."What the fuck…." I screamed surprisingly within myself as I tried recollecting what just happened."Did I just say that….. Like my Derry?" I asked myself."Ouch…. Why am I so stupid?" I asked myself as I hit my head to impact some senses into it."Are you ok….?" She asked with a concerned look."Do you have a headache?" She as
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Chapter Seventeen
Mira's Pov:Filing my nails while sitting on my bed, what Angel told me the other day flooded my mind. I was warned to be careful of a red nasal girl Nengi, even the mention of the name sends chills to my bones. I haven't met her already and I pray we never cross paths. I stare at the omega's were busy running around and making sure that everything is ready for my wedding. Tonight is the full moon, I will be getting married to Nicholas. I signed the hundredth time as I stared out of the window, pain flickering in my eyes as my heart felt heavy. I will finally get married to the guy that cares nothing about me though he was my mate. It hurts to find myself in this kind of situation.I have decided to shove the strange feelings I have for Derrick out of my mind. Though it wasn't easy. But I have to stop this madness, I can't be attracted to the name of a guy I haven't met before or even crave for a guy that I haven't seen and the worst part is craving for Nicholas's twin brother."When
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Chapter Eighteen (Unbelievable)
Mira's Pov: The door flew open, standing at the door I watched with pain as my family members were busy having fun. Discussing, chatting, and cracking jokes with each other. Angel patted my back as she motioned for me to enter inside before excusing herself, I swallowed hard and moved inside. I cleared my throat to gain their attention since I don't know how to address them after what they have done to me."Wow!!...." Vivian screamed in joy as she embraced me in a warm hug."I miss you….." She cried out."Umm….." I mumbled since I don't know how to react in this kind of situation. I slightly peeped at my mom who was looking down, refusing to meet my gaze and my father who was shamelessly smiling from ear to ear."This pack is taken good care of you…you have gained a lot of weight within some weeks, that's a good thing to see," Khloe emotionlessly said with her hands pointed at my figure. I glared at her but she just shrugged off."And nice shape, though….." She added."Was that a com
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Chapter Nineteen( The wedding preparation)
Third Person's Pov:Mira stared at Nengi who was glaring deadly at her, she looked pale and her face looked flushed. She felt the blood drain from her face as she gazed at the one person that she has ever prayed not to cross paths with."You stupid creature, where are your manners? She scowled." Don't you say sorry…?" She impatiently yelled at her."Are you deaf or mute…..don't you know what to say?" She growled.With trembling lips, Mira muttered "I…. I am… Umm… I am sorry," "What a pathetic fool? Nengi spits horribly before storming out of the hallway." Ouch….. Why is she so scary?" Mira mumbled."Uomo…" Mira released the breath that she was holding, so finally, I can breathe she said. She looks scary, everything about her irks the word "Be careful" The tears on her face have long been forgotten. Standing in front of Nengi with her cold eye boring into Mira makes her want to open the ground and bury herself inside there for eternity.With wobbly legs, she stood up and started wa
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Chapter Twenty (The wedding)
Mira's Pov: I gave Angel a small smile before walking out of the room, the omegas grinned at me as they mumbled congratulations. I nod my head with a smile as Angel guides me out of their presence, my throat tastes bitter, and I feel nausea. I felt uncomfortable and nervous about this whole thing.Walking down the stairs, I almost stumble, holding the rails to avoid falling with my wedding gown, I surprisingly stare at a feminine figure running her fingers on Nicholas. Helping him arrange his tie and dust off invisible dust from his cloth, I fume with anger as I tried growling at her. "Any problem, Miss," Angel asked with concern. I ignored her as I kept glaring daggers at those hands on my mate. Nicholas stiffened as our eyes connected, he fixed his eyes on me as he narrowed them in anger, he kept giving me what the hell looked like, he kept giving me a sign to compose myself and walk away but I am not having it this time around. He can do anything but I can't withstand someone run
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