125 Chapters
Chapter 1
  In Alexandria city, at Xavier Mansion...   The police lights flickered, striking through the dark night washed by the torrential rain.   Jillian Ward couldn\'t remember how long she had been held hostage. The rain poured her through, and the coldness left her unconscious.   The gangster\'s gun was poking her temple tightly, making her body that had just been beaten involuntarily shaken.   What the gangster was negotiating with the police on the opposite side became a voice from the horizon to her, far away and unclear, and the only word that she could hear was \'money\'.   The roar of the helicopter hovered over the residential area, and the heavy rain washed her eyes. Jillian couldn\'t see the situation clearly.   \"If you want money, why did you have to contact my husband? Why do you think he would believe it?\" When she was kidnapped, they called Harold, but he didn\'t believe it and even laughed at it.   The two gangsters glanced a
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Chapter 2
  Everything in the world seems to be static, except that the rain is rushing, dripping on the ground and splashing again.   Jillian lost the support of the gangster. She knelt down on the ground directly with her hands in her belly and confronted the gangster for too long. At this moment, she was weak and her eyes turned dark, and she finally lost all consciousness.   Maximo put away his gun. It’s like his hanging heart finally fell. His eyebrows stretched out. He slid down the helicopter rope, and strode past to pick up the woman who had been picked up by Timothy Lee, Captain of the Armed Police Force. After coming over, his gloomy face was worse than the weather.   \"I need the most detailed answer of this hijacking case.\" Maximo held Jillian cautiously, and the tenderness of pampering appeared on his face as soon as he bowed his head.   Looking at the back of Maximo leaving, Timothy closed his gun, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised. The most
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Chapter 3
  \"Yohan, find me Jillian right away.\" Harold called his subordinates and closed the door again.   In the quiet office of the chief, it seems that only the sound of breathing is flowing gently. Maximo silently looked at the woman who was still entangled in nightmares. Her mind is restless. Three years ago, because she was married, he left and healed alone. Three years later, because of a task, he came back, but he did not expect to meet her again in this way.   In the past three years, it seems that she has not been as happy as he thought. If that is the case, he will not let go of her anymore.   The cold body became warm due to the hot water, Jillian slowly opened her eyes, and the bright light struck. She subconsciously raised her arms, trying to block the bright light from stimulating her eyes.   It\'s just that the cold sensation brought by the sudden contact of her arm with the air suddenly attracted her attention. Looking at her smooth arm, her consc
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Chapter 4
  Maximo\'s handsome face sank and snorted coldly. This sound directly froze Jillian\'s heart and couldn\'t help but shudder. She couldn\'t avoid his gaze, so she simply closed her eyes and didn\'t look at him. Maybe the coldness could be lowered.   Seeing her appearance, Maximo sneered even harder, \"Harold also knows about this.\"   He was affirmative, causing Jillian to open her eyes instantly and looked at Maximo angrily, and pushed him away regardless of the quilt on her body, \"Uncle Max...\" She said, her eyes were already red. Now, Harold is the bottom line for all her calmness, and also the deepest wound in her heart. Those words echoed in her ears, and her heart was still bleeding.   Maximo naturally wouldn\'t really be pushed away by her. Looking at her, a flame of anger rose up, and directly her people over, as if a cheetah saw the prey, accurately locked the target and captured her tired red lips.   Jillian was dumbfounded, and only recovered af
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Chapter 5
  Harold turned his head and looked at him with his back to him. What kind of identity is he trying to portray? Isn\'t he Jillian\'s husband? Although he hated her, he’s still her husband.   He misunderstood Jillian because of the kidnapping today, so he still owes Jillian somewhat.   The door of the room was suddenly opened and Jillian came out of the room in embarrassment, with the clothes still drenched in the rainstorm. She leaned against the door and looked at the man in front of her, seeing his frowning brows. Are you embarrassing yourself again in front of him?   \"Harold, it\'s just a scene. You really came.\" Jillian said with sarcasm although she knew the pain in her heart.   Harold was inexplicably irritated because of her words, stretched out his hand and grabbed her cold wrist, \"Follow me back.\" That tone, obviously sounds disgusted, as if Jillian had embarrassed him.   Maximo still turned the cup in his hand, seemingly not interested i
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Chapter 6
  Seeing Jillian leave, the old man shook his head, \"Oh, it\'s really over this time.\" The caregiver looked at the old man in confusion, but the old man was already asleep.   Jillian returned to the office, Ariane looked at her chin and sighed.   \"What\'s the matter with you?\" Jillian changed her clothes and asked amusedly. In this way, she was dumped alive.   \"Jill, do you know that Rachel is in the hospital, and your husband is taking care of her now. \"Ariane got up and put one hand on Jillian\'s shoulder, \"301.You need to go round the ward later.\" This is the reason for her sigh.   Jillian paused for a while, looked at the case but didn\'t see anything, and said casually, \"Really?\" No wonder he went so anxiously yesterday.   \"I think that woman Rachel did it deliberately. She clearly knew that you had a ward round today and hurt your arm last night, so you still have to live in 301.\"Ariane said unconvincedly.   Jillian shrugged,
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Chapter 7
  Maximo was in pain, loosened her lips, but still pressed her body. He freed her hand to touch the corner of her lips, with a dangerous smile in his eyes, \"I can bear it. Do you know what I do when I am beaten? You don’t know my ability.\" If it weren\'t for them, this girl would definitely be beaten. Thinking about this, she wanted to go and pull the man out for a good practice.   \"Don\'t worry about it, let me go.\" Jillian suddenly felt wronged, and continued to stretch out her hand to push him, \"You let me go!\"   Maximo\'s body remained motionless, let her push her chest in vain and lifted her chin with one hand. He didn\'t expect this woman to have such a smell when she puts on her hospital uniform.   Unable to push, Jillian gave up and looked up at him, \"What the hell are you doing?\" This man is not very familiar with her. She met Harold once before getting married, and he hasn\'t seen her in the past few years.   \"You.\"   \"What?\" Jil
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Chapter 8
  Jillian put her hands in the pockets of her white coat, and a trace of disdain passed over her white face. She and Ram didn’t meet many times, but every time a woman gives her orders or warns her, Jillian couldn\'t help but sneered, \"It’s obvious that you love your sister and willing to give her the man she loves.\", she said while crossing Ram and leaving.   \"Stop!\", Ram was bewildered by her sudden reaction, but she reacted quickly and stopped Jillian\'s path again, \"Well, I can see that your ugly face has finally been revealed clearly that’s why Harold doesn\'t want you.\"   Jillian took a deep breath, suppressing her violent impulse. This woman is sick. She warned her to leave, but now that she leaves, she stopped her.   \"If you are finished, don\'t block my way. Good dogs don’t stay in the way.\" Jillian said, reaching out to push the person away, but Ram grabbed her when she wanted to go, and slapped her hand.   It\'s just that before the slap t
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Chapter 9
  \"Well, she is my confidential secretary.\" Maximo stretched out his hand and hugged her in his arms, then bowed his head again and kissed her. Her lips were a fatal temptation to him.   Jillian was angry, but this time he didn\'t let her go, she couldn\'t push him away, and kept kissing her until he lets her go. Jillian wiped her mouth, \"Why do you always kiss me?\" For him, meeting is a kiss.   \"I like it.\" Jillian also wanted to kiss him in advance. He was in a hurry. There was still a long way. He had time to find opportunities.   Jillian rolled her eyes, \"Ram is your confidential secretary?\" She did not expect this. Knowing that Ram is a soldier, she did not expect her to be a confidential secretary.   Maximo hugged her and didn\'t let go, but she leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes to rest her mind, \"Well, she has worked with me for ten years.   By the way, what did she tell you today? \"   Jillian carefully shook his fin
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Chapter 10
  The old man was hospitalized for a week, but was discharged because of his birthday. Jillian and Harold both returned to the house because of this incident.   On the day of her grandfather\'s birthday, Jillian left work early, and Ariane also said with a smile that the banquet was a place where a famous person was born, so there might be a good show to watch.   Jillian laughed at her gossip, packed up her own things and left. It would be nice if others won’t mind her jokes. But in her mind, she thought of what someone said before he left. He said that he would come for his grandpa\'s birthday.   Out of the hospital gate, a Maybach parked in front of her. She knew the car. It was not surprising. She wondered why the owner of the car appeared.   The window of the car was slid down. Jillian saw the gloomy face inside, and he felt a sense of revenge inexplicably. This week he was forced to move back to the mansion and separate from Rachel. It looks like heinou
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