Love the way I am

Love the way I am

By:  Xoss Naomi ❍  Ongoing
Language: English
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(Under Edit***) Their life was a total opposite, He is a hitman by profession who does whatever he felt like amd sh is a hopeless orphan what happens when two broken people comes together? Jayden moves to a remote town to hide from his crimes, he meets Bella... Accommodating her after her Father's death, getting used to him alone, he has to go back home. The story takes a turn when she finds out he has a twin brother who is after his life, They both want her, she is only his.

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65 Chapters
Chapter 1: A NEW HOME
chapter 1A New Home  ★★JAY★★ I picked all the things I needed and left the city to a small remote town, I've observed this place for a long time and I knew It would be the best option for me, for the while.After paying the rent, I took two nights to arrange my stuff inside my new home.I backed the large king-size mirror on the wall, holding a small mirror to my face, from the mirror, I saw the large tattoo which had my name printed on my back, *“Jayden”*'I have the cutest appearance, but it is not who I am.' I thought with a smirk visible on my face, My job wasn't as simple as my appearance, I kill people when needed, I have a reputation for defrauding companies, just a small mistake would make me get to you.     Six months ago, I had planned to close one of the biggest companies in the south, which belonged to a mafia lord,
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This hell I live inChapter 2★★BELLA★★  I carried my bag and walked out of the shop. I'm done with work for today, My days are always hectic,  "Open up!" I yelled, My step sister Kelly came to open up, She opened halfway not letting me in, she gave a scornful look, before yelling her mother's name, "Mom! Bella is back." And there came the disturbing voice of the witch, "You?!" She rushed out,  "why didn't clean my room before going out?" She glared hard at me, "Aunt, am sorry. I didn't know it was dirty, I cleaned it this morning... I, Sorry." I lowered my head, she won't listen, she never listens.   Kelly snared at me before going inside, I followed my stepmom to her room. This whole place was a mess, with offensive odors coming from the bathroom, as I would've guessed, she didn't flush after messing up the toilet, as usual. I picked all her dirty clothes which were lying on the floor and took them to the washing machine,
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Chapter 3: A 3D GOD
Chapter 3A 3D GOD★★BELLA★★ "Pls mom I won't vomit anymore, I don't want to eat this-" She pushed my head further in the mess, "Eat it, evil child, that looks like her evil mother. Your mother tried to take a place which was never hers, look where it took her! Hmph!" She dusted her foot before leaving, seeing she closed the door, I went to the bathroom to wash my face before cleaning the mess with a rag."Mother pls! Don't do this!!" I begged her. This was the day she caught me stealing food from the kitchen, I Would have said taking, but that hoise didn't. I was so hungry that day. I didn't eat anything for a whole day so I stole snacks from the kitchen the moment I had the chance.    She made me stand on ice from the freezer for something her daughter did, my feet became so cold, the air I breathed out was cold, My blood vessels stiff and I fell on the floor. I could not recall how I've survived all the years, her punishmen
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   Chapter 4 A VISIT TO WAYNE   ★★JAYDEN(RICHARD)★★      For the whole day, I tossed around, from the bed to the couch, feeling bored by evening. I was having cereal in the dining, and good heavens,  someone's crying. I heard soft sobs from somebody at the back.  I looked through the window, it was a girl, was wearing a black hooded sweater, Squatted on the floor. I tried to see who it was, she adjusted her cap once she noticed I was watching her, before leaving. At night, I went out to buy food to eat.  I went to an Italian restaurant, I'm craving Italian delicacy. The owner came to me.  "Buona Giornata  Giovanotto?." (Good day, young man) "Buongiorno carino" (Good morning pretty) I tried flirting with the old lady, winking at her, she slapped my shoulder and with her face turning pink,    "What would you like to eat?" The old la
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Chapter 5: Been ungrateful.
Chapter 5★★BELLA★★  "Take this thing out..." He said as he fell on the floor, groaning in pain, I couldn't see his face clearly, I wanted to see the person, I would report them to the police tomorrow.  "Bullets?!" I yelled in surprise. At first, I was afraid, thinking he wanted to do something else to me. I blushed at the feeling of embarrassment.   He turned to me "I am hurt right now, doesn't mean I can't kill you." he said, pointing his gun to my head.Oh my gosh...Mother where are you? I prayed for my mother's soul to protect me. "Pick the scissors and the alcohol." His deep voice,  I picked them up with my shaky hands, trying not to drop them as I am the most clumsiest person ever. "How's she gonna help me dig through my flesh with those shaky hands?" He asked, sighing as he did. Before I started, he gives me a few warnings. "Listen, lady, if you don't do it well, I'll blow you up, and if you try
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Chapter 6:
★★JAYDEN★★   I rested for a while in the bushes before pulling myself up to go back to my house, The whole room smelt of the old food. I switched on the light and staggered to my room, sitting while backing the mirror,  I feel so lazy. I looked at the wound on my back, it's so painful, did she take out my flesh along with the bullet?   After having a bath, I tried sleeping, but I had insomnia. I took some pills to help me rest, but it didn't have any effect on me, my damn eyes were still wide open, I walked around, till the time hit 2:00 in the morning and I went to look over the window,  The girl who helped me was sitting outside, she was shivering, why would she sit outside at this time of the night, "Useless." I thought, but then again, she may be outside for losing the bedsheet with her, and staying out Till that time while helping me. I am not to pity anyone, I just feel bad for the fact that I forced her to help me and now,
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Chapter 7:
★★BELLA★★     After helping 'Mr i don't know who,' Lisa pushed me out of the house the moment I followed Kelly, she said she asked Kelly to search for me just to get the sheets which they forgot to bring in while I was away. And since I didn't have it with me, there was no need going in, and plus I had to pay for loosing them as my story wasn't believable, they both think I'm a liar.    When Kelly finally opened the door, I run in, as fast as I can. My whole body was shivering, I was wet from the dew.  I still had to go to work even though I was shivering. I have been giving Lot of Excuses lately, I don't to worry madam Serena with my family problem.        I did all my work. Went to the bathroom to have my bath and prepared for work. I turned to Kelly, She was talking to dad. Demanding money from him. I can't remember the last time i asked my father for anything and youhe gave me. I
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Chapter 8:
★★BELLA★★ I dropped my phone on the floor as the word echoes in my head. "Dad is dead, dad is dead..."       Tears dropped from my eyes. My father did me and my mom wrong, still why should he die like this?        Bruno rushed to me "Bella, what's it? What happened?"  I wiped my tears and let out a fake smile "sorry, I'll have to leave, I have something urgent" I picked my things and rushed home. My world now feels unbalanced, I feel my head spinning over the news.        I opened the entrance gate slowly... The place seems so quiet.       "Kel...?" I called with my broken voice.        "Kelly... Aunt Lisa?" My aunt was drawing smoke from the pipe, she looked so calm.      She puffed it in the air... "My husband is dead... Are you happy now?"           "H
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Chapter 9:
★★BELLA★★      She helped me with my bag. "No dear, you can't sleep here.       My heart is already raising.       "You can come to my house Bella we're like family.        Huh, her house?! I never thought of going there.       "Yes Bella, come to live with us." He gave Me a.shiver with his words. He looks so happy that I want to live with them.  "OK madam. Till I get a place to stay, I'll be paying you little rent. It isn't good that I stay for free." I say. I dropped my stuffs by the corner of the room.  Evening, Bruno drove the family home with his bus.      I was given the room of Ariana and Lorenzo, they were going to sleep in Bruno's room.        Ariana didn't want to leave and I promised to share the room with her.       I unload
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Chapter 10:
Chapter 10★★BELLA★★     He marched to his room. He looks scarier than Bruno, he's so huge, broad shoulder, Great arm, his abs I could see clearly from his shirt, he had long legs.  I watched the window as the rain fell heavily, 'After the rain stops, where will I go?' These were my only thoughts... He came back with some blankets and a pair of clothes. "Hey, go have a bath then you can wear these." He said and dumped them on the chair. When I was ready, he led me to the bathroom. I took off my clothes and had a bath, even though it felt like someone was watching me the whole time. 'Calm Bella, it's just your stupid head trying to play a trick.' I consoled myself.   The bathroom was better than the one I shared with Kelly, it gave me some sort of inner peace so I decided to stay for a little longer, letting the water calm my head down, my heart from racing. After bathing, I wore the shirt he gave me, I feel so cold even
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