Reborn as Problematic Duke's Daughter

Reborn as Problematic Duke's Daughter

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Language: English
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Because committed a grave sin, Ji Eun have to reborn to be problematic Duke's Daughter and restore her reputation as the punishment! And who said being Duke's Daughter is easy?

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126 chapters
March 25, 2018Han Ji Eun walked down to the Mapo Bridge with heavy steps.The purple bruises on her temples still ached even though she already taken a painkillers.Her skirt was torn so badly and forced her to wear the sweatpants.Her mother would scold her because they didn't have enough money to buy a new uniform.Ji Eun was sure that her mother would also beat her with a cane.His father also definitely wouldn't care about it.He might be drunk somewhere or gambling or maybe both.The handheld of the bridge shining because of the touch from her hand. Illuminate the words written there.Do you remember what it felt to be in love?The sun tomorrow will shine brighter.The best things in your life are yet to come.Don't you miss the taste of samgyetang?The words seemed to be insulting her somehow. She hopes that someday someone will delete it.Since earlier, something bitter pressed against
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Why I'm still alive?
"Are you awake?"As soon as Ji Eun opened her eyes, she found herself sitting in a small room with dim light.She felt confused. Shouldn't I be dead already?  Did I fail? An unhuman voice startled her, "You troublesome human! You are still seventeen years and choose to dive into the river?""Am I alive?"  Ji Eun was shocked.  She look around but found nothing. A thought about school and home began to loom over her.Will I got beaten again? "Of course no. You think everything is over when you die? You idiot!"Then the creature showed its form. A big black cloud with two white dots as eyes.  Ji Eun gasped, "Who are you! Angel of death? Or god of heaven?" "Neither of them. You've committed a grave sin, Han Ji Eun. Killing yourself still counts as a murder. You will be severely punished!"Then suddenly the room turned into a volcanic crater.  The chair she had been sittin
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Our lady is weird today!
Cecilia walked down to the stairs and Mary followed her. After a long debate, the maid helped her dress including wearing a tight corset that pressed against her stomach and the waist. And her dress looks like pastry. How can they treat humans like this? She asked to herself. But when she saw her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't complain. Her body is in the perfect shape! Slender, slim and flawless. Even so, there was a question that came to her mind.  Who is the lunatic who sets such a painful beauty standard? Although Cecilia's old memories helped her to recognize every corner of the giant house, still she couldn't hide her admiration when she saw it in person. Jeweled chandeliers, soft carpets along the corridors and stairs, glossy marble floors and a lot of paintings with high artistic value. Cecilia wondered what happened to the real Cecilia.  Was she also punished for a mistake that was considere
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I will not giving up!
Cecilia wanted to cry. Somehow, the party was already started when she arrived. She felt so embarrassed when everyone gave her scornful glances.The tea party was attended by seven people, including herself.All of them came from among the Count and Viscount families. Only Cecilia who came from the Duke's family, which is higher position than anyone else at the party.Even so, they treated her like she was an invisible creature. They do occasionally asked her but never include her to their conversation. Sometimes they threw a cynical glances to her.The real Cecilia would usually get angry and walk away from this place.But now, she didn't even have the courage to get up from her chair. She took another sip of the tea and cast her gaze towards the flower garden. Letting the six people chuckle while looking at her.Right now, she didn't know who's the real bad guy here.One of the invited guests named Ka
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Being rich is great!
"Albert, I want you to send this letter to Father." Said Cecilia to Albert Constance, the loyal buttler. Albert is almost fifty years old. His hair was dyed black to hide his gray hair. His body was still upright and his brain was as sharp as ever. "Yes, miss. I'll get a courier." Albert answered swiftly. He didn't even seem curious about Cecilia, who was sending a letter to her father for the first time. Cecilia looked at Albert with a big smile.  Even in his previous memories, Albert was one of her trusted people. The Constance family already worked at the residence of the Duke of Lancia since a long time ago. Albert himself is the 9th generation.  His eldest son, Christo, has become a personal assistant to the Duke of Lancia and  preparing to take over Albert's duties when he retires. And so on. The history of the Lancia and Constance will continue to be woven forever. "Is
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Oh, what to do now?
"Are you serious?" Asked Duke Armano Lancia when Cecilia came into his study room. He sat with his legs crossed and hold a glass of champagne. The man looked as same as in her memory. He still handsome, tall and athletic stature at the age of 40 years.   He looked just like Cecilia except for his gray eyes.  Or the lenght of their hair. Their genetic sure isn't a joke. "Welcome back, Father," she said, while bowing for greeting. "Sit down," Cecilia nodded and took the seat opposite of Armano. The Duke's study is surprisingly simple. There are only a work table, several shelves filled with thick books, and four chairs with a round wooden table to greet the guests. No plants, paintings or photographs. The only decoration is the tapestry of the family's emblem which is hanging in the wall behind the desk. "I repeat the question. Are you really serious about the contents of your letter? I immediat
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Unexpected Guest
"You didn't sell the chilli pepper? Why?" Cecilia asked with full of curiosity at the market seller. "Because it didn't sold well. There no one who like spicy food here, Miss," Impossible, she thought to herself. No one hate the spicy food. "Aah, darn it!" she left the market with empty handed. Now, she has to think another plan since her korean food restaurant plan is failed. "Ouch!", said a woman who bumped with her. "Ah, I'm sorry, Maam. I.. eh? Miss Jenkin?" Miss Jenkin is a woman who used to be her teacher. In her past, Cecilia threw an ink bottle, which made with thick glass, to her To make it worse, Cecilia ruined her reputation by saying that the poor teacher is incompetent and lack of manners to the noble society. It didn't take a long time when Jenkin's name is removed from the job market since many nobles refused her service. Jenkin's face gotten pale. She look like she was met with a ghost, "Oh, no!"
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Show me the way
Cecilia feeling so tired after her fake possesed performance. Mary combed her hair and keep complaining about her dissapearance. Cecilia know that her servant is worried about her. When they met at the market, Mary was cried and hugged her so tightly. "You have to promise me that you will never doing that again, Young Miss. Now, your hair is done and let's go to the dining room. I heard Lord was waiting there." Her eyes widen, "Father?" "Yes! You must be happy, right, Miss?" Mary said with a big smile on her eyes. "It's strange," she said and start walked to the dining room. Armano closed his eyes. He looked like thinking about something. But his eyes was opened when one of his servant said, "My Lord, Young Miss is here," "Good evening, Father," Cecilia elegantly bowed to greet him. "I'm sorry to made you wait." "It's okay." he said while raised his right hand as a sign for the servants to serve the foods. Even after on
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Secretly being genius
"Albert, are you secretly help her?" "No, My Lord," Armano and Albert are in the study room. The Duke reading the proposal with corcerned look.  Of course, the proposal which made by Cecilia is far from perfect. It lacked from research and the side effect impact from her projects. She wrote about fifteen different bussines plans. Including a request to do a building construction. But still, it better than his expectation. It's been a year since Cecilia refused to study with her teacher and just busy to wasting her family's fortune. But the fact that she is staying up late to wrote fifty pages of her businness plan, is still amazed him. "Is she secretly being a genius, Albert?" "She is your daughter, My Lord," "You are right, Albert. It is explain everything," "Are you going to accept the proposal?" "No. Eventhough she is the part of Lancia's, she have to be smarter than me." "Are you
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Her father is a satan!
Jenkin was peeled the onion while her employer called her out from the kitchen. He said that there is a costumer want to meet her in person.Jenkin, who now works as cook at the small restaurant, wondered why. Is it something wrong with the food? She thought to herself. But, it impossible since I always follow the recipe.She rubbed her hand to the kitchen's towel twice. Just to make sure that she is clean enough to met the costumer.Her employer pointed at someone on the corner of the room. The costumer's figure look like a middle aged man. She can't see his face clearly because he wear a black long coat with hood. He stirred the soup without showing any interest."Is there anything wrong with the soup, Sir?" She asked.But the man didn't answer."If you dont have anything to say, I will go back to the kitchen, Sir.""Are you Adeline Jenkin?""Yes. That what's written on my birth certificate,"The mysterious man slowly
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