My Unexpected Mate

My Unexpected Mate

By:  Tessa Lilly  Completed
Language: English
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In a world ravaged by fear and violence, humanity wages a merciless war against supernatural beings. Gabriel, a brooding warlock haunted by the loss of his family, embraces a life devoid of love while honing his magical skills and evading the inquisitors. His only companion is his loyal friend, Nick. Aria, a beautiful witch unaware of her own powers, is forced to flee her destroyed village and seeks help in the city. Her path intertwines with Gabriel's, but who are they to each other? As their kind faces imminent destruction, they have to find each other in time to save themselves and their future. Their journey will test their strength and reveal the power of love amidst chaos.

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It is a nice book.
2023-09-05 16:09:22
82 Chapters
Gabriel’s POVThe smell of burnt flesh was the only thing in the air these days. It was making me sick. The only thing that helped was this cheap wine I was drinking. I was halfway through my second bottle when Louis walked in carrying a box full of liquor.“They burned another one today. Man, you would think we would have left witch-hunting in the Middle Ages,” he said, putting the box down. He looked at me frowning. “How many of those are you going to drink today?” he asked pointing at my now almost empty bottle.I looked at him and pulled my wallet out. “Until I give you all my money.”“You know I shouldn’t even be serving you. There is a rumor about you.”I was lucky he didn’t believe in witches and warlocks. Or any supernatural being for that matter. Because the rumors were true. I am a warlock.“What rumor?” I asked, knowing damn well what he was going to say.He coughed and pulled a towel to wipe some glasses that were drying on the bar.“You know… They say you are a…,” he was
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Moon City
Gabriel’s POVI woke up feeling like shit. Fucking red mush.I got up and went to the bathroom. After I did my morning business, I turned the shower on and hopped in. The cold water woke me up from my drunken state. I need to quit drinking. Or at least drink something other than that thing Louis called wine. I always felt like crap afterward.I looked in the mirror and smirked. Louis was right. I did look like a werewolf. My dark brown hair was a tangled mess on top of my head. I would cut it today.My biggest assets are my green eyes. I was tall. 6’3 of pure muscles. I was pretty well-built for a 20-year-old guy. Women loved me. And I loved them. They were good for sex. I loved seducing them. But I didn’t see myself ever caring for any woman. I was fine on my own. I did not need nor wanted to love anybody. I got all the sex I needed without loving them or caring for them.The only person I ever loved was my grandma. She was the only family I had. She raised me and loved me. I have he
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Who the Hell is She?
Gabriel’s POVWhat the fuck was that? I stormed into my house and headed straight to the fridge. I grabbed a beer and chugged. I was pissed out of my mind. Who the hell is she? After she ran away from me and I managed to pull my head out of my ass, I quickly got in my car and tried to find her. I was out of luck, of course. After an hour of driving around the town like a crazy person, I decided to go home. I was risking being caught by those fire-loving fuckers.I had seen a lot of pretty women in my life. Fucked a lot of them. But never in my life was I frozen and speechless by just looking into the eyes of one. It was driving me crazy.What confused me, even more, was that I didn’t want to fuck her. I mean, she was gorgeous. Small, curvy, silky hair, round lips, and those mesmerizing green eyes. But I didn’t want to fuck her. I just wanted to be with her. Talk to her. Protect her. And that scared the crap out of me. I even thought she charmed me. I mean she was a witch after all.
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The Search
Gabriel’s POVI think my brain was going to burst. I groaned and turned to my side. I tried to fall asleep again, but my hangover wouldn’t let me.I didn’t really know how much I had drunk the previous night. I just know it was a lot. I remember coming to the club with Nick. We went through security and said hello to Sebastian. He saw how pissed off I was, and he didn’t even try to talk to me. I saw him and Nick exchange looks. Nick just shook his head and Sebastian sighed slightly. Assholes. They think I don’t notice their silent conversations.I didn’t let that bug me for long. I grabbed a bottle of Jack Daniel’s behind a bar and sat at our usual spot. Nick and I drank that bottle pretty quickly. He can hold his liquor better than me. Being half werewolf had its benefits. It took more for him to get drunk, and he didn’t have to suffer from a hangover after. Lucky son of a bitch.I don’t remember much after that first bottle. Music was loud and the bar was packed with hot, slutty wom
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So Close
Gabriel’s POVWe went to at least six or seven hotels that were near my hair salon. It was pointless. She could have gotten on a bus and could be anywhere by now. Maybe she wasn’t in the city at all. She could have had a big bag because she was leaving the city and not just arriving here. Nick’s theory about her being in a hotel near where I last saw her was good and promising, but he could be completely wrong. We know nothing about her, and we are basing this theory on Nick’s eagerness to find her.He wanted to find her maybe even more than I did. Probably because I was afraid to know her. He kept lifting my spirits and rushing me around. I kept frowning and grumping. I wanted to punch every receptionist that said her description didn’t match any of their guests. It shouldn’t be hard for them to recognize her based only on my description of her. There weren't many guests in any of the hotels we went to. People weren’t really eager to come and stay in the city that was the center of a
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We are Getting Closer
Gabriel’s POV“What did you say?” Nick was the first one to respond.I was frozen.He sat next to me and looked at his mom, pizza long forgotten.“I said her name is Aria,” she said looking confused. “What is going on boys?”Nick looked at me with a bright smile on his face. “Do you think it’s her?”“Do you know this girl?” his mom asked, looking at us.“What does she look like?” I finally managed to ask.“She is very pretty. Short, small. She has brown hair and green eyes,” she said.“Oh, fuck it is her!” Nick yelled.I was frozen, my heart beating in my chest. She was here.“When was this mom?” Nick asked.“I’m not telling you anything more until you tell me what is going on. Gabriel looks like he is going to pass out,” she said, frowning.Nick elbowed me. “Tell her.”“I don’t know who she is,” I sighed. “I saw her a couple of days ago in front of my hair salon and I felt this connection to her. She ran away before I could speak to her. And it has been bugging me since. I feel somet
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Gabriel’s POVI liked Annie. I could see she was scared of me, but she was still brave enough to stand up for her friend.I heard Nick trying to suppress his laughter. It was the first honest reaction out of him since we came here. He was too tense, and I couldn’t figure it out. I would have to talk to him after.I didn’t like the creepy comment, though. I knew she was right. It was a little bit creepy. But I pushed it aside and smiled at her.“I couldn’t agree more with Annie,” I told her. “I really want to get to the bottom of this, because I know there is something more here.”I turned to Aria and my heart warmed when my eyes met hers. It freaks me out, but I kind of love the feeling.“I need to know everything about you,” I told her slowly. “Who are you and why were you looking for my grandma?”She took a sip of her beer, put it on the table and sighed.“I am nobody,” She started talking. “I lived in a small village about an hour away with my grandma. It was burned to the ground a
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Gabriel’s POVNick and I drove back in silence. I was exhausted, but peaceful. I could still feel her in my arms, feel her warmth.“Do you want to look under the floorboards tomorrow?” Nick broke the silence when we parked in his driveway. “When Aria said her grandma hid the safe under the floorboards it made me realize that is the only place we didn’t check in your house.”“Yeah, I caught that too,” I said. “I was actually thinking about doing it right now.”“Get some sleep, man. And get something to eat. We can look for it tomorrow,” he said, opening his car door.He was right. I was too tired. And hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast.I stepped out of the car and closed the door. Nick locked it and turned to go to his house.“Nick,” I called after him.“Yeah man?” he turned back.“Are you alright?” I asked, walking closer to him, tugging my hands down my pockets.I could see something was bugging him, but I never knew how to talk about feelings and stuff. It felt weird.
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The Floorboards
Gabriel’s POVI was angry as fuck. The thought of her being around someone I didn’t know made my blood boil. What if something happened to her? I will kill everyone.I could see Nick was also angry. He was frowning and staring through the passenger seat window. We both hadn’t said a word since we left the girls.Suddenly, I had a craving for Louis’s cheap shit he calls wine. I needed to go to his bar soon and drink until I didn’t care anymore.“Keep your phone on and close,” Nick finally spoke as we were pulling up my driveway.“Of course!” I grunted and left the car.We entered my house, and I went straight to the fridge. I pulled out two beers and handed one to Nick.“I have a bad feeling about this, Gabe,” Nick said, smirking.I sighed unhappily. “I know. Me too. But what can we do? They barely know us. And we barely know them. I get it’s weird for us to care this much already, and I don’t want to freak Aria out. Or Annie. I don’t want them to shut us out.”“I know, man,” Nick said
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The Video
Gabriel plugged the USB into his laptop, opened the video file and pressed play. His grandma’s smiling face popped up and she started talking.“Hello, my dear grandson. If you are watching this, it means I am no longer with you. I am so sorry I couldn’t do this in person. I am so sorry I didn’t tell you any of this sooner, but I wanted to protect you. I couldn’t lose you too. I hope that by the end of this video you will understand my actions and you will not be angry with me. I had no bad intentions, I only wanted what’s best for you. I thought hiding this from you is the way to go, but I was wrong, and I am sorry. You know I love you. But, let me start at the beginning. I was a young witch, about 20 years old when I first heard of a warlock named Victor. Supernaturals were talking about him like he was their God. They were saying he wanted justice for our kind, that he was going to fight for us and improve our position amongst humans. I liked what they were saying, and I wanted to k
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