The Arranged Bride

The Arranged Bride

By:  Maatiii  Completed
Language: English
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"I said you won't be working anymore." She smirked, "Watch me." Saying that she turned and I watched her till she walked out of the door.........................................The thirty-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word- love, owing to his past. What happens when he is arranged in marriage to the twenty-seven-year-old sweet and independent Sophia Jones who refuses to bow down in front of him and accept everything he throws her way unlike an usual arranged bride? Oh! Did I mention Nicholas Carter's five-year-old son?

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54 chapters
01. To Meet Someone?
    Sophia's POV   I slightly groaned when I felt the bright sunlight fall on me. I twisted and turned in my bed for a few more minutes before I was finally up. Bree , who was sitting just by the side of the bed, started barking and wagging her tail. I gently patted her hair. Today I had a day off and was planning on lazing around . Maybe call my idiot best friends over and watch some movies with tubs of chocolate chip ice cream. With happy thoughts swimming in my mind , I went to do my morning routine before going downstairs for breakfast . It was my day off so I woke up late and Dad had already left for office. "Good morning , Mom " I jogged off to my seat. "Good morning sweetie" , my mom smiled and set down a plate of breakfast for me. "I don't know if it's because I am too hungry or the pancakes are really so delicious but these taste amazing , mom." I
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02. Icecream.
    Nicholas's POV   " Christina , I was busy " , I sighed. " Don't give me that shit , you were so busy that you couldn't call me for two days straight ? " She yelled. "Yes I was and I still am". I was the CEO for fuck's sake. Dad had handed me down the business when I was 28 and know he has retired but he is quite addicted to this place and thus has his own cabin. So he keeps coming atleast twice in a week and attends the important meetings . " It has been so long we spent time together . Nick , you have to take me out on a date , yes baby ? " , She demanded. I sighed . " Uh okay I'll let you know " "Bye baby , see you " "Bye " Huffing , I put down my phone. I have taken Christina on one or two dates in the past few months and now She thinks of herself as my girlfriend although I have never really asked her. She was a blonde with blue eyes
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03. A Proposal?
Joseph's POV   I was going to my son , Nick's cabin when I saw Ethan smiling and speaking to a young woman who had her back facing me. Coming closer I heard the lady gently saying him how he would have got hurt for running like that . Then she offered to take him to his grandfather. I was touched at the random woman's concern for a kid whom she met right now. She looked a bit embarrassed to not know me . When she told me she had come to meet Mr. Jones , I recognized him. He was the marketing head and was quite efficient. I noticed that the girl looked quite similar to David and guessed her to be his daughter but refrained from asking anything. When Nick made an appearance I saw her checking him out which was nothing new to me. But she was sophisticated in her ways and did not drool like the other ones I have seen. I was indeed shocked when Ethan hugged her and she convinced him to realize his mistake and he even a
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04. 'Us' Sounds Good?
    Nick's POV   "Son , I have some great news for you", Dad barged into my cabin with a grinning face. " Go on " , I said looking back into the files. " You are getting married " , he said. I chuckled ."Nice one Dad " . I waited for him to say something but when he didn't I looked up. His face had no hint of humor. " You can't be serious !" "Oh I am son , you are getting married to Mr. David's daughter, Sophia . They have accepted my proposal." " Dad you know that marriage is just not my thing." " Well you can try . Besides she will be a nice mother to Ethan. Stop just thinking about yourself, think of the little child. " "How can you say that! You saw her once and you think that she will be a good mother to Ethan. She maybe something else under her facade for god's sake." I shouted in exasperation. "Don't raise your voice
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05. Just Like You...
    Sophia's POV   "What's my baby doin -- OH MY GOD " , I heard the high pitched shriek of my best friend Charlotte. " YOU ARE FUCKING ENGAGED " I cringed at how loud she sounded. " Jesus! Stop yelling Char." " Don't . Just don't. You pathetic excuse of a best friend, you got fucking engaged and didn't tell me!?" She semi-yelled . "ENGAGED ?" Ryan walked into my room. Char pulled my hand up for him to see. " WHAT THE HELL SOPH ? ", Ryan yelled with wide eyes. Charlotte and I have been best friends since our primary school days. We were inseparable. She is a brunette , with green eyes and an extremely outgoing nature. Her parents died in an car crash . So she has only Ryan , her brother as her family and of course me! Ryan has a tall lean frame with the same green eyes and dark brown hair. He is quite a good looking guy and is never short o
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06. I Missed You.
Nick's POV   I was pissed , super pissed with this stupid engagement party. I was conversing with some important business men when I saw mom and dad rush towards the gate to receive someone I guess.. I saw Mr. And Mrs. Jones enter and greet my parents. And then I saw her... I felt like I was knocked out of breath. She was in a blush pink dress making her look almost angelic. Her hair was done in a messy yet gorgeous updo. Her eyes , lips , everything seemed just perfect. She looked so fucking beautiful. "Beautiful , isn't she ?" , Caleb raised his eyebrow suggestively. I tore away my gaze and rolled my eyes at him. " I have seen way better." "Oh then why were you checking her out for so long ? " "Bull shit. I wasn't checking her out .", I tried playing off. " Sure you weren't" , he smirked . Caleb has been my best friend since we were in our
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07. Language, Young Lady!
Sophia's POV When I saw Nicholas walking towards me , I became a bit nervous but I covered it up and smiled at him.I don't know why he sounded rude when he said that he wanted to talk .I could tell he really was flattered at Char's compliment. There was some kind of tension between him and Ryan . Sensing it, I excused myself and Nicholas .He wanted to decide on what we were going to sell people about how we met and all. We eventually came up with one. Just then I heard Ethan . He seemed happy to see me and said that he missed me. Well no shit , I was happy to see him as well. He was such a cute and happy kid. He looked quite handsome in that small suit. I could totally bet
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08. I Do.
 Sophia's POV That was it. It was the day I was getting married. My mind was totally messed up. I was feeling a hurricane of emotions.I was feeling sad at the thought of leaving my parents, nervous at the thought of starting a new life with my husband, and excited at the thought of getting married but the feeling of nervousness was overwhelming.On top of that, the thought of paparazzi was making me mad. The news of our engagement was the headlines on the day after the party. The day we went to shop for bridesmaids' dresses , the paparazzi were outside the shop and there were a lot of them. Erica had to call her bodyguards who escorted us to the car. And today they were going to be even more in number.I was pacing forth and back while my two best friends were seated comfortably on my bed watching me."Soph , stop it. Don't be so nervous although it's fun watching y
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09. Rude Much?
 Nick's POV "Finally my Nicky is getting married. I am so happy." Caleb fake wiped a tear . "How many times did I tell you not to call me that?" He made a thinking expression."Probably a lot of times, but I don't think I care." He ended with a grin.I rolled my eyes at him. Everyone was so happy. Mom and Dad were excited to get a 'daughter', Erica was happy to get a 'sister' . Ethan seemed happy too. And the happiest of them all was me!Note the sarcasm.Since morning I have been in my worst mood. I feel like I am getting caged but I sure as hell knew that I wouldn't be changing my lifestyle for that gold digger. 
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10. Watch Me.
 Nick's POV I walked upstairs and she followed me. Opening the door I went inside my room."Sir , we have got ma'am's luggage." , a maid said standing at the door."Keep it and leave." I instructed.Sophia thanked her . Why was she being this polite when she was nothing but a bloody gold digger? This pretending won't last long.She was taking in the look of the room when I spoke."You won't be sleeping on the bed."I sounded rude and I sure as hell wanted to.She just shrugged and started walking towards the couch. "Where do you think you are going?" I asked."To the couch." , She said in an obvious tone."Did I say that you could sleep there, you filthy woman?" She looked too stunned to reply and looked at me with wide eyes."Nick !?'' My name on her tongue sounded so hot- ugh Nick !"You will be taking the floor." I said looking straight into
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