Words That Bind: Author-sama Loves Me

Words That Bind: Author-sama Loves Me

By:  Psycho-chan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Love is something to never be ashamed of, it's okay to fall in love even if that person is someone of the same sex. That's the way I feel towards the person who showed me how to love. I love him, I want him and I want to hold him but the problem is... His married. Leslie Campbell is a young omega who is married to a beta. He is a book enthusiast who became an editor for a successful publishing company and he is assigned to his favorite author, Azrael Mitsuki Bethan, a Japanese American writer who paints the world in white and black. However, there is one serious problem... Azrael hates omegas especially male omegas. Leslie is determined to be Azrael's editor but their relationship becomes complicated when forbidden emotions start to develop leaving Leslie in a state to choose between his marriage and his soulmate while Azrael battles with his heart and his conscience. Heartwarming relationship between the alpha who desires to hate and the omega who knows only how to love.

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“I’ve decided to get a job.” Leslie said as the plates in his husband’s hands dropped and broke into chunky pieces.“What, what do you mean, getting a job? Who is going to take care of the house?” Ben asked as Leslie glared at his husband for an offensive statement against his secondary gender.“Right, sorry. I’m used to having you home before I get home and when I married you, I promised to give you a comfortable life.” Ben said as he approached his husband before holding his slender hands.Leslie’s eyes softened, but he knew they had to face the situation at hand. He needed to be useful to his partner and society.“I know, but with the situation…” Leslie paused as his eyes met his husband’s eyes. “I know it’s tough for you, but if we keep waiting for you to get another job, we’ll be in more debt than we already are.”“You know I’m trying my best.”“Yes, and I love that about you,
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Leslie I fell on the bed before I hugged the pillow and buried my face in it. My first day of work and the report were bad before we could build any relationship. Goodbye to all my illusions of how my perfect author was in my head. I laid on my back as I thought about what Reina had said earlier today. “The management knows Azrael’s hatred towards omegas, especially since pairing within same-sex has gained recognition even among betas. Azrael can be a bit conservative, so try not to take anything he says to heart.” Reina said with a foxy smile. “Wouldn’t the right thing be to pair with an easier person?” I asked. “Yes, but if Bob and the board decided it was you, you must have what they need. After all, Bob’s intuition is never wrong, plus I find this an interesting source of enterta
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I edited some parts of a novel for one of my team members before my alarm rang. I had to face Azrael today and the thought that someone hated me before they even knew me had me feeling uneasy, especially since I liked him, but I was taking my chance because I was determined to make Azrael accept me as his editor. “I have to leave Sven.” I said as I gathered the manuscript and handed it to Sven Walker, who smiled when he saw I was done. “Wow, you really do a thorough job.” Sven said as another of the team member. Jade peeped at the paper and nodded. “I’m almost jealous. How can your work be that neat?” Jade said as I smiled at the compliment. “I really enjoy books and I love it more when someone else can enjoy it as well.” I replied before I grabbed my things. “I’ll probably see you later or tomorrow.
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  This partnership could work? I spoke too soon because the days after Azrael went back to being a jerk.   “I don’t mind you making a mess, Azrael, but you should learn to trash used condoms properly and I would appreciate it if you disposed of your alcohol bottles… It’s disgusting!” I shouted as Azrael laid on the couch, rubbing his stomach as he read through what he had handwritten.   “You can always quit.” Azrael said, as he dropped the manuscript and took off his glasses.   Azrael had a bad habit of smoking after writing a good manuscript, but I couldn’t give him that luxury anymore… I was through with being overly friendly.   I grabbed the cigarette butt from his lips and extinguished it before I grabbed the lighter and the box and threw it at a trashcan.   “Smoking isn’t good for your health. I get that science has improved and there’s a
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I pressed on the doorbell and waited patiently before the door opened and I stared at Azrael with an innocent look. He had a cigarette in his mouth and had his reading glasses; he looked back into the house then stared at me.“What do you want, brat?” Azrael asked as he exhaled smoke from his mouth. “We weren’t to meet today.”“I know, I know, but I didn’t come here as your editor. I came here as just Leslie and I brought drinks.” I said as I raised the bag in my hands. “I can’t take alcohol because of low tolerance, but everyone loves soda, and I also picked up some yogurts if you didn’t like it and bought two cans of beer with a minimum percentage.”“Why are you doing this?” Azrael asked.“I want to be your friend.” I whispered as I took a bold step towards him. “I sincerely want to get closer to you, Azrael.”Azrael stared at me as I waited patiently in silence before he walked in with the
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  Azrael   The vibrations from my phone woke me from the long-awaited sleep. I frowned as I picked up my phone before I saw Reina as the caller ID.   I knew exactly why she was calling, so I dropped my phone before something fell from my body; a blanket.   I stared at it and picked it up as I tried hard to remember when I took the time to pick it up before the scent of hot food from the kitchen wafted in.   It couldn’t be. I thought as I rushed out of my chair to the kitchen.   I barged in and stared at Leslie, who was tasting the stew in the cooking spoon before he turned back and smiled at me.   “Oh, you’re awake and right on time. Dinner is ready.” Leslie said as he dropped the spoon aside and picked up a few plates.   “I told Ben I wouldn’t be heading home late since I’m having dinn
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LeslieI was returning home from the office. I was happy heading home early since today was one of those days I refrained from Azrael’s place and prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner.I suggested to him a few times to buy an AI with culinary skills, but Azrael remains the traditional person he is. I suggested a housekeeper, but most of them were elderly people and he would be stuck doing the keeping than kept.I praised the excuses he gave because he enjoyed teasing me, after all, we are now on good terms. Also, he is unaware I am his fated pair, and I’d like to keep it that way.The chances of finding a fated pair were less than a percent and for the few who did, it was difficult for them to be together due to age or marital status, but when they did; it was a love that lasted till death, and their children were usually born of far more excellent genes.I was about to open th
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“I’m sorry for how I acted yesterday. It was rude and inappropriate.” I apologized with my head lowered to my team members.“It’s alright. Once in a while, we need you to put us in our place.” Sven said as my brows softened.“I was damn tired of you being too nice or the management and authors would eat you alive.” Jade said as everyone laughed.Reina placed her hand on my shoulder and I stood upright before she smiled at me and raised a chart in her hand.“It’s great to have you back Leslie.” Reina said before I smiled brightly.“Likewise.”The mood in the office was far lighter than the normal that I was familiar with, but I was glad. There was no hard feeling or resentment against me, especially since my team was used to getting complaints from the other staff.“I’m heading out.” I said after I helped Ash process a request for his author since I only had one author t
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I held two tickets to an event to an amusement event and sighed when I remembered the words of Uncle Bob.“Leslie!” Bob shouted from the door of our office loudly.“Am I in trouble?” I whispered to Jace, who looked at Bob and shrugged.“He seems excited.” Jace whispered before I heard my name over a megaphone this time.“Leslie Campbell!” Uncle Bob shouted as I stood up. “Outside! Now!” He screamed as everyone covered their ears before his secretary snatched the megaphone and glared at Bob.“Sir, I would appreciate it if you acted appropriately.” Sawyer, his calm and cold secretary, said as Bob smiled and tapped his shoulders.“Sorry love. Leslie now.” Uncle Bob said as I followed suit immediately with Sawyer maintaining a distance that gave us enough privacy.“Is there anything I can do for you, sir?” Before Uncle Bob placed his hand inside his suit, I asked, and he ha
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AzraelI was mad, and I was mad for a good reason.“Hoy kid.” I said, as Leslie smiled awkwardly.“I just remembered that I have this thing to do for Reina at the office. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Leslie said, while avoiding my gaze before he left.Strange.“Omega, I need…” He replied by shutting the door with a text message a few minutes later.Another excuse.This went on many times. When we meet, he had something to do; if we had to be around each other, he avoided my gaze and maintained space with his eyes stealing gazes occasionally when he assumes, I’m unaware.I grabbed the cup and chugged the drink before placing it on the table and pouring myself another one.“It’s one of those days.” Mike said as he exhaled smoke. “What crawled out of your pants?”“What’s that supposed to mean? Mitsuki isn’t someone to be in a
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