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This is a story about a girl with acidic tongue. She became a tormentor because of what she suffered from her earlier years. She was betrayed and taken advantage of by a man she called her Uncle. She trusted him but he later betrayed her trust. She became depressed and tormented.. With the confession of her past to her friend, she became delivered. She continued to be an inspiration to her colleagues.

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Princess! Princess!! Princess!!! "You are very selfish". Comfort retorted in an angry voice. What! I was taken aback, then I became embarrassed. This was a gathering of Christian Corpers, we were all sharing ideas, on how to move the fellowship forward. I suggested that it will be good if we can come to my end once in a while to have fellowship in my apartment because I live far away from others.I live in the traditional part of the town which was far away from others. I sometimes feel very lonely, with the others far away. As a corpers posted to the far north, far away from my Ekiti state, it was not easy at all.  I could not speak Hausa, the few words I learned in the camp, I use to buy things in the market. Words like: Ina kwana- Good morning. Na wan? -  How much? It was quite difficult living in a new environment. The people though friendly find it difficult to communicate with me. They will say: Ba a Hausa meaning Cannot speak Hausa.  
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People say opportunity once lost cannot be recovered. I believe God is a God of chance and opportunity. He gives us open doors by Himself when it is time. Such open doors are opportunities. Someone must be sensitive enough to grasp the opportunity. I call it: seizing the moment. Never miss your moment.We, her friends, I mean Comfort had been under the tormentor. Living with a critical, censorious friend can be oppressive. We were oppressed, suppressed, depressed with this negative, toxic friend. Here I was, face to face with this tormentor, ready to strike and tell her the truth we all had been shying away from. We never had the nerve, the strength, the courage to talk to her. It was that bad. I mean very bad. I was going to miss the opportunity, when someone just rushed to Comfort, praising the wonderful talk she gave us in the fellowship I was almost giving up because the person kept on talking and talking. I was becoming agitated because l never knew when I would hav
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Comfort came from a humble background. Her father was a thriving farmer with many wives. Comfort’s mother was the first wife. She had four children, two male, and two female with Comfort’s father.In those days, farmers always strive to marry several wives because of their farm. The children born to them by their numerous wives are easy labour for the farmers.It was no oddity that Comfort’s father had several wives. The mother was a petty trader, she used the sales to support what her husband gives for her children. She did her best before she gave up the ghost. Her first child was a female. Labake completed her National Certificate of Education (NCE) she got married to a good man. The couple took custody of Comfort when they lost their mum.Labake became Comfort’s second mother, Comfort was a young girl of 5 years old. She was then in primary one because she started her schooling education early. Her schooling continued in her sister’s custody. She, being a brilliant girl
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Comfort had grown to become a beautiful young damsel. She had completed her form5 with Grade 1. She took Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination and did very well. She was billed to read Architecture in the then University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) she entered the University, doing very well. Everything was okay with her until one day. One fateful day, when she clocked eighteen years, she was in the University, part three when she received a special call from Barry her sister’s husband. Barry excitedly calls her, wishing her a happy birthday. She, in turn, asked of her sister, he replied that she was doing well with the children.He said, he would be coming from Lagos to pay her a visit for her birthday celebration. Eighteen is very special. She is now an adult. Officially, she is now regarded as an adult, she can vote and can also take responsibility for herself. She is now of age. Barry continued with his lecture. Comfort did not suspect anyth
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Those times were extremely tough for Comfort. The pains were excruciating. The emotional trauma. The thought that her dreams were broken into pieces by a thief who stole in deceptively to take it by force. She kept on reliving the memories in her subconscious mind. She found it very difficult to sleep. Several times she had woken up screaming in pain. Terrible nightmares followed again and again. Her friends Toyin and Kemi woke her up and demanded an explanation for her sudden fear and screaming in the night. She had also withdrawn from them and often comes out moody. She thinks a lot and had lost her laughter, vigour, liveliness. What was wrong, they demanded to know “hmmm, it is nothing girls”. “Why are you so bothered about me. I tell you it is, nothing. It is just this nightmare. " It was clear they never believed her. They knew she was hiding a lot of things from them. They eventually became tired of asking and faced their own business. There was this time Kemi was ins
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Kemi lives in Ibadan, I woke up the following day to go to Ibadan to visit my friend and at least escape the “Villian” at home; I meant uncle, Barry. I packed a few clothes and took the necessary items to go with me. I was quite excited to travel. The fun on the way, buying refreshments, and seeing different sights made me glad. I love adventure and was willing to explore the city of Ibadan. It used to be the third-largest city in Africa but later became the second-largest city after Cairo in Egypt “I was going to the second-largest city in Africa”. I said to myself, Lo! and behold, I landed in the city. It was fun to see numerous people streaming up and down. There was a mixture of old and new buildings. Some of the old buildings were giving way to the new. In the ancient city full of life and activities, I got to my friend’s house. She was excited to see me. We exchanged greetings and I was taken to my room. The parents came in much later in the evening because they were business
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Comfort returns to the arm of her savior. She gave it all to Jesus Christ who loved her enough to accept her messed up life. She returned to school. She also started to fellowship on campus with (NIFES) International Fellowship of Evangelical Students. She made new friends in the fellowship, It was a new life for her. She always enjoys the fellowship. The praises, prayer, and the word of God. They became healing to her spirit, soul, and body. Her academics were becoming revived too. She was assimilating very well. She was tutoring her classmates as she used to do before. "I made new friends but believe me, they were all female friends". I was a bit scared of really coming close to those brothers. Once we ended the fellowship, I rushed out immediately hardly greeting any brother apart from my female friends, I moved out quickly to go to the library to read before going back to the hostel.There was a time the fellowship president noticed me and decided to engage me in
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My academics were going on well. I was on top in my department. My fellowship on campus was quite interesting. I remembered a particular incidence. One of our fellowship leaders was preaching passionately to all the members in the open field. The topic was “spreading the Goodnews”. His message was quite challenging. Although he was a stammerer, he was able to calm down and his words were coherent enough for everyone to understand. His words were soft and were piercing our hearts. Our hearts were being smitten by his strong and powerful words of wisdom. Suddenly, we discovered that almost everyone was crying for neglecting sinners on campus and leaving them to live a carefree and immoral life. No one to put them to shame, no one to touch their hearts to change their ways. We were touched and were crying. Our cries cause a stir on campus, passersby were wondering what was making us cry. We could care less, the burden for lost souls had taken us over. The more he was preaching, the mor
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Toyin, please wait for me, I was unusually late that day. I was undecided about the type of cloth to wear, I never knew why I was confused. Eventually, I managed to put on a red top and a white skirt, we went to the campus fellowship. They had finished praying and were singing, in fact about rounding up the songs to hand over to the coordinator for the day, who in turn would bring in the speaker, when we got in. I was ashamed of myself, that day, I love to be punctual to the fellowship I hate to be irresponsible. I call lateness irresponsibility because others would have gone ahead to serve while I would be missing, then coming late to serve God. Whatever is worth doing, is what doing well. If you serve God, serve him well. The only reason I may justify lateness is if the circumstance is genuinely beyond control. If it is sudden sickness, then I know that is beyond my control.It was a prayer meeting that day. The brother coordinating the prayers led us powerfully. The p
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“Even you brother Solomon, God will judge you”. I was weeping uncontrollably, “ you a prayer band leader did this to me, with impudent face as if it is nothing, this is unfaithfulness to God and to me. God will not allow you to go scot free”. I was completely broken down, shattered, I felt betrayed. If anyone had told me brother Solomon would betray my trust and befriending another lady, I wouldn’t have agreed”.“I do not know why you felt betrayed, I never told you, I would marry you, I told you we should start a relationship, I did not say marriage did I ?” “You are wicked, you are a sadist; cunning old fool; serpent” I kept on calling him names. I left his room in great anger. I kept on asking myself all sorts of questions what have I done to deserve this ill-treatment from this deceiver? He lured into a relationship. I thought he was a very good Christian. A leader in the fellowship. Though I never wanted a relationship with him, he seduced me. I fell for it. No wonder he sai
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