Rejected Billionaire

Rejected Billionaire

By:  Drew Archeron  Ongoing
Language: English
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Conor started out the hot catch. He was a promising entrepreneur until tragedy struck. After his mom died, his business went down hill. Our tale picks up near the bottom, just as Conor's life begins its upward trend. However, just when he is about to make his come back, even his wife loses faith in him. * * In this twist of the Billionaire/self-made man, Conor Brantley inherits a small amount of money, just enough to seed a new start. But more than that, before her death, his mother, a high priestess to the dragon gods, made sure he would get an artifact that would truly change his life. * Conor struggles from the bottom but makes a new life for himself, builds new opportunities, and brings those who stood by him along to new heights. Those who spurn him will regret it. The best way to ensure a part two is able to be written is to share this novel link, leave a review for the novel, and leave gems. These help make sure more people can enjoy the book and that I am able to keep writing! When you leave gems and share the link on your own social medias, you power the algorithms to boost the novel. Reviews help others decide to read and encourage me to keep writing. When you unlock chapters, you help ensure I can eat, and can focus more on writing your favorite stories!

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136 chapters
Rude Awakening
Post-Dragon Era, Year 2000 Kingdom of GolanChapter 1Conor Brantley awoke to a freezing cold autumn breeze teasing his bare chest.‘Where the hell is the blanket?’He opened his eyes, wincing as the eastern sun streamed through an open window. His wife, Jessica, stood at the foot of the bed, holding the comforter she had ripped off him. Her malicious grin said everything.“Get up, you lazy turd. It's time you get a real job! My father was insane to think you would amount to anything, and I must be crazy for putting up with your lazy ass this long,” snarled Jessica.“Jess!” Conor complained, trying to block the sunlight from his eyes. “Do you have to be so cruel?”“Do you have to be so lazy? Rent is twelve silver dragons this month, Conor. TWELVE!”Conor sat up, frustrated, belittled, and ashamed. It w
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Conor walked the streets of Jinstain, taking in the bustle of the city that had grown so fast in the last ten years. When he was a kid, this place was still quiet, with trees lining every street, and flowers along the walk. It had been a beautiful place. Now the town felt crowded, with its tall modern glass buildings, massive multistory shopping malls, and row after row of towering apartment buildings with tiny two-bedroom homes. The wealthy still managed to have a bit of grass around their homes but for the most part, Jinstain had grown faster than the city planners could keep up with. While it was a long walk to the city center near the port where Mr. Cochan had his GrizlHut pizza shop, it was still faster than trying to drive in this traffic. In Jinstain, everything revolved around the ports and the ships bringing goods, sailors, and tourists to town. The crisp autumn air might have been nice, but it tended to trap the smog in low to the ground.When Conor arrived at the G
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If Pops finds out...
The next day was more of the same. Conor clocked in and began his shift with Cara showing him more of the ropes. The previous night had been trial by fire, so he picked up the skills quickly and was soon tossing dough in the air as Cara worked on topping ingredients.Conor noticed several photos hung on a wall in the back as he went for more dough.“Cara, what are these?”Cara glanced around the oven and then shyly darted back to her prep station, “Oh, nothing, just some photos.”“Of?”“Places I want to go.”“Who took them?”“Mostly my uncle, but I took the local ones. He sent me his service journey from his deployment, with all these scenery photos from around the kingdom. Different places he was stationed. If I can ever save enough to go to explore… never mind. Get back to work.”Conor tossed a dough ball into the air and let it drop next to Cara,
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Moments to change a life
Conor turned to the man and held out his hand, “My name is Conor.”            The man cautiously took Conor’s hand as if he had not had human contact in a while, “Parker. Parker Townson.”            “Well, Parker Townson, if you were serious, I do have some pans that need a deep clean in the back.”            “Yes, yes of course!”            “Cara, are you good to watch the front?”            She nodded and watched Conor lead Parker to the washbasin in the back.            Conor helped him take off layers of coat, hanging them on the staff coat ra
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Love, Mom
The next morning Conor slept in late. Jessica had not felt the need to rudely awaken him today, it seemed. Conor sighed. This extra sleep felt like a small birthday miracle.  Though she could be cruel at times, Conor still liked her. He longed for her to have more faith in him. With a deep breath, he reminded himself that he had not given her much reason to believe in him.He walked out to find some food before heading back to the GrizleHut. It seemed Mr. Cochan was intent on having him work daily to earn his keep. Just then a knock sounded from the front door.‘Odd, we don’t usually get visitors.’Conor answered the door to find a finely dressed dark-skinned gentleman with short, cropped hair and a thin short goatee, wearing a full formal charcoal business suit and red tie. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties.“Mr. Brantley?”“Yes? Who are you?”“My name is Liam Nuri. I am from
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Conor arrived to find Pops counting out the till from last night. “Ah good, Conor. You are Mr. Cochan’s son-in-law, so I trust you can be honest with this.” He handed Conor a bank bag with several thousand copper bills with the dragon emblem on it. “Take these to the bank, and deposit them for me. And Conor, don’t get lost on the way. Mr. Cochan will have the city guard after you in minutes if he learns you swindled his till money.”“Yes sir.” Conor wasn’t thrilled about the task, but it got him out of the morning prep work. The bank held some humiliating memories for him. He couldn’t count the number of times he had visited Jinstain Bank and Trust in the past three years, only to be laughed out the doors. His most recent humiliation was his idea for selling socks in the packs of three. The time before, he'd pitched renting goats. That one could have worked… if Conor had goats… or a place to house them.
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Spice Of Life
As Conor crossed in front of a spice shop next to the GrizlHut a tug at his chest caused him to step into the aromatic store and spend a second browsing the herbs. His hand found a few dried seasonings including basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram. He couldn’t fathom what he might be able to do with them but headed back to the GrizlHut with his score. As he entered the back he saw Cara mixing a huge pot of fresh dough. Conor’s mouth went dry at the thought. He had tried the GrizlHut’s dough the other night and to say it was bland was an understatement. But according to Cara, Pops insisted that recipe was a staple that had been in his family for generations. ‘Generations of dead people with no tastebuds.’ After he clocked in, he set his bag down and returned the till pouch to Pops. “Go use your muscles for something useful and take over for Cara. That dough is not going to mix itself,” Pops ordered. “And I am docking an hour from your pay, you lout!
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Games with Yuri
Conor arrived home later again, to find the lights off in their small apartment. He sighed. Four years, and he and Jessica were no closer to having a real relationship. These new hours were not going to make that any easier either, not that she’d care. He drifted into an uneasy sleep. Dreams of wings beating the air as he drifts through warm air currents and floated through the clouds captivated his imagination. The next morning, he awoke to Jessica again wrenching the covers over his bed. “Up! Family meeting today.” She declared. “What does that have to do with me? I thought most of the Cochan family preferred I never show my face around them.” Conor complained, desperately searching for any scrap of warm cloth he could find. “Isn't the twenty-fifth birthday of the faithful followers of Celia supposed to be symbolic? We are expecting a representative from the temple to deliver any inheritance to you.” “What does that have to do with your family? The
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Inheritance or Business?
In the company board room, the Cochan family gathered around a small man in long brown robes. This was the newly appointed Dragon priest who had arisen to the post just a few days ago. The previous priest had died from old age, sadly. Conor’s mother had been the last true high priestess, with the current clergy seemingly unable to carry the same wisdom she had possessed.When Conor walked in the priest perked up and immediately walked over to him. “Ah, brother Brantley! It is good to see you. I am sure you don’t remember me, but I served under your mother many years ago. She was a wise and honored priestess.” The monk bowed to Conor, and Jessica’s whole family became tense. None of them liked seeing Conor praised. Mr. Cochan cleared his throat. “Hehem, Mr. Arios, we have gathered the family and now our beloved Conor is here. He is now of age to receive the blessing of the temple. What can you present?Just them Kelan Ben
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Life of the Community
As the weeks went by, Conor found himself eager to head to the GrizzlHut each day. Cara’s smile was so much more infectious and welcoming than the nagging he received at home from Jessica, or the outright abuse his mother-in-law, Cynthia Cochan, rained down on him. Cynthia seemed to think that Conor owed the family such a debt that he was now a family slave. She loved to order him around even in their apartment.  Work at Grizlhut was a welcome escape.One day, Cara and Conor were both scheduled to be off by 4 p.m.“Got any plans this afternoon?” Conor asked.“Yes, actually. Matter of fact… you should come. I think it would be right up your alley.”“What is it?”“You’ll just have to wait and see.At the end of the shift, Cara had Conor ride with her, and they drove to a run-down part of town. Kids were playing basketball in the street, and jumping rope.“What is th
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