The Alpha Vampire Master

The Alpha Vampire Master

By:  Tatum_Whispers  Completed
Language: English
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"Who are you, Sebastian?""I think I can ask the same. Where did you come from, Anastasia?"As soon as the last syllable escapes my lips, we find ourselves interlocked in a kiss. Knowing my full attention, I stop to ask, "Are you sure you want to do this, Anastasia?""The only thing I'm sure of is the way you are making me feel."Unable to contain myself, I pull her into a fiery and passionate kiss. All my thoughts are obliterated. For the first time in over two hundred years, I am kissing a mortal woman. I can feel the hunger grow inside me, the pleasure building towards a peak. I pull her even tighter into my body. I can smell her arousal, and it only fuels me. The kiss is getting deeper and deeper with every breath that we take."What are we doing, Sebastian?""Anastasia, let me show you.”Vampire Master, Sebastian Belmont, has been carved to perfection for over two hundred years. Drawn to danger, he dangles his fingers in all that is supernatural and has great power beyond compare. Ruthless, yet charming, he rules his empire with an iron fist.With a line of scorned ex-lovers left behind, this charming Vampire is set to cross paths with Anastasia Santi.Anastasia Santi is a young girl that has great aspirations and desires all the things, the love, and the fulfillment that she dreamed of as a child. She is strong-willed and always finds herself in trouble she needs saving from. Though one fateful night, Sebastian crosses the line and sets his life in a new direction. A destiny toward a great legacy and to all things that goes bump in the night.But the ultimate sacrifice lies at the end… Will Sebastian give up his immortality?

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165 Chapters
Jasmine And Vanilla
It is another cold and rainy winter night in London. There are not many warm days around this time of year. Not that I can feel much of the warmth anyway, in fact, I do not even feel the cold. What I can feel is the rain beating down onto my skin. I have done this so many nights that this one more makes no world of difference to me.As I make my way down the long-deserted road, I can see the street lights cast ominous shadows. The only shadow it is not casting is that of mine. See I am not your typical kind of human, in fact I am not human at all. I gave up living the living over two hundred years ago.I would like to consider myself as a special kind of species, but most will see me as a monster. My life has not always been this way though, I once was a man. Not that I am not a man now, I just do not feel the same. The day my pounding heart died, so did everything that was me. I could no longer feel hurt, pain, or even love in the sense that humans do.I have n
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Scent Of A Vampire
...Anastasia...I am one that does not care much for the nightlife. There is nothing less appealing than sitting in an overcrowded room with music loud enough to pierce your ears.Not even to mention the numerous attempts by god knows who to buy you a drink. It is as if I have lost my ability to use my hands and cannot do it myself. The problem with me is not so much the attention but the fact that I am always looking for something else.In saying something else, I mean more, more than just a once-off sexual encounter every night. That is all that these so-called gentlemen want. Gentlemen is what they call themselves, to me, well that is a word I must rather keep to myself. I do in no way hate men, there is just a certain type that I dislike.But I do this for Eva, and I am always keen to support Zachariah. He has owned this quaint little bar for six years now. On our very few nights off, we find ourselves mingling here with whic
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The Taste Of Her
She is right, Sebastian what are you doing? She feels so soft, I just want to be near her, near her skin. I want to run my lips over her body. I want to feel her heart throbbing through her veins. But most of all I want to taste her, I want to sink my teeth down into her neck. I know I must let go but I can’t, I can’t pull myself away from her skin.I hear her softly whisper my name, “Sebastian.”“Ssshh Anastasia. Just a minute.”She closes her eyes and I can see she is getting as much pleasure as I do from it. What if I just prick her once, once I am sure she will not notice it.She leans her head back against the wall and lets me roam her neck. I cannot keep it in anymore. I crave her, not the hunger to feed but the hunger to please. I want to take her body to a height of pleasure that she will never experience from a mortal man.As my lips run slowly down from the tip of her ear down the bare of
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Passion Of A Vampire
Anastasia, that is all who I can think about. I can still taste her blood on the tip of my tongue. She tastes like the sweetness of heavenly nectar. That tiny hint I tasted of her soul; I can still feel the power surge through my body.I will see her tonight and to be true to myself I will say that I cannot wait. There that happens again, that feeling. When I think of her it seems to warm me up. When I am with her, I seem to feel it even more. I do not know what this is. I can feel it so strongly, it is taking control. It is consuming my every thought.But what will happen from this? Is it possible to have a relationship with a mortal woman? I have never done so before. Every part of me wants it, I want to experience what it feels to belong to someone. The only misfortune of this is that she will grow old. I will see her waste away before my eyes. Could this heart which is not even beating be able to handle such a thing. All I know that with this feeling,
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Will You Be Mine?
...Anastasia POV...The minute I stepped through the door; I could feel it. The air between us was electrifying. I knew that I just had to have him here and now. I am not one to do things like this but all I want is to feel him near me. He is got this hold on me; he has got me under his complete spell.I can feel his erection pressing into my thigh. I have never felt anything so good. I can feel the raw ache throbbing in him. He is a man with so much passion and so much desire. He can satisfy any women’s need. He can make a woman feel pure ecstasy. He can treat a woman like a goddess. I desire to be that woman.He has got me pressed against the door. I can hear it crack as he keeps on moving into me. His big strong hands are driving into the skin of my ass as he slightly picks me up. I hear a deep moan escape from his throat.He looks me deep in my eyes and bites down on his lip. God, he has to know how crazy that drives me because I swear, he is al
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Losing Control
I am very intrigued by what Breyden has just said. Is there a way for me and my love to be together?I watch as Lilith takes her from vampire to vampire, and I know that every single one of them can smell the mark that I have left behind. They, too, will now be drawn to her; she is mine, no other will have her. If there is a way for us to be together, then I do not see why I should not try."Tell me about this way? How can I be with her, Breyden?"Breyden, who has also been watching Anastasia, turns back to me, "I am afraid that you might not like the way.""My dear friend, I am immortal," I say. "I have seen ways that no man wishes to ever see.""Sebastian, let me ask you this. What are you willing to give up for this mortal woman?"Surprised at Breyden's comment, it takes me not but a moment to answer, "It is hard to say if I do not know what it is that I should give up.""I have never had to give this choice to anyone," Breyden add
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Monsters Of The Night
...Anastasia POV...What just happened there? Did I really see what I saw? Sebastian is...l need to stop and breathe for a second here...Sebastian it even possible, did my mind not lose itself in the heat of the moment, but I am sure of what I saw...Sebastian is a vampire.How is that even possible? How do they even exist? I thought vampires were what dark fairy tales had been made up with. But real life, living and breathing, oh wait! Is he really living, is he not supposed to be dead, and has no heart to beat his blood with?Wait! How can he even walk in sunlight, is he not supposed to crumble into ash? Now I know what he meant about drinking that whiskey if and only when he had to. Oh my god, has he been wanting to drink my blood?This is too much for me to handle; how did I manage to get myself in this world of a mess. We are two different kinds of species; how can he even have felt anything between us to start with.Now my stupid ass h
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The Hybrid
Absolute horror fills me as I hear my love's terrified screams echo through the streets. Without even considering the consequences, I move in lightning speed towards the animal that has his claws around her delicate throat."Get away from her!" I shout as I approach the creature. "Be gone, or I shall end your miserable life right here.""Sebastian, wait!" Edward who is not as fast as me, manages to catch up and come to stand by my side. He pulls me back as I get ready to attack.I look at the monster staring back at me as I continue to stand my ground. "Do you have any idea who I am?" I ask. "Who are you, and where did you come from?"Edward steps even closer to me, "We have not seen your kind here in over two hundred years. Answer the man, where did you come from?"The man finally speaks but not with the answers we are looking for, "She is mine!" he snaps back. "Go find your own!"I laugh at him mockingly in his face, "That is where you are
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The Kiss
...Anastasia POV...Behind me is the very same thing that had his claws around my throat in that alley. But that was a monster, and this, this is a man. He might be a vampire but yet there is something that draws me to him. I want to be so mad at him for deceiving me the way he did, but then he looks at me with those deep brown eyes, and nothing else really matters.Now, he is behind me, holding my body in a way that no man has held me in a very long time for. The way his soft lips are rubbing against my naked skin is making me crave him in ways I should not even consider at all.But what if…"Sebastian," I call his name as I lay my head back against his chest."Yes, my love?""Will you ever bite me," I ask. "Will, you ever bite me if I did not want you to?""My love, I would never hurt you."But I am curious, so I ask him more, "Is it sore? When you bite a human, is it sore?""It does not hurt at all," he explain
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The Confrontation
Something is terribly wrong. Edward knows best not to interrupt me while I am in the confinement of my room. And to barge in while he knows I am with Anastasia is even more out of the ordinary for him.I quickly rush to dress. I turn over to face Anastasia that is startled just as much as I am. “My love, please wait here while I go attend to this matter.”“I am coming with you.” she protests while gathering her clothes from the floor. “Just give me a second to get dressed.”“You will remain here, please,” I insist. “I am not sure if there is any danger. I shall be back as soon as I can.”“Promise me you will call for me if you are in trouble?“, she takes my hand and rests it against her chest.“I will request your presence if need be,” I assure her. “Now, please get back underneath the covers; you still need to get some rest.”“Sebastian.&rd
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