Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A Rebound

Flash Marriage: A Billionaire For A Rebound

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Kenzie Wright needed a rebound guy and a flirtatious billionaire was the perfect lad to do the job. Much to her surprise, the same striking man, Andrew Kentworthy, was determined to marry her in a flash. *** "Step one, leave the country. Done. Step two, find a rebound,” Kenzie reminded herself after stepping inside an exclusive bar. Her eyes scanned every corner of the establishment and after spotting the best candidate, she carried out, “Bingo!” Kenzie strolled eagerly toward a tall and handsome stranger. She held onto his muscular arm and said, “Hi there, sweetie. There you are. I’ve been looking all over for you.” She envisioned several scenarios in her head, concluding how it would play, but the man’s reaction was not quite as she expected. With a smirk on his face, the man answered, “Well, if it isn’t my lovely wife. I knew you could not get out of bed after what we did last night.” 'Wait. What? Last night? Wife?’ Before Kenzie could even counter, his lips crashed into hers, hungrily tasting her luscious rims. 'Shameless!’ She silently screamed, her eyes beaming at the gorgeous man while her knees weakened to his minty taste. Regardless of the man’s words, Kenzie confirmed the stranger was the perfect rebound, and maybe… just maybe… even more. *** Book 3 of the Wright Family Series Book 1: Mommy, Where Is Daddy? The Forsaken Daughter's Return Book 2: I Kissed A CEO And He Liked It Book 4: I Fell For The Boy His Daddy Was A Bonus Note: Each story can be read as a standalone.

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106 chapters
Chapter 1: The Rebound Guy
Sailing towards the Mediterranean sea, the Imperial Cruise, one of the biggest cruise ships in Europe, drift out as the sun began to set. In one of the humble cabins below, there stood a girl with sad blue eyes, looking at the waters below.Her golden locks, flying against the ocean breeze, her small and pinkish lips pursed.Kenzie’s eyes fluttered while in deep thought. Her emotions were all over the place as she leaned against the railings. She cleared her throat before fishing for her phone from inside her jacket pocket. She could not help but check her messages, seeing how she had accumulated more than forty in just a day.Brad: [Kenzie, Babe, I’m sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. Please come back. I’ll end things with Alyssa. I promise! It was a mistake.]Brad: [Babe, can you please tell your father not to cancel my sponsorships? I swear I’ll be a good boyfriend from now on.]Kenzie rolled her eyes at her boyfriend&rsq
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Chapter 2: A Nobody
Kenzie felt chills down her spine, seeing how the brunette was staring at her from the bar with laser beam eyes. If glares could kill, she knew she would already be dead by now. She unwittingly moved closer to Andrew, her rebound guy, who had earlier dragged her to the center of the mini dance floor. Yep! To her shock, somehow, her "IT" guy was "EASY." “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I got you,” she heard Andrew say, and Kenzie felt muscular arms wrapped around her waist. “Cruella won’t be hurting you. Let us relax and dance to the music.” Kenzie started moving her body to the slow beat before she glanced back up at Andrew, and only then did she clearly notice his beautiful, light brown eyes. She gulped, studying his manly features; his chiseled jaws, the shape of his long nose, and the way his adams apple moved as he swallow his own spit. 'Who is sexy like that? I mean, he was just gulping,' she complained in silence. Everything about the m
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Chapter 3: Sound The Alarm
Kenzie felt like her head was about to explode. She sensed soft sheets beneath her frame, and her surroundings had a whiff of sandalwood. She fluttered her eyes open, realizing she was in someone else’s room, a huge and luxurious one at that. Her nostrils picked up a scent of vanilla bean on her torso. When she sat up, she noticed how her shirt was hugging her loosely. Then... the shock.                                 She was in someone else’s clothes. A man’s clothes! In a split second, Kenzie felt her heart racing as panic struck her. She looked around and assumed the worst. “Ahhhhh!” She screamed her loudest again and again. “Ahhhh!” Seconds later, as she continued to scream in hysteria, she heard a loud set of banging against the door, and not a moment too soon, the door br
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Chapter 4: The Phone Number
Looking at herself in the mirror, Kenzie bit her lips before taking a full turn. The dress Andrew had delivered to his suite was exactly who she was. It was a comfortable off-shoulder pink dress and almost hugged her frame. Its flowing skirt reached just an inch above her knees. It was simple yet brings out the beauty in her.  Kenzie was willing enough to wear her red dress again and walk to her own cabin, but Andrew insisted that she wore something else. He did not want her to look like; she slept in another man’s room… which really did happen. Except nothing happened. After a knock on the door, she opened it and Andrew took a peek, asking, “Are you ready?” Andrew, wearing a plain white t-shirt that semi-hugged his muscular frame, looked terribly gorgeous and while Kenzie had seen him change into this shirt, she can’t help but complain, ‘How can he looks so good in a simple shirt!’ ‘Good thing I’m also smoking hot. We just… compl
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Chapter 5: Sad Blue Eyes
A week before the cruise.  "Are you sure we have everything ready, lad?" Andrew asked his assistant as they were picking up their belongings from inside the Starbucks Coffee shop of John F. Kennedy International Airport.  From the cafe, the two had reviewed the contract offer to the biggest production that may very well give him the CEO seat of his family's company, the KNW Lifestyle Media. They were planning on getting the rights to the series that had become popular in the US, hoping to bring it to England.  The comedy show was called "The Rich Asians." It featured several wealthy Asian families living in the US and their daily lives. The program was sassy, funny, and, surprisingly, included a lot of smart lessons in life. Which was exactly why it was a big hit. The said series was so sensational in the US that Andrew was sure he would make serious money out of it if aired in Europe. "Yes, Sir Andrew. We have it all here." And
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Chapter 6: Wedding Rings
Back to the present. “Hungry?” Andrew asked Kenzie as he walked alongside her by the corridors. His black hair was without a style, softly moving freely as they made their way to the restaurant. She smiled with pursed lips, nodding while studying how his shirt loosely hugged his well-shaped body. She pretended to look down at her feet but peered sideways under her lashes, appreciating Andrew's long and masculine legs. They were well hidden beneath his faded jeans. 'Damn.' Andrew was in simple clothes, yet he still managed to be guilty of being an adonis. How cruel was the world to the other men and how lucky was she to be walking with a possible demi-god? He looked too perfect to be human, or so she thought. “ I wasn’t sure if you like fancy restaurants. So I decided we could go to a more comfortable – casual one,” Andrew revealed. It was his way of adjusting to her supposed simple life.  “Ummm. Yeah, sure. That would be great.” S
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Chapter 7: Husband Material
"Oh, my god! Three o'clock. Stalker alert!" Kenzie warned as she pretended to look down at the menu, ready to order for her meal.Earlier, before entering the restaurant, they still found Madelyn waiting for them. They flashed their wedding rings and had to deal with a few nasty exchanges before they went inside to have their dinner. To Kenzie's shock, the brunette took a table not too far from them, clearly observing how they acted together. Andrew just shook his head, saying, "I'm sorry. I'm too gorgeous for my own good. Just ignore her.""Whatever." Kenzie rolled her eyes, but at the same time, she could not agree more. Someone like Andrew probably has more than one stalker in his life. She also had a few, but her father and her brother took care of them."You are just lucky that with the way she judges me with her stares, I want to stay married to you just so she would bleed with envy," she added as she continued to sca
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Chapter 8: Make It Real
"Are you ready?" Andrew asked, placing a hand behind Kenzie's waist.  Kenzie gulped, looking down at the water slide snaking down to the ship's deck. Andrew had convinced her to take the plunge after three days of putting it off. Yes, they have been out in the sea for four full days, and going down the famous slide was one of Andrew's bucket lists for Kenzie.  "I can't do this." She shook her head and repeated, "I just can't!" "Oh, come on, Kenzie. Live a little," Andrew urged.  She found herself looking at the deep blue ocean and added, "Andrew, I am definitely in for living a little, but this is just not what I expected. I can see the ocean from here, Andrew! I can't do this!" From behind her, Andrew chuckled and said, "Sweetheart, you aren't jumping into the ocean. You'll just land in the landing pod below, right on the ship's deck. Trust me when I say you aren't escaping me that easily. Now, go on. I'll follow."
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Chapter 9: Kenzie Wright
Andrew's light brown eyes were staring at Kenzie adoringly as they stand by the vessel's bow. His hands gently caressed her face while slowly leaning closer.  Kenzie felt her heart going wild, just gawking at Andrew's athletic face. She gulped, realizing what was about to happen.  Seconds apart, Kenzie closed her eyes, anticipating their second, yet their very first, meaningful kiss.  Just as she was inches away from Andrew's lips, a loud banging awoke her from her dream.  Kenzie groaned as she awakened, frowning at the realization that her special kiss, even in a dream, had just been interrupted by the very same man.  "Kenzie, sweetheart. Time to wake up!" She heard Andrew banging at the door of his bedroom suite.  "Damn, you Andrew. I can't believe I dreamed of him kissing me," she muttered under her breath. Her mouth twitched before adding, "And I was looking forward to it." She could only keep
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Chapter 10: A Sweet Distraction
Kenzie should have seen the signs. It was right in front of her ever since.  From Andrew's suite, she was leaning against the balcony railings, watching the endless waters, when she recalled how she often met new acquaintances, especially girls.  "So, you are Kenzie, right? Kyle's brother?" "Kenzie, we've been friends for some time now. Are we ever going to meet your brother?" "What's it like to be you? Did I mention your brother is so hot!" It was... mostly about Kyle, really. They wanted to be friends with her because they wanted to have a chance with her twin brother.  Kenzie, at least, had a few honest approaches. She remembered Kennedy, who was probably one that she considered a good friend. Back then, when she met her at her father's office, Kennedy said, "So, my dad said, since your dad and my dad are working together on a project, we should be like... friends." Kenzie and Kennedy still hit it off, only th
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