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Note!!! Editing right now. Wait until February before reading. Thank you. She loathed him, yet he is the ideal guy to assist her in accomplishing her ambitions. He desired her, yet his very presence irritated her to no end. He cornered her and offered her a bargain, a bargain that was so hard to resist. She declined, but he persisted, and soon their war of wits began. Unfortunately, she falls prey to his seductive powers once again.

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The dress reached halfway up her shoulders and glided down to a plunging neckline. It was a tight fit that emphasized her breasts, yet in a classy and modest way. Her arms have been entirely concealed, and the sleeved were fitted snugly yet comfortably from top to bottom, allowing her sufficient flexibility while being fashionable. She was wearing kitten heels, which added a touch of grace and simplicity. To complete the look, she said an elegant necklace and a bracelet.Jenny Gordon smiled upon seeing her reflection in the mirror. She looked great, and she felt good about herself. After applying her favourite lipstick colour, she sprayed some perfume, and she was ready to meet her cousin’s male secretary, Blair. Her aunt, Carmela Gordon, has invited the newly-hired secretary to join them for dinner, and she was excited to meet him. Inwardly, she suspected that the secretary was her cousin’s lover, and she would love to put him in a hot seat later.The maid informed her that their gue
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Jacob was stunned when he found out about her plan, but she was stubborn and didn’t let him stop her from taking Blair into the pavilion. As soon as she saw him walking toward her, Jenny smiled at Blair, and Jacob left with a loud groan of disappointment.“Do you live nearby?” She inquired.“No, I don’t. My residence is far from here, Miss Gordon,” he replied.“Jenny. Just call me Jenny from now on,” she informed him, but the man just shook his head in response. She frowned and asked him why.“I am comfortable in calling you Miss Gordon,” he clarified.“I see,” she said while accepting defeat for the first time.Jenny shivered as the wind blew to her skin as soon as they were outside the house. When she glanced at the man who walked beside her, he seemed to be lost in deep thought. Perhaps, was he thinking about Jacob? Then, she cleared her throat before asking him a question. “Are you in a relationship with my cousin?”“Yes, Miss Gordon. I am bound to him as his employee,” he replied
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When Jacob woke up the next morning, he was surprised to see Jenny Gordon waiting for him in the garage. The woman was dressed as if she would walk in a fashion show, and he wondered if she had decided to try her luck again in modelling.“Where are you going at this hour?” He asked her when she was standing close to his vehicle.“I'll accompany you to the office,” she replied and then paused for a second before continuing. “You can’t tell me I’m not qualified to work in the bank,” she stated to let him know that she was serious. She was required to have a bachelor's degree in business management before she began her modelling career.Jacob scowled at her response and asked, “Why? Do you have to make a significant cash withdrawal?” Jenny's parents left her a substantial sum of money as an inheritance, which the Wolf Bank managed.“Today is my first day of work,” she informed Jacob, and when her cousin raised his brows in disbelief at the veracity of her claim, she quickly retrieved her
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Two weeks later, Jenny regretted agreeing to Jacob’s three-month terms. For fourteen days, she met her friends who would qualify as Wolf’s Bank VIPs. Unfortunately, they were already a client, and if only Jacob had furnished her with the list of their existing clients, she would be wasting her time for nothing!As she organized the list in an excel sheet, she glanced at her face in the small mirror she placed beside her laptop and noticed some lines around her eyes. Should she just quit? For a few minutes, she has considered quitting and just going on living as a rich heiress with no obligations to fulfil. However, she was not a quitter, and she didn’t want to lose against Jacob Gordon!When she believed to reach the dead end, Jenny called her grandmother for input, and the woman suggested calling someone who could help her. She jotted down the man’s name and number on a post-it note. After the call had ended, she immediately dialled the man’s number, and it didn’t take long before a
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Her last overseas trip happened when she was only ten years old and her mother was still alive. But it wasn’t a pleasant experience for Daniella. Her parents wanted to celebrate her birthday at Disneyland, but all day long, they just quarreled, and she ended up staying in her room…crying and disappointed. Now, she wanted to replace that memory with something good or even funny. Who knew what was in store for her? From the airport, she took a taxi to her hotel, then she checked in, and paid the room‘s security deposit. A minute later, she strolled towards the elevator that would take her to the nineteenth floor where her room was located. She was not fond of elevators after watching a lot of Asian horror movies where a ghost or supernatural beings showed themselves in the lift. She tried to calm herself down when there were a lot of guests in the elevator. She listened to their conversations and was glad that there were Filipinos too. But on the fifteenth floor, everyone exited t
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Daniella was just supposed to take pleasure in her trip to HK but when she came to know Mr. Blue Eyes, she had to revise her plan. She had a brilliant idea of how Marcus Madrigal would become useful to her. Anyway, the man was a flirt and he liked to dally, so he wouldn’t mind being used that way. She believed that everyone has a price, and whatever it takes, she would do anything to have him. “Hmmm, Marcus suits you. You look like a gladiator from the past and I like your eyes. They are blue and soulful,” she declared without holding back any reservation that a proper woman should possess. Marcus was not surprised at her bluntness. Well, he would be shocked if she pretended to be someone she was not. “You’re blunt and honest…and I like it,” he replied, but the woman’s ingenious way of speaking alarmed him. “I know. So, I assumed that we are friends now.” She said after their handshake. “If you need a friend while you are in HK, call me.” She gave him her calling card and sm
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Marcus was disoriented when he woke up in a strange room. Where was he? He tried to get up but he couldn’t move. What was wrong with him? He looked around but all he could see was the white ceiling and the chandelier. On his left, he could see something white, and it was the same on his right side. A pet cone? He was horrified to realize that someone had the nerve to put a pet cone on him. “Look here,” Daniella showed Marcus the photos that she took earlier and couldn’t stop laughing at his dreadful appearance. With the shrink wrap all over his body, he looked like a fresh lumpia or even a mummy. Of course, the pet cone looked cute on dogs, but for Marcus, he was not cute but funny to look at. “Dani! What did you do to me?” He yelled as soon as he found out what the woman did to his body that he looked like a mummy, wrapped in white plastic and couldn’t move. Then he remembered that moment when something hard hit him. “What do you want from me?” Marcus clenched his jaw and gr
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Daniella sat down on top of his manhood and tried to bury the hard muscle inside her but it wouldn’t go through. Once again, she tried and still failed. Sweat was visible on her forehead as she continued to move. What the hell was she thinking? Marcus silently laughed when he realized that Daniella was not an experienced lover. Judging from her movement, she’s an amateur or even a first-timer. He knew she was frustrated when he heard her curse loudly. He may be aroused, but he would never help her. Never! But she continued to rub herself unto his erection and he was not a saint for goodness sake! Daniella’s naked form was even more gorgeous while she saddled him. Marcus admonished himself for admiring her underrated beauty. Daniella seemed unaware of her prettiness that she was even more attractive to him. But no, it has to stop! Marcus tried to distract his mind by imagining the horses and cows in Hacienda Velasquez. Her eyes were simply spellbinding, Marcus thought, and that
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“Look who’s here!” Paloma greeted her stepdaughter when she met with Daniella on her way to the kitchen. “None of your business,” she answered. Daniella ignored her stepmother and continued to walk to her bedroom. She just arrived from her long journey and she was dead tired. She wanted to sleep! It was around three o’clock in the afternoon when she woke up from her deep sleep. She was starving so she proceeds to the kitchen to grab something to eat, but lost her appetite upon seeing the evil witch! “We have to talk, Ella,” Paloma said. Daniella raised her eyebrows at Paloma before she pulled her chair to sit down. “As far as I’m concerned, we have nothing to talk about.” She refused to call her Mama or Mother. She hated Paloma ever since she joined her family. “Common, Ella. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do you still remember what was written on Greg’s last will?” It wasn’t her intention to irritate Daniella but her indifference forced her to be a wicked stepm
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Samuel rolled out laughing when Marcus told him what happened in HK. It was simply unbelievable but his friend was not a liar. “Now, you are into comedy!” How could he believe that a woman was able to subdue Marcus’ strength, and what more, she violated his body? “You’re kidding, Marcus.” “Why should I make fun of myself, Sam?” Marcus asked his friend who couldn’t stop laughing at his misfortune in HK. “Common Marcus, why would you make it a big deal? You didn’t do anything wrong to your client. It was the opposite!” Samuel convinced his friend not to get too worked about the incident. “For me, you are very lucky, my friend. I saw her file and she was beautiful!” Then, he laughed, while Marcus scowled at him. “She could become pregnant!” He yelled. When it happened, he was not able to wear any protection and the woman didn’t allow him to withdraw himself before spilling his seed inside her womb. When Marcus mentioned the possibility that Daniella could become pregnant, S
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