Brothers At war

Brothers At war

By:  Isa Bella  Ongoing
Language: English
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Brother's at war Bulb Alpha longan is the rightful leader of the Greenwood pack. He is an haughty, heartless and ruthless guy with an extraordinarily intimidating demeanour. When it was time for him to assume leadership his twin brother stood as an obstacle going against the decision of Luna, the Goddess of the moon. The fight brought a total division in the Greenwood pack as some members of the Greenwood supported Alpha Logan while others supported his brother. What happens when Luna decided to bring up a challenge between both brothers and find out who was really the chosen one.

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23 Chapters
BROTHERS AT WAR ( Love conquers) Chapter one ~ FLASHBACK~16 years old Logan and Landon were playing in the basketball court happily. Logan was more happy cos he was playing as a team with his brother against another. The school and everyone knew these twins to be inseparable... but yes they've got haters not just for being the most popular student but being the most wealthiest. Their parents happens to be influential and a successful multinational company CEO and both children know how much they get each month for allowance.Logan the first child, he treats his younger brother like a precious egg...always stood up for him and he's the most feared student. He's damn arrogant, ruthless, cold blooded, scary demeanor and a little bit proud... he got everything to get you mad but still he's super hot and got that intimidating body that make every girl drool which makes him more proud. But as arrogant as he is he doesn't joke with his family or pack eithe
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Love conquer
Brothers at warLove conquers .Chapter 2 Kaylani POVI was done dressing and headed out of my apartment to my aunt shop.She run a coffee shop and at the same time an eatery... so I work there.I went out and locked my door shut.."Good morning Kay!" Dahlia my neighbor greeted"hey good morning!" I smiled"heading out right?" she asked as she sipped from her cup whatever she was taking"yeah...obviously!" I smiled"Alright then...goodbye!!" she waved at me as I bid her bye and ran down the stairs to get a cabLuckily enough for me immediately I got down.. there was an empty cab coming"where you going young lady?" he asked"Vickies Coffee!" I said as I got inI really need to find myself a better job than this but working for her is so much fun.My parents aren't in the city... I stay alone her and its kinda fun too.Oh...I turned to look through the window and saw a young guy shouting at a lady who was pleading to him for something I don't care about"No no no!" I could read
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Brothers at war ( Love conquers)chapter three Kaylani POVI furrowed my brows at her as I tilted my head to the left.Is she going crazy or what. "Aunt are you okay?" I asked as I tapped her gently"oh yes Kay!!!" she squealed"What's wrong if Logan Harlan is placing an order?" I shrugged"Are you kidding me...this guy is freaking hot!!" she squealed"shh shh!!" I said more of a whisper"oh goodness I just t hold know what... we've got to do our best!" she said as she held both my shoulders looking into my eyesI gave a childish frown at her...She looked back at her phone..."Kaylani I can't believe you don't know him!!" she shook her head dramatically"oh what's then gonna happen if I know him?" I rolled my eyes"you serious.. if you do...ahhh, you'll sleep so tight talk less of having him in bed or seeing him alone" she said"oh...." I mouthed"and you're gonna make the delivery to him!" she gasped"Me??..." I opened my eyes wide"Hell no..." I added"W
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Crazy met arrogant
Brothers at war chapter four.... Landon POV"And you're not gonna say a no?" I furrowed my brows at her"I...I..I guess" she said as I chuckled and took my hands down."you're not ready" I shook my head and tried to get up but she held me back"I will.. anything" she hastily replied"fine.." I smiled as my hands trailed down her shouldersI sent it back to her chest pushing her gown down a little.She could understand.."young...young Master" she stuttered"if you can't... I won't let you get away with it!" I shook my head at her"that's not possible I'm so sorry" she said as she wiped her tears"Don't you apologize... its not me, if you don't want to lose your job.....and your life!" I threatened herOff course I can't let her get away with it..I just told her indirectly what I wanted.Her body on mine! mine on hers!So if she goes round saying I fired her cos she refused to have a night with me would bring my status more downEspecially if my so called brother finds
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Cooking skills
Brothers at war ( Love conquers) chapter five Kaylani POVI drove back to the store in anger... I had childish frown on my face...How can that jerk think that way.That was the idiot my Aunt is going crazy to meet. How stupid!!Oh..the next time I see him he'd really taste my fist.That little being..not even up to my taste must also think so full of himself."Ahh...." I shook my head"handsome my foot!!" I scoffed as I heard a loud horn from behind"What the you wanna fly!!?" I yelled at the car behind me and purposely reduced my pace"if you wanna see crazy you will!" I laughed as the horn became louder"What the f**k miss get off my way!!" he yelled out .I then lifted my middle finger to him"What!!" the guy exclaimed as I then drove as fast as I can away.. Logan POVI laughed lightly again.. I just can't believe what just happened. That little being...Did she talk to a whole Logan Harlan that way.." she doesn't know who she's messing with!" I nod"
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Her body is mine
Brothers at war⚔ ( Love conquers) Chapter six LOGAN POV Oh no...who knows if she put something in or... It really taste good though I don't really think she could do that I shrugged and squeezed the paper in my hands and clicked my tongue "Rude brat dropped a note!" Landon POV I completely took down Natty dress and her small boobs were staring at me probably calling my name! I didn't hesitate to take it into my palms as I did She whimpered softly... "Easy girl..." I smirked and then covered my mouth with them While sucking from them I sent my two fingers between her thighs to her womanhood, thumbling her clit She was obviously not comfortable with it but bet it she'd enjoy it Her soft cries increased as I then crashed my lips on hers to shut her up She didn't reciprocate the kiss...oh well I don't care.. I'm not trying to please her but satisfy myself so to hell with her.. And she still didn't reciprocate the kiss...I pulled away and glared at her S
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He took her to his room
Brothers at war ( Love conquers) Chapter sevenLandon POVA naughty smile curved on my lips immediately... Oh yeah I know myself. I'll get things the way I want and it always turn out perfect" did your day start?" she asked me"My morning.... very well..." I said as the memories of me riding Natty flashed back to meI just couldn't stop smiling..Phoebe tilted her head to the left and cleared her throat"Did something special happen?" she asked as she sat opposite me Sure her ears are more than open to listen"yeah...something I always longed for happened" I smiled"Mind sharing with me?" she giggled as she leaned forwardI then leaned forward making our faces closer and looked into her eyes"Maybe no!" I simply said with a shrug"What??" she was taken aback by my reply"Why...!!" she whined childishly"Let's just say I want to myself" I shrugged as I touched my lower lip"did you do something with a girl?" she asked as I turned to her and laughed"something... f
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Sack or I have you?
Brothers at war ( Love conquers) Chapter eight Logan POVThere she was in tears...sobbing quietly.Natty of all maid, what the f**k is just wrong with Landon..I stepped in as she shifted backwards"hey I'm not gonna touch you I'm not Landon" I said with my voice being coolWait..what's wrong with meI know myself... I must have acted I don't careBut this is way stupid to my imagination.Someone who wants to rule a pack, someone who wants to take over a company can do this to a maid that pleaded to himWhat if its his employee.. Or his pack members"I'm not Landon" I said again as she bowed her head low"I..I..I'm sorry young master" she stammered"is it true?" I asked"What's that..what do you mean?" she asked"you know exactly what I'm talking about" I said"I know nothing Sir" she replies lowly"Everyone is talking about what Landon did to you just lemme know if its true or not" I said as looked up at me shockedHer head went low immediately.."Everyone???" she asked"its ob
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Another fight with my brother
Brothers at war ( Love conquers) Chapter nine Logan POVWith all anger boiling in me..I barged in immediately.The few pack members around turned to the door.."Alpha Logan?" they gasped"Glad you could make it" sabrina said "Landon!!" i yelled outThe pack members looked worried.. though they know I'm always this mad at him.And he's always the reason"Landon!!" I called out again and saw him walk down the stairs"Must you always bark??" he made a tired look"you've got some screws loosed huh??" I asked"What has he done again" Rex shrugged"You brought yourself so low and you think you're fit to rule a team not even a whole pack!" I fired at him"What's your problem this time?" he rolled his eyes"You stupid pervert!" I yelled instead as a replySure they must all be wondering why I called him that..."Alpha Logan you must be mistaken some___" Phoebe trailed off"And who gave you the guts to talk when I'm talking!" I shut her upHer head went low immediately...I then glared
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Kay, visit the pack
Brothers at war ( Love conquers) Chapter ten Kaylani POVI found my way to the exact address and sighed.. FinallyI was wondering who in the world would live in an environment like thisThe road wasn't straight at all.Kept going round like corners and the vicinity looks quiet.I shook my head and alighted from my bike.Thank goodness indeed.Now its more strange cos this is the only building I'm seeing in this vicinity on top of it its very large.Are these People swimming in money or what..probably they're hiding from arm robbers that's why they picked a building as quiet and far as these I walked into the main gate as i took off my helmet and held it in my hands with the delivery bag.Walking into the building I couldn't help but gawk at it..its more than amazingBeautiful flowers decorated everywhere, a water fountain.. The house and all looked fancy.A smile curved on my lips as I looked round"Just focus on your delivery Kay!" I said to myself and found my way to t
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