My Contracted Husband is a Mute

My Contracted Husband is a Mute

By:  Miran22   Ongoing
Language: English
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"You will do what I want and there is no going back on my words!" John's voice boomed out. "Dad, I f**king have a boyfriend, what do you expect me to tell him?" "That you are getting married!" "But he is mute."  "I don't care!"  Chloe Thomas, a sassy shopping queen known and hated by everyone, is forced to get married to a rich tycoon's son who everyone knows as a mute because he doesn't talk to people, to save her dad's business. What if this arranged marriage would help her a lot? What if she behaves that way for a reason? What if what she shows to the world to be her is different from the real her?

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21 Chapters
Miss, your card has been declined," The cashier behind the desk said as she stretched the card back to a girl."You said what now?" The girl at the other side of the desk asked, annoyed.She is 6ft tall, having milky skin with an oval shape face, a pointed nose, and a plump pink lip that was covered with gloss. She was putting on a yellow crop-top with blue denim ripped jeans and yellow trainers. Her long golden bronze hair let down complementing her well sculpted face.She removed the spectacle she was putting on and glared that the cashier making her eyebrow furrowed. Her hazel eyes pierced straight toward the cashier. If a look could k*ll the cashier is pretty sure she would be 10 feet underground now."Your card was declined ma," The cashier whispered again, trying not to look up at the mean girl before her.She is one of the kids of John Thomas, one of the most influential men in the world. Everyone knows her as the sassy shopping diva.She buys anything she wants with just a
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Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Go, girl!" Excited voices could be heard praising Chloe who was dancing as if she had no worries in the world, Not like she does though. After Aiden was done with his work which was around 10 pm, Chloe pleaded for him to take her to a restaurant, but he decided to go to the club. Of which she didn't complain since there would be fun there.Aiden was sitting on a stool sipping his wine and gently staring into space."Aiden don't you think you should go take your girl down from there before she becomes a stripper?" Drex asked, his best friend."Nah I don't care." Comes his reply, surprising Drex."Dude, if you don't want her anymore why not just tell her than to keep pretending you do." Drex was annoyed with the attitude of his friend."You and I know how spoiled and annoying she is," Aiden replied, still sipping his wine gently as if he didn't just see someone grope his girlfriend."You knew that before dating her so why complain about that now?" Drex asked, annoyed.
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Grrrr GrrrrThe alarm continued jingling, Chloe damn tired of the sound finally opened her eyes annoyed. She went into the bathroom to do her morning routine before leaving for the living room."Look who finally decided to wake up," Mason said the moment he saw Chloe walking down the stairs. Chloe walks straight to the kitchen ignoring him."Good day Chloe, see what we are baking, it tastes delicious," Ashley announced as she saw her sister walk into the kitchen... Since it was the weekend, Ava and her daughter decided to do some stuff in the kitchen.But Chloe being herself ignored her walking straight to the fridge, looking for what to eat..."Mummy, I thought you said she was acting cranky yesterday because she was stressed out? Is she still….""Your voice annoyed me, will you just stop talking already!" Chloe screamed, shocking the little girl, she stared at Chloe in shock."Chloe, she is a kid," Ava muttered, picking up Ashley from the ground."Yeah, she is a kid that is why I sh
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"Thomas' latest ship coming with a lot of goods sank. It is said to have contained goods worth billions of dollars." The phone almost fell from her hands when she read the headline of the news.She clicked on it and was more shocked to know this had happened since last month. "During this month it has been said that every single investor has withdrawn from their companies. So has not let his bad reputation ruin theirs. It is said that their company has finally gone bankrupt and they can't even afford to pay their employees. " WOULD THE THOMAS BE ABLE TO RISE AGAIN?'That was when it dawned on her the reason why he blocked her card and other stuff.She went straight to the comment session, to be met with different insulting comments."Guess it's time for their family to hit the rock bottom.""That explains why his daughter's card was declined the other day at the mall,""If she had found something to do when her dad was suffering with the loss now, she would have been able to help.""
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"What the hell dad?... You must be joking right?" "Do I look like I am joking?" John answered, going to sit on his favorite couch."Dad, I am not getting married to any mother f**ker, I am not getting into an arranged marriage." Chloe screeched as she got close to him.You will do what I want and there is no going back on my words!" John's voice boomed out."Dad, I f**king have a boyfriend, what do you expect me to tell him?""That you are getting married!""But he is mute." "I don't care! You will do what I say.""Wow, dad! You are going to sell your child just to make sure your company doesn't fall?" Chloe asked, appalled."I am not selling you Chloe, but this is the only way we can get our company to rise back….. Besides, it is also an advantage for you, .....""What stupid advantage is that?""You will be the wife of the richest man, you will get anything you want with just a snap of your finger.""Dad! I am doing no such thing okay!" Chloe yelled walking away."Chloe! Will you
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CHAPTER 6"Boss, I just saw the news, why did you help her with your face exposed? What if people got to know?" With all the things being said by his guard, he didn't even bother to hear what he was saying as he got into the car."Hope you won't give me a heart attack, I am still young and my future kids are waiting to come into this world." Darryl continues talking on and on without getting a single answer from his boss. The driver wonders how they both communicate when he doesn't make a sound when he talks to him. "Boss, I wonder what your next step be now that you finally….." He exhaled loudly indicating he doesn't want to have this talk in the car. Darryl kept shut instantly so as not to get him mad. Their driver always marvels at how Darryl gets to understand their boss with just a single movement.Not long Darryl's phone buzzed indicating he just got a message. Bringing out his phone he smiled at the message he just received. He wanted to share it with his boss but he discove
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The moment the Thomas car drove into their mansion and parked Chloe got out heading straight to her room, ignoring the calls of her brother.John wanted to go after them but stopped when he received a call, seeing the name displayed on his screen.He got mad, he didn't want to pick up but he knows even if he refused to do so now. It will be a disadvantage on his side, after all, he already gets what he wanted already. With a heavy heart he picked up his call without saying a word."Good evening, Mr. Thomas. My boss already took every news story talking bad about your reputation down, he has also paid your workers who couldn't get their salary the previous month……," Darryl stopped talking when he didn't hear any reply from the other side."Mr. Thom, can you hear me?" Darryl asked, confused when he didn't hear even a breath talk more sound."I can, I am not deft," John growled."Oh my bad, as I was saying. My boss will also make the news go viral tomorrow about him joining hands with yo
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Chloe could be seen sitting on the couch waiting for Zach's driver to arrive. She didn't even sleep for two hours before rising to go have her bath and packed some of her things.She has been waiting for Zach's driver for the past two hours. Not like they were late but she was the one who ended up getting done and waiting with her stuff earlier."Marion sat far from his sister as she waited for Zach's driver, her dad, step mum, and Sandra sat on a different couch waiting for the driver. Sandra was sniffing already, all the while she was waiting. If she had heard the news early she wouldn't have let Chloe go.The honk of a car was heard outside the mansion, indicating the driver arrived Chloe stood from the chair picking up her handbag "it's my cue to leave now," Chloe said out loud, she picked up her bag and walked out of the mansion not even looking back. The maid also rushed after her, helping her with the things she had already packed.Truly she wanted to be stopped, she wanted them
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Zach was the first to get himself, he stood up quickly cleaning his lips in anger. "Sorry," Chloe whispered, looking more embarrassed. But Zach didn't bother acting as if he heard what he just said. He picked up his phone and continued typing something on her phone. When he was done, Chloe's phone buzzed and he stretched it back her phone to her.Chloe collected her phone to see he saved his number on it, still staring at her phone it buzzed again, she checked her phone to see he had sent her a message.Then she opened it, "I will have my conversations with you here." it reads.Chloe looked up and saw him waving his phone and then typing something In it again, in a few seconds her phone buzzed again.She opened the message and read what was sent there. "Make sure to always be with your phone," "And what if I don't want to be?" Chloe taunted. Zach felt as if he could strangle the lady before him any moment from now, but he was able to control himself after breathing in and out to cal
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Chloe coiled on the bed sleeping soundly with her earphone on. Seeing this Zach furiously storms to her, pulling the earphones off her ears.This made Chloe scramble off the bed in dismay, picking up her cushion to attack the person who dared to disturb her from her sleep. When she saw who the person was, she was relieved a bit, but her countenance changed immediately."Why the f**k will you come into my room that way without knocking! What if I am unclear?" Zach, who couldn't hold in his anger, punched the wall with full force, over and over again, making Chloe scream out in panic."Miss Chloe, do you know how worried we were? We thought something bad had happened to you!" Anna yelled out Zach's frustration as she got into Choe's room."I never told you guys, I needed something. Why the f**k can't you guys let me have my peace?" Chloe mumbled.Zach stormed out of her room in anger, while Anna tried to call him back but he ignored her."Miss Chloe…""Leave my room please, I need to h
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