Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss 18+

Love Slave to My Devil CEO Boss 18+

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The man I had a one-night stand with is the CEO! "Romantic relationships between employees are strictly forbidden" Karina's chaotic love life starts when she lands her dream job only to fall in love with her colleague on the first day. Things get more complicated when the CEO finds out about her forbidden relationship. Drunk and heartbroken, Karina spends a steamy night with a stranger only to find out that it is her Devil CEO boss. Karina navigates the complicated web of lust and lies with her unwavering determination to reach her career goals. What will happen to Karina and her love life when the Devil CEO demands that she becomes his ‘personal secretary’?

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195 Chapters
One Night Stand with a Mysterious Man
The end to my normal, poor, and simple life all started when I had a one-night stand with an unknown man. He was unknown to me because I was too drunk and too heartbroken to remember or care who he was.“Hmmm…”My eyelids and body felt so heavy. Is it morning already? I have to go to work today…I breathed in deeply as I still kept my eyes tightly shut. It must be morning already and I didn’t want to get up. This bed feels so soft and comfortable, I could sleep in it forever.Wait…I gasped as I bolted up into a sitting position. I knew it…this is not my bed!Where am I?Squinting my eyes against the sunlight that was pouring in through a crack in the curtain and onto my face, I started to look around. My body still felt tired and heavy from sleep and perhaps all the drinks I had last night as well.Looking around, it seemed like I was in a very luxurious hotel room, and I was alone. I was sitting on a king size bed in a large room decorated with burgundy wallpaper. The room was luxur
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Interview Invitation
I didn’t know why I hated to admit it but the man from last night was very good at sex, and it seemed like he knew what he was doing. My wrecked but fully satisfied body and pussy was more than enough proof of that. It didn’t matter though because I won’t ever see that man again and even if I did, I probably won’t recognize him. He probably won’t recognize me either.Oh, the joy of one-night stands with no strings attached.Although I said that inside of my head, this was the first one-night stand that I’ve had all my life. I cleaned up myself and showered quickly as I tried my best to make it in time for work. Recovering from a hangover is getting more challenging now, I guess I wasn’t getting any younger.I took a deep breath as I closed the door firmly behind me, mentally locking up the event of last night and putting it behind me. I’m definitely not the type to have one-night stands with random guys and in fact, this was the first time that this has happened to me. However, I knew
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To Survive
“It’s a little bit too early for that. I haven’t gotten the job yet. Oh, you should come in,” I replied as I smiled back at her and motioned for her to enter.Auntie Jane walked in carrying a bag as she patted my arm on her way in. I closed the door after her and gestured for her to take a seat on the sofa. Our apartment was small so there wasn’t much space to welcome guests which was why we hardly ever invited anyone over.Auntie Jane was an exception because to my mother she was like an older sister in everyway and to me, she was like my second mother. She helped keep an eye on me when my mother was away working when I was younger since she only lives next door. Auntie Jane lives alone and doesn’t have children of her own, so it was quite natural that we quickly became like family to each other.“Dinner is ready!” my mother called out from the kitchen with perfect timing.“I’ll help!” I called back as I hurried into the kitchen to help carry out the plates.“Is Jane here yet?” my mo
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The Big Day
“Wow! Congratulations! You’re all grown up now…” the auntie replied as she patted me on the back.“You should save the congratulations for when I get the job,” I said as I began looking around the store.After trying on a couple of options that the shop owner recommended, I decided on a matching set of black suit and skirt and a simple white shirt. I quickly paid and thanked the auntie before heading straight for home. The written exam was in two days so between now and then, I must study for it as much as possible....The night before the test and interview, my mother and I kneeled in front of my father’s photograph as we prayed for luck and success. My father died from illness when I was very young. To be honest, I didn’t remember him very well. Any memories that I had of him were blurry at best, but I could sense that he must have been a good and kind man.I got to know my father based on my mother’s words. She always had so many wonderful things to say about him like how he was a
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Stranger in a Park
“Attention please everyone. We are extremely sorry to inform you that the afternoon interview sessions have been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion that this may cause but we have decided to postpone the interview to tomorrow afternoon instead. Please check the board or your email for the time and room for your interview tomorrow. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused,” a formal woman voice announced through the speakers.Oh…so there won’t be interviews today. I have to come back here again tomorrow in the afternoon for my interview which meant that I am now free for the day. I sighed as I took out my phone and began checking my email based on the announcement just now.Here it is. Tomorrow 3PM Room 309. The new time, date and location for my interview.Suddenly, I had the whole afternoon free and didn’t know what to do. Just like the other candidates, I left the building for the day. I had plenty of time left before my train ride late in the a
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Burning Kiss
“Oh…it’s nothing,” the man said as he flashed me a super stunning smile. I wonder if he’s ever been told that he looks like a superstar actor or something along those lines…“…I see…” I said.I didn’t mind chatting to a stranger and he didn’t seem to be a dangerous man or anything but I couldn’t help wondering if there was something he wanted from me. I felt quite uncomfortable around him and wanted to excuse myself. Maybe I should just head home or walk around the train station instead while I wait for my train ride.Before I could get up from the bench, the handsome man spoke up once again.“Do you honestly think that you can get a job in one of the top companies dressed like that?” the man asked as he eyed me from head to toe and then up again.“…what?” I asked, frankly shocked at what I just heard.“I said, do you honestly think you can get a job at Jessen & Hills dressed in a cheap looking and outdated suit and a worn-out pair of shoes that seems too small for you? Ever heard of
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We Meet Again
He changed the angle of our kiss so that he could thrust his tongue deeper inside of my mouth. I couldn’t stop myself from moaning at the intensity of his kiss. His hands held my head in place as he continued to seduce my lips. My body felt hot and there was an undeniable ache in my lower abdomen that longed to be fulfilled.“I’ll take this kiss in exchange so feel free to take the money,” he said after ending our hot kiss.“But…my kiss is not for sale!” I protested loudly.“I enjoyed the kiss, so you’ve earned the money. Good work!” He said while smiling seductively at me.“Wait!” I called after him.“I’m not taking my money back, if you don’t need it, you can burn it…” the man replied without looking back at me.The man never slowed down as his long strides took him further and further away from me. I was wrong, I realized that he was much taller than I initially gave him credit for…and a lot more good looking up close. My body could still feel his body heat where his arms hugged me
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His Question
Is he…my interviewer?I blinked rapidly as I tried to clear away my shock. There, sitting in the middle in between the other two interviewer, was the stranger that I had met yesterday at the park. If he’s here, then he must be one of my interviewers. What a funny coincidence…This is great, I can return the money to him. It might not be the full amount, but I must return the bulk of it that I had not spent for sure and then for the rest, I’ll pay him back as soon as possible. When I met him, he was wearing casual clothes; however, now he was wearing a formal business suit and his hair was styled differently. Although he looked different, I recognized him almost immediately. I thought he looked very handsome in his casual clothes, but he looks just as stunning or even more so in his pristine and expensive-looking grey suit.“Have a seat,” he said as he motioned for me to sit down.His formal tone somehow disappointed me. Did he not recognize me? Was it because I was dressed in my new s
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My Inspiration
Then, I felt it. A single drop of water on my forehead. I silently wished that this is all just my own imagination playing tricks on me. However, the next wave was an all-out rain pour that left everyone, including myself, scrambling for cover.This is just great. I’ve just been told that I’ve lost my scholarship for school next year and on top of that it is now pouring like the sky is falling. I hate the rain. The feel of it on my skin, the smell of it in the air, and the sound of it. Everything about it just makes me feel sick.Just like the people around me, I found cover at the nearest subway station. It really looks like it’s going to be a long while before the rain would stop. Nothing I can do but to wait it out. As I stood there and wrestled with my own worries and negative thoughts, I felt a warm wetness on my cheek. When I reached up my hand to wipe it away, I realized that I had started crying.Shit. This is the worst. While other people proceeded deeper into the station to
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Returning a Kiss
It was when I had left the room that I realized that I was boiling with anger. My fists were clenched to my sides, and I was biting my lower lip to control my own rage. How dare he say those rude things?! I mean, I fully respect if someone has a different opinion but that man hasn’t even seen that commercial before. The commercial was quite old from when I was still a teenager, so it was probably six to seven years old now. I doubt anyone still remembers it…I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that my feet automatically took me to the building’s exit. When I got there, I realized that I had completely forgotten to return the man’s money. I didn’t have any cash on me but if I could just find him then I could transfer the money back to him.Then it hit me. I can’t believe that I didn’t notice this before. I still didn’t know his name. I still didn’t know anything about him at all. His name, his age, his position in the company…I didn’t know anything! I was too shocked to find him in that
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