Chapter Eight

Daphne’s Point of View

I was nervous throughout most of the morning, scared that my secret about shifting would be exposed. I calmed down throughout the day though as it continued to be basically normal. Breakfast was bigger than usual because of the visiting pack. The Alpha decided that I was too clumsy to serve out our guests, so he ordered some of the Omegas of our pack to serve out the meal. I was sent over to the hall to ensure that it was clean for the decorations to be set up and the caters to arrive. I hated being dismissed before breakfast was over because now, I could not eat any of the left-over food. Oh well I thought it is not the first time I have gone without food.

As I was walking to the meeting hall, I noticed that the pack was out and about. Clearly everyone was excited about the ball tonight. I watched mothers taking their daughters to get their hair done and I felt the familiar ache of wish

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Comments (17)
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Megan Clayton
These chapters are ridiculously short. Interesting storyline, but at this rate- and judging by others comments, its probably best to find another book.
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Keizer
I'm enjoying the book so far but the chapters are way too short
goodnovel comment avatar
Becky Barnes
Love the story so far, though the chapters are way to short.

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