Chapter 22

I shook my head at what I just read, anger coursing through me. Dragus said he was forcing me to sleep up in their room to forge the mate bond, that I wouldn’t be able to resist the pull. I understood their logic for it. They need their mate to have offspring. I get it. Not once did they mention that once the third dragon heat hits, I would die. They know I don’t want this and they’re forcing me to choose, live or die. Well, jokes on them if dying is what it takes to be free of them. Then I am fine with that.

Out of the three of them I trusted Dragus the most, and I felt a little betrayed that he wouldn’t warn me that the dragon heat is lethal. No wonder it felt like burning alive. Exactly how hot did I have to become to die, because if that was the first heat and I lived, does that mean the second and third will be worse? I wasn’t sure I would handle the pain. Last time I passed out, will

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Silas has to give her credit, she’s made it clear from the start that she didn’t want to with them. No games, lies, or treaty to break.
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She’s mad and has a right to be but if she’d of read the Dragon and mate book she might have learned this. Matitas did tell her she should, that , lousy as it is was his way of telling her.
goodnovel comment avatar
not a very long chapter

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