Shouldn't Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife

Shouldn't Mess Up with My Hidden Heiress Ex-wife

By:  HusnaS  Completed
Language: English
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For three years, Heidi served Lucas with all her heart, showering him with endless love and doing her best to be the perfect housewife. But on their third wedding anniversary, he slammed the divorce papers on her face. "Did you think I would never know that you married me because of money? Whatever Grandpa paid you, I will triple it. Just sign the divorce." To him, she was just a gold digger. Heidi's reality shattered, and everything made sense when she found out that his Ex had returned. For him, she endured hardships and humiliation. She not only gave him her heart, but also dropped her identity as the wealthiest heiress in Phoenix City. Realizing that all her efforts were futile… She will never be the hopelessly desperate housewife anymore. Lucas is soon to know that he "Shouldn't Mess Up with His Hidden Heiress Ex-wife." As layers upon layers of secrets get revealed, he'll be crawling on his knees, holding her leg and begging her to come back. No way! She has an empire to inherit.

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The jilted wife of three years must not take him back...It's exhausting to read the same plot where they end up together again ay no
2024-05-22 03:36:08
user avatar
Shalu Ammu
wait is the female lead stronger and author pls don't make them love each other again pls
2024-05-21 19:27:12
user avatar
Hassan Kafayat
this is a very interesting novel
2024-05-15 07:42:25
user avatar
Nor Cdiq
writing more.????... please relate the plot with the title..
2024-05-06 08:46:40
user avatar
Lili Nanou
comment avoir la traduction en français
2024-04-18 17:23:39
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
173 chapters 3-14-24
2024-03-15 07:27:32
user avatar
Gigi hadid
I love this book!!!!
2024-03-12 11:07:51
default avatar
Mary Laughman
So far a very good book. Well written haven’t found any errors. I hope I don’t have to wait long for updates ,don’t like hanging in animation.
2024-03-06 01:44:20
user avatar
Liz Williams
how long is this book? I am enjoying the story so far. Also, is Lucas a complete idiot throughout the entire story? Heidi should have someone better than Lucas, and he should be left with that scheming Tracy wallowing in envy and regret.
2024-02-15 05:37:46
user avatar
Christine Owings
77 chapters 2/11/24
2024-02-12 08:24:35
default avatar
More chapters a day, author. Please, because it is a good and amazing book.
2024-02-07 09:27:45
user avatar
Enchanting Phayvou
Wow this book is interesting.A very nice story line.
2024-01-10 15:08:57
user avatar
Oh my goodness. I really love this book... highly recommended
2023-12-29 14:27:44
default avatar
doesnt match with the title. heidi was not portrayed as a real strong woman that people cannot mess with. a bit dumb with no awareness of Tracy's tricks n cunning
2024-04-16 22:20:23
446 Chapters
1. A Gold Digger
Sitting across from the delicacies spread on the vast table, Heidi supported her cheeks with both hands. She let out a sigh, wondering why her husband was taking so long outside. Lucas appeared to have forgotten their anniversary, despite Heidi dropping hints for the past few days. He never brought up the topic and was always conveniently busy whenever she tried to discuss it. Hoping to surprise him, she eagerly awaited the sound of his footsteps from the doorway. Bang! A deafening sound startled her, and through her blurry vision, a stack of documents appeared in front of her. “Sign it, Heidi. We’re getting a divorce,” Lucas’s cold voice reached her ears. Frowning, Heidi’s eyes returned to the documents, and she read the words written boldly at the top. ‘A divorce agreement?’ She shook her head and chuckled, convinced it was a silly dream. Lucas would never divorce her. Heidi picked up the documents from the desk and flipped through them. Then she pinched herself. The reality h
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2. Her New Lover
… At Skyline Restaurant. The atmosphere was a mix of joy and tension as Lucas sat across from Tracy. His father and stepmother, a couple deeply engrossed in conversation, sat beside each other.“Who would have thought that Tracy would ever return?” Mrs. Harrison beamed.“I also thought she would spend the rest of her life abroad,” Mr. Harrison chuckled. “When you went there to study, we hoped you would come back often, but you didn’t.”“Oh, Uncle… Aunty…" Tracy smiled bashfully, lowering her head. “I always had it in mind to return. How could I not when everything I love is here?”With those words, she cast a meaningful gaze at Lucas, who seemed lost in thought, silently eating his food.“Well, your return is worth celebrating,” Mrs. Harrison declared, the most joyous of them all. She had been disappointed when Tracy left for studies abroad, especially since it marked the end of her relationship with Lucas. If only Tracy had stayed, Lucas might never have married the girl his grandf
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3. Make Her The CEO
The Olsen Family Mansion buzzed with activity the next day. As Heidi stepped into the house, she felt like she had just walked into a new world.Despite three years passing, everything seemed oddly unchanged. Whispers of recognition followed her every step.“The Young Miss is back.”“Really? I thought I was imagining things. Our Young Miss’s complexion is brighter, and her hair is shinier. This lady is just skin and bones.”“Are you sure it is our Young Miss? She might resemble her,” questioned the skeptical whispers.The servants’ gasps of astonishment spread across the compound as they spoke in hushed tones, all casting strange looks in Heidi’s direction. She heard their conversations and a bitter smile formed on her face.For three long years, she had deliberately kept her distance from the mansion. It wasn’t enough time to erase her identity, but it had certainly worked its magic on her appearance. The reason the servants couldn’t recognize her was that her appearance had indeed c
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4. Good At Her Game
Inside the towering skyscraper of the GK Group...Lucas stood by the floor-to-ceiling window, his frigid frame unmoving. The cold, sterile light of the office cast shadows across his face, revealing a tense mask that concealed the boiling rage inside him.His eyes were fixed on the bustling city below, yet the image of her leaning into another man’s arms flashed in his mind.“Mr. Harrison,” his secretary, Amanda, walked into the office.Lucas seemed lost in his thoughts. The secretary had been knocking for a while but received no response.“Mr. Harrison.” Clearing her throat, Amanda called his attention again. “I am here with the reports.”Remembering the assignment he’d given his secretary, Lucas snapped out of his thoughts. He strolled back to his swivel chair and sat down.“What did you find?”“Regarding Mrs. Harrison’s whereabouts…” she watched the man’s expression carefully before reporting, “I am afraid to tell you that her provided address is false. No one in the Metrolift Apar
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5. The Master Has Fallen
[Yes, Ms. Carlson. Everything is set.] The reply came instantly. Tracy dropped her phone and wrapped both hands around Lucas’s arm as he stared out of the window.The car pulled over in front of the hotel. Lucas was somewhat surprised to find paparazzi present; after all, it wasn’t some extravagant business dinner. He might have declined the invitation if not for Tracy’s request.As they emerged from the car, a dazzling display of flashes and shutters greeted them. The paparazzi were in a frenzy, capturing every moment as if it were a cinematic event. The questions came like rapid-fire, each one attempting to unveil the mystery behind the couple.“Mr. Harrison, what a splendid surprise. For the first time in history, you have a woman by your side. May we know who this lucky lady is?”“Isn’t she the Young Mistress of the Carlson Household? There have been rumors that Mr. Harrison and Ms. Carlson are in a relationship. Is it true?”“Mr. Harrison is one of the most eligible bachelors in
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6. The New CEO
At StriveStyle Co. “I heard we are getting a new CEO soon.” “Ha! You must be joking. Who is that unlucky person?” “StriveStyle Co. is practically a sinking ship. I can’t imagine anyone willingly stepping into the CEO role.” “Unless it is someone as greedy as the former CEO who laundered money mercilessly.” The employees were in a frenzy. Some of them even bumped into Heidi as they rushed to get to the conference room early. Heidi didn’t walk in the same direction, though. Her new assistant hurried up to her, panting heavily. “I- I am so sorry, Ms. Olsen. I was still setting up your office; I couldn’t receive you at the parking lot. Please overlook my mistake; this is the last time, I promise.” “Relax.” Heidi smiled. “Where are the reports I requested?” “Here, I’ve printed them out.” The assistant handed her a documents folder. “They have all the information you need, Ms. Olsen.” “Good.” Heidi flipped through the papers. Her brows knitted while skimming through the content, th
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7. She Is To Blame
Phoenix City’s First Hospital stood proudly in the heart of the city, just a stone’s throw away from StriveStyle Co. Heidi swiftly arrived, making her way through the hospital’s entrance. The staff, familiar with her due to GK Group’s significant ownership, directed her straight to the emergency room. Although Lucas hadn’t publicly declared their marriage, this hospital was one of the few places where Heidi was acknowledged as a member of the Harrison Family. “How is Grandpa’s condition?” Heidi asked, encountering the doctor emerging from the emergency room. Sweaty and out of breath from her hurried arrival, anxiety gripped her as she feared Grandpa Winston’s condition might be more severe this time. “Tell me, Doc. What exactly happened to Grandpa Winston?” “Do you even deserve to know?” a familiar yet cold voice interrupted from behind. Heidi turned to find herself face-to-face with Lucas.“What's wrong with you? You're the one who called me to come to visit your Grandpa!” Hend
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8. Cancel The Divorce
Tracy paused, feeling the weight of the tension in the room. The air grew heavy, and the once cheerful expression on Grandpa Winston’s face twisted into a deep scowl.“I asked you, who gave her permission to come here?” Grandpa Winston’s voice cut through the tense silence.“Grandpa Winston, please calm down,” the Young Nurse interjected, her voice trembling with concern. She feared his anger might exacerbate his illness.“Grandpa, don’t you remember her? She’s Tracy,” Lucas said, trying to bridge the connection.“So what!?” Grandpa Winston snapped, his displeasure evident.Seeing the same girl he had seen on the TV with his grandson, was it possible that the news wasn’t fake? Otherwise, why would she also come here? “Before I count to two, I want her out of this place,” Grandpa Winston demanded.“But, Grandpa…” Lucas looked dissatisfied. “Tracy is here to check on you.”“Y-You.” Grandpa Winston’s hand shook. Tracy could sense the brewing conflict between Lucas and his grandfather.
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9. The Family's Heirloom
“I don’t know what came over my grandson. In what way is that girl better than you?” Grandpa Winston lamented, shaking his head, his voice heavy with disappointment.His voice, previously firm during the exchange with Lucas, now sounded weak and exhausted. Reaching into his pocket, Grandpa Winston retrieved a small satchel he always carried around. With a gentle hand, he opened it to reveal a necklace nestled inside. “Heidi, I have always wanted to give this to you. I don’t want to delay it any longer. Do you know that a few hours ago, I almost thought I wouldn’t survive?” he confessed softly, taking Heidi’s hand and placing the necklace in her palm.“Grandpa...” Heidi trailed off, blinking at the necklace.The diamonds sparkled and glinted against the light, embraced by finely polished gold links. The simple yet elegant patterns captivated her eyes, casting a spell over her.“You like it, right?” Grandpa Winston smiled, satisfied by her reaction. “It is all yours, Heidi.”Heidi shoo
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10. A Huge Storm
Tracy’s words left Lucas confused, prompting a glance in the direction Heidi had taken. Tarnishing GK Group’s reputation meant potential destruction for the company. What benefit could Heidi gain from such an act? Even if she were to share such damaging information with the media, what could she possibly stand to gain from such an act?“You’re worrying too much,” Lucas assured Tracy. “I don’t think Heidi is capable of that.”Tracy paused. She fiddled with her hands while her heart burned inside.“B-But, Lucas,” she quickly regained her pitiful look, “Then how do you think the paparazzi got the news that we were going to attend the business dinner together?”Holding his hand, she continued, “The only people who knew you’d bring a female companion to the party were you and your parents. And the name on the party list was supposed to be Heidi’s.”“Doesn’t it make sense that Heidi plans to retaliate out of jealousy? And her only target will be GK Group. That’s the only way she can hurt yo
Read more Protection Status