Taking The Demon's Mate

Taking The Demon's Mate

By:  C.K Hawks  Updated just now
Language: English
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Arlen, "Luca... On the first day I laid eyes on you, my world saw light...but to fall in love with an alpha who wants me dead, how cruel can the heavens be?" Luca, "I bound a rope around your wrist and dragged you across mountains as my prisoner. Yet in truth, you are the one holding my heart hostage." Luca Beaumont has to take a different captive when he fails to kill Arlen Braddock, the immortal heir of Ingram. What he does not know is that the omega he kidnapped, Julius, is not who he says he is. The journey back home is shrouded in unforeseen circumstances that challenge Luca's views about this mysterious omega. As five kingdoms wage war against demons, he slowly learns that the outcome hangs on the omega's neck. Will the first son of the Beaumont house willingly surrender the captive to his Clan when he crosses the line between love and duty?

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This book is definitely one of my favorites!!
2023-04-11 21:46:22
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Plank Writes
a beautiful work.... love the flow
2023-04-11 06:16:53
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A very interesting work of fiction.
2023-04-11 00:32:58
65 Chapters
Chapter 1
Agnor, Sutcliffe, Beaumont, Ajax, Loughty, Braddock. These were the households ruling the six great kingdoms in Slora. Headed by some of the most muscular werewolves to walk the land, the clans lived in harmony, feared and revered by all. When famine and a mysterious disease break out, everyone- be it a beastman, a unique or an ordinary person, is at risk of being taken by the icy hands of death. The Braddocks, regarded as the weakest amongst the six great packs, rose above all and sailed through the crisis like it never took place. However, that success brought about unsavoury suspicions. Rumours about their leader using dark magic to grow his kingdom diffused into the air until it no longer became hearsay. At the tiniest hint of proof, all but the house of Loughty schemed and attacked a family, accusing them of causing the deadly plague. Caeser Braddock stood his ground, but his wife did not survive the ordeal, leaving behind an eight-year-old yet to present. Heartbroken, the wid
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Chapter 2
"Arlen." Ari's voice echoes through the room until her figure comes into view. Setting the basket on the table, she approaches the person lying on his belly, stripped of his upper garment. Julius placed another hot towel on Arlen's back and stepped aside. Ari was the elder of the Loughty siblings. Her calm and loving nature was compared to no other. As an omega, Ari loved caring for the people around her, especially Arlen. She was his biggest weapon against Rufus. "Sister." Arlen conjures an ugly cry when Ari feels his forehead. "Arlen, you shouldn't have snuck out...and swimming? You could have gotten hurt," she said. Ari removes the towel and dips it back into warm water. After a couple of squeezes, she lays it on Arlen's waistline. "Auch! Rufus punished me for nearly two hours," Arlen said. "Rufus does so because he cares. You should have seen how distraught he was when he discovered you were not home." "Hmph!" Arlen grunts. It's not that he was oblivious; he was only playing
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Chapter 3
"That was close!" Julius fell beside his master. Stealing two bottles of wine from the cellar was the easy part. Nearly bumping into Rufus was their reason for running. " How come you're not out of breath?" Jules consoled his heaving chest with deep gusts. " I am a Braddock; I never get tired," Arlen smirked. His profound boasting nearly earned him a knock on the head. This was his doing. "Whatever, let me quench my thirst. Here, have this." Julius drowns that urge with mercy. He handed the first bottle to Arlen and rushed the second down his throat. Arlen wiped the excess booze trickling down the corner of his mouth. A silent grin perched on his face when he tried to determine why that alpha looked so stiff. 'Luca Beaumont, I bet you would look scarier with a smile on that face. Who else can survive such a miracle if not me?' He sent the bottle to his lips, keeping to his thoughts. *** Claude Loughty was a quiet man, kind and understanding. Many say his lack of a strong personal
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Chapter 4
Three days later... Arlen woke up way past his usual time. Julius saw him wince in response to the painful throb in his head. "Finally awake? Have some camomile tea. You look like you pulled an all-nighter, yet you slept early last night," Julius said. As the Master sipped on the hot contents in his cup, Julius went for a basin and a towel. 'I should take it easy on myself.' Arlen hissed, overthinking it worsened the pain. "You seem unwell. I'll send for the doctor." Julius wiped the other's cheeks. " Auch! There's no need for that." Arlen flinched when the towel ran over his face. "Sorry." Julius slowed down and dabbed gently. Arlen was not sick at all. He suffered the consequences of using another strategy to see the Widower of Beaumont Castle at night. Shapeshifting into rodents and insects gave him the privilege of spying on Luca. Such methods came with high risks. Although Arlen could regenerate, whatever happened to him in that state would reflect on his original body. Not
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Chapter 5
It was rare to see his Master turn down food in the morning or at any time. Julius could not stand the constant eye roll and pouts directed at a silver metal Arlen stole. 'Where from this look? Is he still unwell?' he wondered. Within a split second, he sees the pout transform into a smile, then a sigh. "Surely, he must be losing his mind," the servant said. "What?" Arlen flashed him a look after that unintended gesture. Julius dragged one of the heavy wooden chairs in the room toward the bed. "Master Arlen, if you're like this because of that alpha, I suggest you don't waste your time." Arlen has a moody look on his face when he lies down, interlocking his fingers on his chest to ascertain that he will no longer touch the food. Julius steps away and returns briefly. "Oh! I overheard an angry bird say that the Beaumont brothers are leaving today. To chase after water spirits." A smile crawled up Arlen's face when he saw Julius holding up a commoner's outfit. His body rolled off t
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Chapter 6
"Why do we have to put him on this boat!" Julius flipped. "Because I can't let my cousin see me, you know this." Arlen climbed on. "Throw him back in the water and let him float to his own." Julius folded his arms in opposition. "Don't be mean; we're closer to land. Just paddle." "No, I say we throw him overboard before...Arlen, he's waking up!" Julius pointed at the alpha's sluggish movements. Luca's hand slowly came up in search of something. His eyes were heavy, but his lips whispered distinctly, "Axel." Arlen did not fret. He stood behind the alpha to whistle a short tune, watching Luca grab his ears in suffering till he keeled over again. "He hates noise." The young man shrugged. Julius swiped a hand over his face, reanalyzing why he had to babysit a crazy Master. What else could he do but row closer to the forestry? "Help me carry him." "Arlen, his kind is heavy." "Right." Arlen fixed two fingers in his mouth and whistled for assistance, summoning two corpses- male and
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Chapter 7
Nobles and servants alike bowed to the hellhound of Candor, Basma Loughty. Her stature, poised and dignified with femininity, was not for show. She was ruthlessly strong and held much power from the tip of her fingers to the ends of her teeth. Basma was out with her daughter at night to feed the youngest in the house some medicine. The guards quickly gave way when she reached the quarters and stepped inside. She could hear the dispute between Master and Servant right outside Arlen's door. "Nephew, open up." Her voice was graceful yet firm. The chatting ceased instantly. "Your Eminence." Julius bowed and stepped aside after getting the door open. Her right foot went in first, then the left. Basma usually wore black, but she appeared in a stunning green midi dress with a touch of grey tonight. She smiled broadly and played with the metallic ring on her finger as he strode in. Arlen stood and saluted properly, his upper body stiff like a pole. His unwrapped locks slid over his shoul
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Chapter 8
Claude darted to the guest room when he heard that Luca was awake. He would not wait for the young man to come to him. "Your Majesty." Axel drew close on sight. " We were heading to your place," he said after saluting. "It's good that I came sooner, then. How is your brother?" " He woke up this dawn. So far, he seems perfectly fine. Please, come in." Axel stepped aside. Luca stood immediately after Claude walked into his room. "There's no need, child, sit. I'm glad to see you up and running," Claude said. Luca moved from the spot to let the man sit at the head of the small table, then found a place next to Axel. Claude: "You were planning to see me this morning?" "Yes, my brother has been having some stalking issues." Axel glanced at Luca. "Stalking?" A stern look flashed on Claude's face. "Someone has been spying on me for days. I have not seen that person's face, but I am certain it is a male with no secondary distinction," Luca said. Claude: "A beta? You are not a stranger
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Chapter 9
Claude saw no need to keep the Beaumonts around. He could not wait to send them away for Arlen's sake. He only had to point out that the brothers had learned enough and could try the hunt some other time. On the night before their departure, a special dinner was held in honour of the guests. Basma went all out to leave the impression that their doors would always be opened to the Beaumonts, but Rufus was ready to spit them outside the front gates. "Where's that kid when you need him to blot out the moon? He might encourage the sun to rise early if I spook him enough," Rufus muttered to Ari while their parents made small talk with the Beaumonts. "Careful brother, Father might hear you." "Tch! Whatever," Rufus hushed down. Luca returned to his room briefly after dinner. Bound to set off in a few hours, it was his last chance to make sure he left nothing important behind. The trip to Candor was a partial disaster. He did learn a lot, and the virgin lands reminded him of his childho
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Chapter 10
"Has my brother come by?" Rufus suited up in the morning, polished and ready for duty."No, your highness," the guard answered."Why did I even ask, of course, Arlen will be snoring away when he knows we have plans," Rufus muttered as he took a turn out of the main house. He intended to attend breakfast with the youngest, which means he had to go get him.The alpha barged in without knocking- a habit between brothers. Only this time Arlen did not like it."I said get out!" he thought it was Julius. Arlen scurried to one side of the bed, pulling the sheets over his body when his brother comes into view. Eyes damp, he appeared roughed up. Rufus scowled as he took note of an open window and the faint fragrance in the room."Arlen?""Brother," Arlen lowered his eyes fearfully, searching his mind for an excuse. Luckily there was no sign of Julius to tell on him. Rufus took ten steps in, looking pissed. "Did you bring an omega into your room?""Huh?" "Stop acting dumb! You let her escape t
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