Romeo and Julius

Romeo and Julius

By:  A.P. Morgan  Updated just now
Language: English
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Romeo, the youngest son of the king of vampires, and Julius, the crown prince of werewolves, mortal enemies in a war that has lasted 200 years, meet for the first time at college and discover that they are soulmates. The denial, the attempt at rejection, does not overcome the matebond that binds them, leaving them lost between the war, the obvious opposition of the species, and the hatred that the kings feel for each other. Like a Romeo and Juliet from the fantastic world, could the two overcome the inevitable tragedy, transforming the story of their lives into a true romance where love can conquer all?

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Amazing book. A lot of humour. Love the story.
2024-05-24 02:38:10
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tj hart
well written. great plot.
2024-05-23 22:44:15
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Mamake Sham
The twists and turns are awesome..thank you for keeping us updated
2024-02-20 15:21:32
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peter lawford jr
awesome book
2024-02-06 09:02:05
user avatar
Mamake Sham
so far so so hooked and I love the flow of the book.. I am looking forward for frequency in updates's a great read
2024-02-03 05:58:03
user avatar
First chapter already got me hooked...
2024-01-20 20:39:10
204 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Unexpected soulmate
The war between werewolves and vampires had been going on for over 200 years and no one remembered which of the two species had started the hostilities.It had been guaranteed in the "Species Convention" that it was forbidden for non-humans to be noticed, in any way, in human cities, and that schools were neutral ground.Thus, during the 200 years of war, the two species ignored each other in areas inhabited by humans and paid large fees in schools, so that the two species were kept in separate classes.In schools, werewolves walk together, regardless of their pack of origin. The same was done by vampires, regardless of their nests.The schools were full of these two elite groups, made up of beautiful, muscular, strong elements that made other species and even humans sigh. The two groups hated each other, but respected the rules, never confronting each other on neutral grounds, with the exception of the occasional hisses or growl.A black Tesla drives onto campus, and all heads turn t
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Chapter 2 - Sudden encounter
When Romeo finally enters the classroom, he doesn't know how he got there. He had used all his energy to turn his back on that man and walk there, without looking back, or falling to the ground because his knees were shaking. He sits down in a free space at the back of the room and takes a deep breath. - Even though it's the first day in my class, I hope this doesn't happen again. My classes should not be interrupted by people who don't care about keeping on schedule. Next time someone is late, stay outside. – the professor says, to all students, but obviously to him. The eyes of his colleagues turn in his direction, but at a simple glance from Romeo, everyone swallows hard and turns forward. The teacher begins to talk about what he expects from everyone, the importance of mathematics and the degree of difficulty of the subject, and immediately goes on to announce that in the next class he would carry out a rigorous test, to assess the ability of his students. The rest of the cla
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Chapter 3 - Just like fireworks
Julius sits on a fallen log and looks at Romeo.- I don't know what the Moon Goddess was thinking, but you are my mate. And the way we met, tell me that you know that too.Romeo buffs and responds:- Vampires don't have mates.- But they have destined companions. I know that, and in the end, it works the same way.Romeo sighs and sits down on a small rock, a few steps away from Julius.- We have to resolve this before anyone gets suspicious. Just being here talking to you is a betrayal of my species. – Romeo says.- I agree. How can we solve this? By law, I cannot reject my mate without the king's consent.- What? If you're going to tell your father, mine will know too. From that and let everyone know, it's just a few seconds.- I know. – Julius lowers his head. – We could try to do this illegally… but I hate committing a crime, being who I am.Romeo buffs again.- I don't know what you're complaining about. You m…wolves, you have a second chance mate. My situation is worse. Whoever t
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Chapter 4 - Close together
When Julius stops his motorbike in the college parking lot, all his friends are already sitting in the park.- Finally you have arrived. Did you forget that we agreed to have breakfast together in the canteen? – one of the girls asks, with a pout.- I didn't forget. What are you waiting for to move? Let's go. I'm hungry.- Who bit you first thing in the morning? – who among them was his best friend asks.- What? – Julius asks.- You're in a bad mood. I've known you for years and the only time I saw you in a mood like that was when you were flirting with the head of the royal guard's son, and he discovered that he was my sister's mate.Julius looks at his friend with anger in his eyes, and he raises his hands in surrender, continuing the journey in silence.At the usual table, the biggest in the canteen, the friends sit after picking up their trays of food.- This is unbearable. – one of the girls says. – Didn’t you sleep at night? What is up? The environment is cold as if we were surr
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Chapter 5 - And they kissed
Julius drove as fast as he could, as safely as possible, in the dark. The wind kept the scent of chocolate and vanilla from reaching his nostrils and that was a relief. It was impossible for him to think, when Romeo's scent enveloped him.The problem was that the shaking of the motorbike and the uneven path caused the boner he felt on his back to get bigger and bigger, and that really disconcerted him.Julius's cock started to wake up. Every time the motorbike jumped and Romeo pressed himself against him, so as not to fall, that hard bulge pressed against his ass, as if it wanted to pierce his pants.The distance wasn't much anymore, and he accelerated as much as he could.“fuck, why is he excited?”"I wonder why. You gave him a helmet with your scent, and you ended up rubbing your ass against his dick.”“That’s a lie. Fuck, don’t bother me. I need to pay attention to the path, and I’m already distracted enough.”The wolf laughs.When the path became too dangerous to continue on the m
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Chapter 6 - I won't reject you
- Was my kiss that bad? – asks Julius, with a pout.- On the contrary. – Romeo responds, turning to Julius. – I think it was the best kiss of my entire life.Julius smiled.- For me too.- But it can't be repeated. This is stupid. We have to end this.Julius approaches Romeo, and he doesn't back down. Julius's hand goes around Romeo's waist and pulls him towards him.- What are you doing?- I want to kiss you one more time before I give up on you.Romeo looks into Julius's eyes and shudders. Julius squeezes him even tighter, and brings his lips closer to those of his still mate. Unable to resist, Romeo wraps his arms around Julius' neck and presses his lips against his. Julius's tongue caresses his lips, and he separates them, allowing it to pass. Tongues battle for dominance in the kiss, and deepen it even further. When, finally, the lack of air forces them to separate, they put their foreheads together.- Fuck. Why did you have to be a vampire?- And why did you have to be a werewol
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Chapter 7 - Exposed desire for a hidden love
Romeo couldn't concentrate on the teacher's lecture. His brain, which always loved retaining knowledge, seemed to have melted and evaporated, transforming into a scent of apples and cinnamon. His cock didn't stop pulsing and wanting to grow, and he constantly moved in the chair, trying to adjust himself. His best friend looked at him with narrowed eyes. It was clear that he suspected something, but it was impossible for him to know what it was. Romeo looks at him, and raises his eyebrows as if asking “what happened?”, and his friend shrugs his shoulders and turns his attention to the teacher.“Fuck, this is so dangerous. What kind of situation had to happen.” – he thinks frustrated. But at the same time, aside from the fact that Julius was a werewolf, he was everything he'd ever wanted in a destined companion. He was affectionate, he kissed so well, he had a perfect body and a face so beautiful that it made Romeo lose the strength in his knees. He couldn't help but imagine what sex wo
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Chapter 8 - Lost in pleasure
Julius gets out of the taxi at the door of that isolated motel that had seen better days. He goes to reception and an old man sitting reading the newspaper raises his head and looks at the young man with a grimace.- Goodnight.- Goodnight. I wanted a room.- For how many hours? – the man asked, with a smile that showed several rotten teeth.- Until Monday morning.The man gets up immediately. That represented 3 nights. No one stayed there for more than a few hours.- Double or single? – the man asked, looking at the backpack that Julius was carrying.- Double.The man looks behind Julius and frowns, but ignores it.- It's 15 dollars an hour, but since it's 3 nights, it's 150 dollars a night.- That's abuse, for a joint like this. I paid 250 for the 3 nights, and you don't need to make beds or clean the room during the time I'm there.- 250? Sorry, but it's 450, or you can leave.- OK. – Julius says, turning his back.The old man bites his lip. There was so little movement there, that
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Chapter 9 - Making love for the first time
- Now it's my turn. – Romeo says, in fear.- No. Now let's sit down and talk. Whether something happens later or not, we'll see soon. Now I want to know things about you.Romeo smiles and lets himself be led by the hand to the bed.- Don't be offended by the question, but I wanted this clarified right away. Are you a top or a bottom?- Oh gods. – Romeo replies, hiding his face.- For my mortal enemy, you often blush and are embarrassed. – Julius says, laughing. Romeo punches him in the stomach.- I've never done anything like this before, how can I know?- When you imagine making love, what do you imagine?- You're terrible. My father is right, you werewolves are very shameless.Julius falls back on the bed laughing his head off. The tears fell and he laughed.Romeo lies back and leans over Julius.- I think I'm imagining a lot of things. Being top and button too.- Oh, thank the Goddess. A switcher.- One that?- someone who can change roles. Me too. Normally I'm a top, but I like bo
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Chapter 10 - Where is the prince?
Octavian rang the building's bell, but no one answered. Had Romeo fallen asleep early? He takes out his cell phone and looks at the time. It was just after seven in the afternoon. Looking at Romeo's bedroom window, he saw that there was light.He takes advantage of the fact that one of the building's residents leaves the garage and enters before the door closes. The park wasn't big, and he saw Romeo's car. Taking the elevator up to Romeo's floor, he slams the door and rings the doorbell again. No sound came from inside and Octavian picks up the phone and calls his prince.Romeo and Julius spent the day holding each other, sleeping, eating, having sex and going back to sleep holding each other. They were sleeping cuddled together when Romeo's phone vibrated on the bedside table.Romeo gets scared and picks up the phone. He looked at the screen.- Shit!- Who is it?- Octavian.- Your best friend? Answer or he'll come to your house.Motioning for Julius to remain silent, he answered.“F
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