Chapter 11

Following Shirley out of the room, I grip her arm, dragging her away and out of earshot of Katya. I hear the door shut and know Mateo closed it to keep her from listening in.

Shirley, however, turns around and glares at me. "My daughter is your mate, isn't she?" She demands.

"You don't demand answers from me. Why would you poison your own daughter?"

"I told you why; she needs to build up a tolerance,"

"That's not good enough. Where did you even get it from?" Wolfsbane is banned in my pack from most packs. Her heart rate skips a beat, and I could smell her fear of answering.

"I grew it," she finally admits, stunning me further. Wolfsbane was allowed to grow naturally because we know better to touch, but it was illegal to produce it.

"Where and how much have you got left?" I ask before sniffing the air. She looks away defiantly.

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interesting ...
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Ogla Estrada
oh Kathya, he is your mate
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This is a fabulous book so far!

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