“I think we should all go out and have a hang out day,” Leo said as we all huddled in my room with the Catalino boys. It had been maybe a week since my whole ‘I-kissed-my-best-friend-got-caught-by-my-boy-friend-got-fucked-by-my-boyfriend’ thing. Gio won’t even look in my general direction since then. He said he needed space and boy is he taking it.

1.He moved out of my room

2.He cut off sex, kissing, and any other contact

3.He won’t talk to me

It was making me feel sick. I missed holding him and kissing him and making love with him. I missed the way he could always make me feel better and how his smile made me lose myself. Fuck, I missed him. I had screwed up so bad and now I am so scared I lost the only person I have ever loved.

“Where would we go?” Frankie finally piped in. My eyes went over to Giovanni lying on my bed casuall

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