Taming Darkness Chapter 40

My baby bump had grown so large in the matter of weeks. It was obvious to most that it was more than one inside there. Yet it was no surprise to me and Kalen, we could tell by the changes in my aura. I was having a boy and a girl. Reluctantly, we found a reliable source within the Harmony-Fae that was an OBGYN before my mother had imprisoned him.

“Well, we definitely have more than one.” He observed, the cold gel on my belly making me shiver. He rolled the handle down, pressing harder to show everyone the two heartbeats.

I was excited for twins.

“So definitely twins?” Darius asked to be sure.

"More than one?" Lycus stared at the screen, his jaw slack. "Are you sure it isn't one?" he demanded.

A heavy thud hit the ground, and we looked over to see Lycus passed out on the floor from the news. To be a Were-Fae he was so dramatic. If anyone was going to be doing any passing out around here, it would be me. Hell, I was the one carrying them. Only thing he would have to do was help with
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