'Come on, George, we have been through this already. You know that I am not sure I'll be able to love you without having doubts. I was hurt and heartbroken to pieces by someone that I trusted than own self. Let alone you. We have only known each other for almost a year now. We are good friends, and I wish I could be more than that, but I am really not ready." Steph said, holding George's hands tightly. Though she tried to not show her feelings for George. She liked him but was scared he would leave her when he met someone from his own class.

"I understand what you went through, but I promise you that I will not hurt you at any point. All I want is to love you with all my heart and be there for you every step of the way in your life Steph. You make me feel like no other has done before. I dream of you each time you touch my hand or shoulders. I want more than just the touch. Am really crazy about you, Steph. Please give me a chance to be with you."

"It's not like I don't want you; it is just that I am scared. Scared that you will also leave me when you meet someone from your own class. I like you, yes, but I don't want to be heartbroken. So before it gets there, I prefer not to try. I hate the pain the hearts have, the feeling of ending one's life or doing something extremely stupid. Please give me time. "

Upon hearing that Steph liked him as well, he was so happy and hoped that things would probably work between them.

"Thank you. Take all the time in the world, dear. But you have to know that I love you with all my heart, and I would never do anything to hurt you at any cost." George says as he leans to hug her. The rest of the day was so great that they just spent at the office talking about so many different things about life, themselves, and their families.


It was around six when they got away from the office. As they walked away, Steph felt like she was being watched by someone looking in that direction; she saw one female staff looking at her wickedly. She turned and asked George who she was and said he had dated for a while but broke up.

It was really going to be challenging to deal with the ladies around George.

George dropped her off at her place before getting ready for their dinner plans, then he will have to come back and fetch her.

On his way home, he was just happy to think maybe she would accept him as her beloved and love him completely without any restrictions. He doesn't want to force her on to anything, but he does not have that long either to wait, but if it means he has to wait for her, then he will gladly do.

Going into his apartment, he showered and dressed, then he went to wait for Steph before going out on their date. As he waited at his car, the door to the apartment opened, and out walked the lady of the hour. She was so beautiful. He couldn't hold it anymore; he just stood there looking in a gaze as she walked towards him. She cleared her throat for him to realize he was looking too much.

He moved closer to her and leaned forward, and kissed her. She did not respond first, but she allowed him to do it again, and this time, she responded passionately.

"Hey, sorry for that, Steph, I couldn't hold it anymore. You are so beautiful."

"Let's go now. It's getting cold out here," Steph said as she walked ahead before the door was opened for her. He then walked to the driver's side and drove off.


They walked into the Haltom Hotel and went straight to their reserved table at the end of a corner where they could have the privacy they needed.

They talked about everything they could about their life. Steph took a step further and explained everything about how her dad doubted her and slandered her without listening and believing her side of the story. She is thinking of moving to an apartment of her own and living with her sister without interference with an overbearing family, and how she wants to open her own web designing and advertising company. She even explained about her boyfriend, whom she found sleeping with her sister in their home.

"It's pretty embarrassing to talk about it. But I guess when I speak about it, I might get over it with time.

His name is Sam, and we have been friends since we were kids. When we got to high school, we became even closer, and before I knew it, we were together as a couple. We dated for like four years. When my Mum died, he was there for me, but I don't know what happened. He started to change after I introduced him to my sister Sheila. We were so close when they moved in with us, and I was happy to have someone apart from my sister Mercy to talk to. Things changed one day when I came back early home and saw Sam's motorbike outside and could not find him anywhere in the house, including my room. When I called his number, it rang in my sister's room, which is not far from mine. I walked to the room and could not help but hear them moaning in the room. I was so confused and pained I couldn't hold it anymore and budged in the room and found him on top of her, thrusting into her like a hungry lion.

I asked what was happening when he moved away from her and covered himself confused on somehow confused and how to explain himself. I left the room, went to my room, climbed my bed, and cried my eyes out.

I heard a knock at my door and dint even respond when he came in to explain himself. I could not even look at him; I kicked him out of my room and told him never to see him before me again. That was the last time I saw him. Though he has tried so many times to be in touch, he has not been paying attention to him.

My sister tried to explain that it was him that forced her to do it, but I could not believe her. Tell me one thing, could someone force you to sleep with them in your home and worse, in your bedroom?

That's what I thought, and my thinking was maybe she seduced him to do it. In fact, he sent me a text to explain what happened that day, but I just erased it and blocked his contacts.

Now, do you understand why I don't want to have another heartbreak? What I felt at that time was something I don't wish to repeat again."

"Wow. That is quite a story. Steph, I know that you are still hurt by what that jerk did to you, but I promise not to put you on the same experience. I love you with all of my heart and would like to spend the rest of my days with you. This I know for sure that it is you that I love. I know you might feel uncomfortable being with me and having so many rivals since they all throw themselves at me, but I want you to know that I love you. I have never felt this way before with anyone, not even my former girlfriend.

Please give me a chance to love you, dear." They were interrupted when the food they ordered arrived. The waiter served them and left to attend to the other table.

"I like you too, George. I have been feeling this way for long but am just afraid."

"Then let's give this relationship a chance."

'Promise me that you will not hurt me, George; I want to be with you too because I can't stand staying away from you. Each time am near you, I feel so fulfilled, and when you are not with me, I feel like something is missing, and it's not a good feeling at all. Sometimes I just want to be with me all the time."

"Oh, Steph, thank you. Thank you for giving me this chance, and I promise you do not regret it for the rest of your life.' George said, and he stood from his chair and hugged tightly before kissing her passionately. He didn't care about all those stares from the people around them as he shouted that he loved her.

After they were done with their meal, he took her to a private place and celebrated their coming together as a couple.

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