Desire: Billionaires' Possessiveness

Desire: Billionaires' Possessiveness

By:  Anna  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the midst of a joyous graduation day, tragedy strikes as Germ loses her parents, causing her world to crumble., exacerbated by her conniving uncle taking control of her parents' company and the only home she has ever known. Left with the responsibility of caring for her younger brother, Germ is forced to summon all her strength and carry on. However, their lives are still in jeopardy, as they find themselves relentlessly pursued by the shadows of their past. With no other choice, they make the painful decision to leave their familiar surroundings and seek refuge in a distant town. In this unfamiliar territory, Germ meticulously plots her revenge against those who have caused her immeasurable pain. It is in this tumultuous journey that Germ crosses paths with Jeremy Gray, a man reputed to be cold and emotionless. Is their relationship simply a contract marriage, or is there something more beneath the surface? As their turbulent relationship spirals further, Germ finally confronts Jeremy. "Why do you keep invading my bed even after our divorce?" she demands, her voice a mix of anger and vulnerability. Jeremy's eyes sparkle mischievously as he reveals the hidden clause in their divorce papers. "Everything I possess, my wealth, and even myself—I am all yours." Germ's frustration mounts. "Jeremy Gray, have you no boundaries?" she retorts, a mixture of disbelief and resignation in her voice. But Jeremy remains steadfast, asserting their destined connection. "You are meant to be mine. Let me have you, and I will give you more than you can imagine." Germ finds herself trapped in a turbulent tangle of love, betrayal, and desire. Will she succumb to Jeremy's possessive hold or find the strength to break free and forge her own path? " Desire" weaves a captivating tale of passion, power, and revenge.

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Delinda Schumacher
9 chapters 2-11-23
2023-02-12 04:40:07
9 Chapters
Chapter 1: You are mine!
I stormed into his office, my gaze fixed upon his godlike face, capable of toppling nations. In that moment, my purpose was forgotten, mesmerized by his presence. As always, he displayed indifference to my sudden outburst, giving me a fleeting glance before turning away, dismissing my existence from his domain. It was his callous disregard that fueled my intense loathing. Who did he think he was? He continued to flip through his documents, seemingly unperturbed by my unannounced arrival. Fueled by pride, I refused to speak until he acknowledged my presence. But there was an enigmatic quality about this self-centered man that eluded me. While I could usually read people effortlessly, he remained an enigma, concealing his emotions. Unable to bear his dismissiveness any longer, anger surged through me. "What have you done to my brother?" I demanded, my face contorted with rage. His villainy knew no bounds, resorting to kidnapping my own flesh and blood to coerce me into accepting his o
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Chapter 2: World Crumble
I graduated expecting my parents to be there at my graduation .But instead of them being here for me, they were no where to be seen. But they promised to be here, and the time they said they would be here is far ahead.My parents weren’t like this. This only meant something has happened to them.My best friend, Nina saw how tensed I was , and tried to calm me down that my parents might be caught in a traffic or as usual ,my brother might have cause some troubles in school ,and that they might be trying to solve it before they come for my graduation.Nina is right about my brother.He was one who wouldn’t accept himself to suffer any grievances. If someone tries to bully him, he would fight back.And because of this ,he is always in trouble as he also stands up for other students, who are also bullied.I took a deep breath and calmed myself. It might be that they were solving some problems before they come.And I was, being unreasonable. I calmed down as I looked around and wonde
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Chapter 3 : The Slave
After being discharged from the hospital,I looked around and saw my brother running towards me with something in his hand. I couldn’t figure out what it was, as he was still far from me.“Sis, some ice cream” I finally had a view of what it was. He disappeared just to get me ice cream. And it was in my favorite flavor, chocolate. I know he was trying to cheer me up, and he did. because no matter what the situation is when I get chocolate, I become less sad.We got home and even before we got inside, everything reminded me of my parents.I looked at my brother and didn’t want him to see me reminiscing about things that remind me of our parents. I saw the struggle in his eyes, as he tried to not let things affect him.Our family butler and the other staff came out to welcome us.“Welcome Miss, young master”. He said respectfully. As the others also followed suit.My parents were not just ordinary business people. They were millionaires. And they were one of the richest people in our co
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Chapter 4 : DG Company
I felt his hands on my thighs, as he suddenly kissed me, making me surprise.I’m I a sex slave now? And before I could process what was going to happen next, I suddenly felt his hands on my boobs, making me moan in pleasure. Was that my voice, I sounded like I was being possessed.He kissed my neck and I was surprised to find myself itching near him.What was happening to me? I’ve never responded in such a way to anyone’s touch.“Ahh” another sound escaped my mouth, he suddenly attacked my lips and sucked on my tongue.Just when I was thinking the deed was about to be done, I felt him fall onto the bed.“Sis are you ok”.This voice sounded like Ethan’s.“Sis, I would save you “.He untied me and took off my blindfold. I realized the lights were off. I covered my naked body with my clothes, which were almost taken off by that person.I noticed someone on the floor, this might be the person. But she couldn’t see his face as the lights were off and Ethan was dragging me out of the room
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Chapter 5 : The Golden Elevator
I adjusted my dress as I stood in front of the tall and magnificent building.This was DG company, where I was going to begin life afresh. I didn’t need to fear as I have confidence in myself that I would get this job. I talked to Nina’s cousin on phone, and she seemed nice.Working with her would be to my advantage.I got in and realize how huge the inside was. People were busily walking around. And I could see the seriousness in everyone’s attitude. This company didn’t just earn the most thriving company in California for nothing. The workers were very efficient and hard to work with, unlike my father’s company.Well, I do not have time to dwindle on matters that are past now.I took a deep breath and walked to the receptionist.I asked about where I could find manager Stella. And the kind and the approachable lady replied she was on the fourth floor.I thanked her and, decided to use the elevator. But when I got there they had already left for the sixth floor and I wasn’t going to
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Chapter 6: Stella
I stay in Stella’s office a little nervous.This was the first time I was having an interview with someone face to face. I collected myself and tried not to look confident as it would affect my performance and would give her the impression I wasn't the one for the job.She looked at me for a while without saying anything and I was beginning to think, Nina lied about her being an easy person.But just when I was about to think this silence would go on forever, she spoke.“I believe you have some experience? As your cv is very impressive but without experience, it is a little difficult to get a job around here”.She said seriously.I knew it, Nina might have said she was an easy person and she said the job is mine when I come over.But here I was being told I wouldn't get this job if I had no experience.What happened to the lady who spoke nicely to me some few days back telling me I just have to be present today?Was she playing then?Just when I was about to tell her it was fine since
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Chapter 7 : Babe, we meet again.
JEREMYI took the file my secretary brought. He then waited in case I wanted him to do something else.I told him he can go back to continue what he was taking care of. He left and was finally done going through with the information prepared.I took out the information and was shocked.This was the same girl who I bought back on the island.Finally, I have found you. And this time there is no escape.I took out my laptop and continued with work with a smile on my face.Just then I got a call from my grandmother. Telling me, I had another blind date that weekend, with one daughter of somebody I don’t even want to remember.I agreed and promises her to go after she nagged me about not being young anymore and that I need someone to take care of me.I looked up the information about this girl and instantly lost interest in the person.As always I would let my assistant or my Casanova friend, Gabriel go instead of me.Soon it was time to leave for the house.As l left, my assistant foll
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Chapter 8: The Need To Have Her
He took hold of my hand, pulled me closed, and suddenly he kissed me.Kissed me!Surprising both the driver and myself.I just saw this person today and all of a sudden he kissed me.Just when I thought he was going to be angry and tell me to get out of his car.He did this.I didn’t know whether to respond or not. I was in shock. He didn’t even think about the matter of being strangers to each other.But why do I feel this was something familiar?“That’s your punishment for doing that”.He said bringing me back from my thoughts.What the hell!He meant he kissed me because of what I did to him.My teeth were clenched together in anger as I thought this person was unbelievable.How can he just kiss someone for making him angry?“You are an aggressive one. But I like it. Since we are alone now, maybe we can do something exciting “.I looked around and noticed he was right. We were alone. And the driver was nowhere to be found.When did he leave that I didn’t even notice his absence?I
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Chapter 9: Ethan’s trouble
GERM“ Hello, am I speaking with Miss Germ?” “Yes.” I responded as I try to recall the owner of the voice. “ Mr. Aaron here, your brother’s school principal” The person spoke once again as I was in my thoughts thinking who could that be. “ Oh, Mr. Aaron, how can I help you? I hope everything is okay with my brother?” I uttered with a trembling voice. “ Well, Ethan got himself into some trouble and your presence is needed here.” He said. “Ethan?? Trouble?? Oh my God, can you tell me what is wrong?” I responded trying to figure out what the problem was. “It would be better if you were here for us to discuss this. Thank you.” He hung up.Forgetting about what was going on between Jeremy and me, I decided to dash out of the car while dressing up. Jeremy pulled me back to my seat looking all confused and disappointed. “ What's wrong? What happened to your brother? Is he okay?” I didn't answer him as I was lost in thoughts. I can drop you off at where your brother is, signaling his driver t
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