Forbidden Rose

Forbidden Rose

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Harry thinks that Felix is ​​a bad person because he is a mafia boss which owns many nightclubs. But when he got to know him completely, he didn't expect that he would fall for him deeply. He's aware that it's wrong to fall in love with the same sex, but what can he do if his heart only beats for him and not for women? Will he be able to confess his true feelings for him, or will he just hide it for the rest of his life?

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I can’t figure out this book. It started out with two different people. Then the storyline changed. Am I missing something
2024-01-03 09:21:27
43 Chapters
Chapter 01
“Detective Harry, we have received word from a nightclub where a murder has occurred.” Said Elton, his co-worker, and close friend. When he heard what he said, Harry's team immediately went to the crime scene.“Vanilla night party?” He said when he saw the signage of it. They immediately went inside but were blocked and stopped by some bouncers there.“The vanilla party is temporarily closed now, just come back on Sunday.” A bouncer told them that Harry grinned as he showed him his identification card, where they realized they were detectives. Therefore, they couldn't do anything but let them inside, even though their boss strictly forbade them not to let anyone in.“Wow! Look what's here. A group of gangsters and a dead body.” Harry said as he clapped his hands. They found a group of gangsters inside, where they seemed to be planning to hide the body of a man. Therefore, they turned to him and there was a trace of annoyance on their faces when they saw him because he was the only det
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Chapter 02
“What's the problem, Harry? Why do you seem so deep in thought there, and why we're not leaving yet? We've been waiting here for almost two hours.” Elton asked him while they were in the car and outside the Vanilla nightclub. They had been waiting there for almost two hours as Harry's mind wandered. “Who exactly are we waiting for here?” he added.“His name is familiar to me. But I don't remember where I met him.” He said that's why Elton turned to him with a look of astonishment on his face.“Wait, who are you talking about?” He asked him.“The owner of this nightclub, Felix Crosinciano. I seem to have heard his name for a long time, but can't remember where we met.” He replied as he tried to remember about Felix. Until he realized that he was his childhood friend and the person he had been looking for a long time. Therefore, he immediately got out of his car when he saw Felix, who had just left the nightclub.“Felix!” when he called his name, he immediately turned to him with a look
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Chapter 03
All Harry thought was that he could peacefully get Felix away from his cruel father. But he was shocked when he heard a series of gunshots from behind them, where his men were following them.“You don't know what you're doing. You better stop this car right now before you put yourself in danger.” Felix said to him while he was weak because of the wounds he sustained on his body.“Why did you lie to me? Why didn't you tell the truth about your father?” He asked him, and Felix turned his gaze to the window.“Do you think I like what I'm doing too? Do you think it won't be difficult for me to see you again while I'm still here, scared and cowardly to my own father?" He replied with tears in his eyes.“Do you know what I regret most of all? It was when I didn't do anything for you while I saw you being mistreated by your father. That was one of the things that hurt me the most as your best friend. I would rather not see you suffer and get hurt because," he stopped speaking for a moment, a
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Chapter 04
Bon stopped the motorcycle on one side, in front of a mall where there were many people and many could see us. I don't know what he was thinking or planning to do, but it seems like this is the only way to stop the men chasing us from following us."It's better that we go our separate ways," he said, which shocked me.Does he mean that we are together? but what if those people can still follow us? I sail from my mind. Mina just nodded her head and I turned my back on them to tell Adante what happened to me, as well as what I found out about Hera's personal bodyguard and nurse.But before I had gone far, someone suddenly stopped me and grabbed me by the arm, so I quickly turned around and was about to punch him in the face when I stopped and realized that Bon it turned out to be that person."What do you need from me?" I asked him. He let go of me immediately and I lowered my fist."Is it true that you work with him?" he said with a serious face but I couldn't take my eyes off half of
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Chapter 05
I followed the ambulance that Gwen was riding in, to the hospital. I noticed from behind that there was another one following that ambulance. I frowned when I noticed Adante's car in the side mirror.what is he doing where is he planning to go and why is he here? didn't they just get married now? so why is he still following Gwen? I whispered from my mind.I changed my route so that he wouldn't notice that I was also following that ambulance. I also know where they are going and there is only one hospital closest to our destination.I spent over a year investigating the personalities of Gwen, Adante, Bon and Hera. It seems that my knowledge is still lacking and I still have things to learn.I know that Adante's desire is to marry Hera, so that he can claim everything she inherited from his family. When he succeeds in all his plans, he will leave Hera like trash and return to Gwen again, to fulfill what he promised her.But despite all that, Adante has no idea that Gwen harbors hatred
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Chapter 06
when Gwen regained consciousness, Allen was the first thing she saw when she opened her eyes.He tried to get himself up but he failed only because of the pain and agony he felt from the stitch on his right side because of the stabbing."Rest yourself first and your wound isn't healing much yet." The young doctor said to him with concern mixed in the tone of his voice.The girl frowned when she observed Allen's eyes that seemed concerned about her condition.Who is this man really? Why do I feel like we've met before?Where did I see those eyes of his?Did he become my customer then or did we meet at the club?The successive sailing from the girl's mind while she was still staring into Allen's eyes."Are you okay? Is there anything else that hurts you or maybe you're hungry? By the way, I brought you some porridge. It's all you can eat right now and I'm not sure if you'll like it. But don't- worried because the other nurses said it was delicious." He promised with a smile as he remove
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Chapter 07
"Have you been disgraced? Didn't I tell you over and over again to do your job properly and cleanly?! why did you drop him in front of the church?!" he teased his assistant Jason, his right hand who always followed him. Jason was also the one he ordered to stab Gwen and he was also the one he ordered to kill Mina, but he didn't expect the girl to jump from the top of the building.The young man was kneeling in front of Allen and half of his face was bleeding after he was hit on the head with a broken bottle."I'm sorry, sir. But I couldn't stop him and he jumped on his own." Jason pointed with his head bowed."What?! You mean, he really committed suicide?" after he said, the young man just nodded his head.Allen just let out a deep breath and headed to the nearby window with both arms outstretched."Take care of the two captives who escaped. Put them away properly and quietly, but for now don't touch Hera's bodyguard. Take care of Adante's girl first. I met her in the past at the hosp
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Chapter 08
"Adante!" I just woke up from a bad dream about him. I found myself drenched in my own sweat and gasping for breath. But I was relieved when I looked around my entire surroundings."Where am I?" was the first question that crossed my mind when I realized myself lying in an unfamiliar bed and room. I got up and looked around at the things around me one by one. I looked at the photos displayed on the wall and noticed that it was a photo of two people with happy memories."Wait a minute, why does the man in the picture seem familiar to me?" I promised myself while carefully observing the man's face in the photo. In an unexpected event, I suddenly let go of the picture frame I was holding when I felt a hand crawling around my waist.I was so shocked that I let go of it and fell to the floor, causing it to break and make me turn to that person. My eyes widened when the familiar man appeared in my sight but I didn't know him very well. I stepped back and stepped on the broken photo, causing
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Chapter 09
Allen and Gwen are currently eating at the dining table, when suddenly Allen receives a text message from his staff Jason."Sir, I have done what you ask me to do." Said the message he received from the young man. He stood up for a moment and left the kitchen. He headed to the yard and simply looked around to make sure there was no one else there except him. When he made sure that he was the only one there, he immediately called Jason, using his cell phone."Hello? It's me. What did you mean by the text message you sent me?" Allen said openly when he answered his call."Didn't you tell me to finish him off?" Jason replied, which surprised Allen. He looked behind him for a moment and refocused on what he was talking about on the cellphone."Huh? what are you talking about Jason? what to finish? I can't understand what you're saying. Can you explain it to me thoroughly," he asked with a line of wrinkles on his forehead and a trace of surprise on his face."Didn't you send me a message l
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Chapter 10
"W-why? is there a problem?" Gwen stuttered to Allen, as he held her tightly by the wrist and stared into her eyes.Allen swallowed deeply when he stared into the girl's eyes. He observed her entire face, where the girl was using the face of her best friend Jane. He seemed to step back and immediately let go of her hand. He just turned around and headed to his office without uttering a word.When he entered the office, he leaned against the door for a moment and held his other chest where the heart was. He suddenly felt a pang from his heart, especially when he looked into the girl's eyes and when he saw her face up close that almost resembled Jane's.Suddenly, the memories of the deceased friend came to his mind, where they were happy together and chasing each other on the wide island.At that moment, he didn't realize that tears were falling from his eyes. He just looked at the mirror next to him and stared at his own.Only then did he realize his true feelings for Jane. All he thou
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