Book 1: Chapter 10

Bronx's POV

After about fifteen minutes of failed attempts to try to convince Kas to come out from under the bed, I call Lenora and a nurse to help coax her out. I go to my room to shower and change while they do that.

Lenora meets me out in the hallway before I can go back into Kas’s suite.

“Is she alright?” I ask, searching Lenora’s eyes for the truth.

“Yeah, but that whole thing exhausted her. She is back in bed sleeping.” She admits, shoving her hands in her pockets.

"Bronx, I know I told you to be here and be with Kas, but maybe you should go get some sleep yourself." She looks at me sympathetically. "I can't believe you were so distracted that she was able to break your nose. You have to take care of yourself if you're going to take care of her."

I sigh in frustration and rub my hands over my face. “I’m fine, Lenora.”

"No. You’re not fine. An eighty pound she-wolf just broke Bronx Mason’s nose. Does that sound fine to you?” Her tone is forceful. “I'll stay here for a few
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Comments (71)
goodnovel comment avatar
Nikki Loake
really enjoying it so far...
goodnovel comment avatar
Katlyn Graciale
he's so sweet I already love him, I hope she learns to trust him
goodnovel comment avatar
Anne Wakefield
Chapters are kind of short. I like seeing a male character who is decent for a change

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