Book 1: Chapter 17

I pick up the bag and walk down to Kas's suite. Hopefully, I can convince her to accept the gift. She seems weird about money, but I don't understand why. I want to spend it on her. Down to my last penny and according to my accountants, I have a lot of pennies.

After the incident at the mall, I don't think she knows just how much Lenora and Ashley bought for her. They left some pajamas and casual clothes in her suite, but the rest they hung up or put in drawers in the closet room of my apartment. They even had a custom upholstered bench added to the closet, so it will be more comfortable when the girls are in there. I decide I probably shouldn't mention it to Kas for now. She will find out eventually.

As I think about the closet, I wonder if I could convince Kas to move into the apartment with me or if it is too soon. I just want to be able to spend as much time with her as possible.

When I get to her suite, I see James is standing at the end of the hall, giving Kas space so she feel
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goodnovel comment avatar
The suspense is killing me, waiting for her wolf
goodnovel comment avatar
Deirdre Williams
Loving this book. Have to wait too long for Chapters though!
goodnovel comment avatar
Quinna Ezell Emory
Love this can’t wait for her to change into her wolf

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