Book 1: Chapter 20

Kas's POV

Bronx looks like a swamp monster as he walks towards me with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I stand up when I see him, putting my hands over my mouth with a little gasp.

We make eye contact. With all the mud, I can't read his expression, but I can feel his pain. Not physical pain, emotional pain.

"I need you." He growls as he walks past Milo and Lenora. He leans over, wraps his muddy arms around my waist, and picks me up. He doesn't even break his stride. He just keeps walking. There's a squishing sound where his skin contacts my clothes. Welp, I guess this outfit is done for.

After listening to everything Milo and Lenora just told me, I had no idea what reaction to expect when Bronx got back, but it certainly wasn't being thrown over the shoulder of a swamp monster.

"Uh, bye guys. Thanks for the talk." I wave at Milo and Lenora. They wave back with confused looks on their faces.

"Want to tell me what's going on, Bronx?" I ask as he climbs the stairs.

He just
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Candice Erasmus
Oh and that's besides the rewards I get.
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Aww so cute
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Are there any ways to open chapters without having to always buy them

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