Book 1: Chapter 23

Bronx's POV

I wake up in the morning to find Kas and my bodies are completely intertwined. She didn't wake up once all night. No crying, no nightmares, or screaming. Just peaceful sleep. I nuzzle her sparkly silver hair, breathing in her scent feeling completely content.

Feeling her all over me, combined with her scent and our mate bond, I start to get aroused.

Saint howls with excitement. "Okay, wake her up so we can mate already!"

"Stop it, Saint."

"Can we at least mark her?"

"Saint, I said knock it off."


Just then, Kas rolls away from me with a sleepy little groan as she rubs her eyes and opens them. "It's morning already?"

"Yeah, Baby. You slept all night! How do you feel?" I sit up and realize her legs are still draped over mine.

"Really good!" She sits up and stretches. I see the top buttons of her shirt have come undone. I turn my head with a gulp. My movement makes her look down and gasp. Seeing she's almost exposed, she instinctively turns toward me for pro
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nice work gud story
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Can someone tell me how you pronounce Iokaste please is it as if you were gonna say I O cast?
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Omg this bad!!

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