Book 1: Chapter 18

"So she had powers before her wolf woke up?" Elder Randall questions after Kas tells the Elders her story. He sounds suspicious of Kas's claims.

"Randall, Kas is sitting right here. Please address her directly. She doesn't have a rank right now, but she is Blood River's future Luna Regent." I scold the old man.

Randall gets a sour look on his face at being corrected and huffs at me.

There are fifteen werewolves from around the world on the Elder Council, making up the international governing body for all werewolf kind. They are former Alphas and Alpha Regents who have been elected to their council positions after they turned their packs over to their successors. There are many who believe I will be elected to the Council one day. Only time will tell.

The knowledge of the Elders is passed down from generation to generation. Each specializes in the history of their region. If anyone can give us answers about Kas, it will be them. We are in the third hour of this meeting and haven't g
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Great story
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Anne Wakefield
I think the number of chapters is a bit excessive
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Crystal Dioneysa Moses
great story

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