Her DARK World

Her DARK World

By:  ShineeSunshine  Completed
Language: English
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#5 in second generation Obsessive Series but you can read STANDALONE. In this World of Cruelty, I did something that kept me sane. I went against my family just to protect my sanity. I was a fighter. I was a survivor. But not anymore because this cruel world made me rotten. Now, I'm Cruel. I'm cold Hearted. I'm a Killer because I killed myself. I killed my own happiness. I ruined my own heart. My name is DUA and I'm a nineteen years old student of Fashion Designer. And, my world is shattered by only four words. 'YOU ARE UNDER ARREST' [Mature Content 18+] Thank you ShineeSunshine ️

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34 Chapters
Chapter 1) Life in Hell or Hell in Life
~every passing wind I ask, what was my crime? birds flying every day I ask, what was my fault? begging from every level I am praying for them, for whose sake I left everything. I wish someone could tell me, What did I do, the one who got such a big punishment?~ DUA. .... "Hey! Eat your dinner, God knows what she is writing all the time", One of the Jail's ladies yelled at her. Dua folded her diary and put it under her bedding. She smiled at her fate and again ignored their rude comments. Dua saw her meal and shook her head again in disapproval. She swallowed hard those tight chapati with watery pulses/grams. "Oh! So Madam wants to eat restaurant food", Another cell member spoke and tried to poke Dua. Dua ignored them and continued to eat her meal but she lost her temper when another cell member threw her plate. Dua stood up in a blink as she choked one girl and kicked another one. "Don't you dare bitch. Don't you dare to disturb my peace? I won't leave you again. I
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Chapter 2) Out of Hell
Inside the prison: "I want to know about you, Dua?", Arin asked, and the lady warden gave him a chair to sit in Dua's cell. Dua rolled her eyes and approached her bedding. "Dua," Arin called her name loudly, causing her to squirm slightly. "Stop calling my name; I am not interested. So, will you leave me alone?", Dua yelled, pointing fingers at him. Arin was just looking at her, wondering how someone could change so much. He had all of Dua's information, but he preferred to hear her story directly from her. "What happened and why did it lead her into the prison?", Arin stared at Dua and thought about every this and that possibility. "I am applying for parole for you. So, Dua, be prepared to tell me your story because I do not like repeating myself," Arin said coldly, standing up from his seat. "Will you really want to help me?", Dua asked, looking down at the dirty floor of the cell. "Are you having any doubts about it?", Arin asked in his professional chilled tone. "Sir!
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Chapter 3) Past Was Beautiful
At ARIN's House:- "I really need to know your story, Dua, so stop beating around the bush," Arin growled slightly at her. He had been trying to talk to Dua for two days, but she refused to speak. His shouts made her nervous, and Dua looked down, guilty. "It is not easy for me to reveal everything about myself, Mr. Arin. "You may be my lawyer, but I did not ask for this," Dua said grumpily, her eyes red. "But I am your lawyer, and your case is in my hands. That is why it is really important for me to know everything about your past, and that too from you", Arin easily controlled his temper and spoke in a calm tone, leaving Dua perplexed by his mood swings but still nodding at him. "I have already wasted too many days with you. So now tell me, Dua, or I will not be able to help you in your fight", Arin said, as a lawyer, he wanted to give his all, but Dua was not cooperating. Dua closed her eyes and remembered the darkness that sped up her heartbeat and breathing. Dua panicked
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Chapter 4) Past Was Beautiful 2
The flashback continued: Two days later, Dua was watching a movie with her father, and he was lost in his own world. Dua saw him and asked, "What is wrong, Papa? Where are you lost?" Her father sighed and looked at her, "Dua" She simply nodded at him. "Dua! My friend requested your hands for his son", Her father spoke, and his face was tense. Dua was stunned, and her mouth was wide open. "Marriage?", Dua asked her father, stunned as dozens of words and meanings flooded her mind. ~Marriage, a legally and socially sanctioned union, between a man and a woman, that was regulated by laws, rules, customs, beliefs, and attitudes that prescribe the rights and duties of the partners and accords status to their offspring~ ~Marriage - a bond/commitment between not only a man and a woman but also between the two families~ Her heart palpitated as she didn't know what to tell her father. "Dua, say something?" Her father inquired, aware of the situation. His beloved daughter was sti
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Chapter 5) Twigs Of Memories
Flashback Continued:- "Now meet their son, 'Prathvik' ", Dua's father motioned for her to look at the boy, and unknowingly, her gaze fell on the boy, who had a small smile on his lips. 'PRATHVIK!', Dua whispered his name softly, her heart skipping a beat as she and Prathvik stared at each other. Dua extended a greeting and bowed her head slightly, and he reciprocated. Her heart was pounding, and she was nervous as hell. "My child, take Prathvik to your room and talk," Dua's father said directly. In front of everyone, Dua panicked and yelled, "No!" Everyone stared at her and the way she yelled. She looked at the boy, who had a deep frown on his forward. Dua's father shook his head again at her daughter's childish behavior. Dua managed to calm her racing heart. She felt warm gazes on her body. She recognized that she had made a mistake and that everyone was thinking negatively about her father's upbringing. She decided to abandon her facade of a shy and quiet girl and start s
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Chapter 6) Twigs Of Memories 2
"A Strong Woman will always turn Pain into Power" Arin Arjun Kashyap .. Mature Content (16+) Flashback Continued:- Dua whimpered when he cupped her breast, teasing her nipples softly. "Prathvik", Dua moaned as he slowly crawled on top of her got rid of her clothes, and ripped off her bra into two pieces. "Prathvik", Dua gasped, wanting to scold him for disturbing her peaceful sleep but before she could do so, Prathvik pressed his lips against hers. And she melted against his touches. He sensually moves his lips to her jaw, then to her neck where he roughly bit her skin. Tears formed in her eyes. The pain was making it difficult for her to even move. She was still in pain, her body was sore and her legs were numbed. His legs were in between her thighs and one of his knees was pressed against her panties. She tried to move but he held her body in his tight grip. Prathvik put his lips on her lips and kissed her bottom lips hungrily. His eyes were filled with lust. "P
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Chapter 7) Scattered TRUTH
Her mind was silent. The world was silent around her. She couldn't hear the sound of the other cells. A deafening echo filled her mind as she heard whispers close by. Dua opened her eyes slowly, not able to move from the ground she was lying on. Her body was numb, every inch of her body was in pain as she forced herself to sit up. Dua looked around the dark cell she was in. She couldn't see anything, her heightened sense felt so mundane. "Aye! it's time to go to court", the female prison warden came and announced to her. Dua sat down on the floor and stared blankly at the bars of her cell. "Did you hear or not?", the female warden yelled at her. "Change your clothes now. The vehicle is ready", the female warden threw a saree on her and walked out of her cell. Dua unbuttoned her top and wore a blouse. She put her head under the Underskirt and tied it around her waist and then she opened the knots of her trousers and lastly messy wrapped the white cotton prisoner clothes (
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Chapter 8) Thorns For BEAUTY
"My soul got peace where, where Pain of my Heart was not even recommended" DUA ... Inside the Prison: DUA's POV: It's not important for me to have any hope from all these hearings, dates, and fights. I know what will happen in the end. It's not like I don't want to go out of this hell and meet my father but the first question is How? My life is already ruined because of my own selfishness. Selfishness of immaturity. Selfishness of love. In this World of cruelty, I did something that kept me sane. That was 'To Kill the Threat' and I did it for myself. I went against my family just to protect my sanity but see where I am right now in this dark ugly cell of Prison. And now, This Arin Kashyap has also started to nag at me. He wanted to know all the hidden truths of mine. Arin wanted to know all about my sins. I don't know how to tell him. Telling him means reliving that time that has already passed in my life, leaving me in the lonely
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Chapter 9) Blood For SANITY
The next morning, Arin was seated in front of Dua.Her eyes were red and puffy which clearly shows that she didn't sleep in the night. Arin got a message about Dua's outburst from the call of the jailer. Arin was shocked to hear about Dau's last statement."I killed My Child"Arin shook his head and stared at Dua who was looking back at him with mixed feelings.The feeling of being judged by him."Did you really kill your child?", Arin asked and noted down in his file."Yes, I did", Again she accepted this crime. "Why?", Arin didn't know how to understand her but again started to write down her statement."Because I don't want anything related to him", Dua's eyes blazed and showed hidden rage."Him? Your husband?", Arin asked as he saw the fire in her eyes as he asked her.Dua looked briefly at him and smirked evilly. She didn't respond to him but her eyes and smile were enough to send chills to him.'She did kill her child but why? What was her reason to become so cruel?', Arin's h
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{Last Chapter Continued} Dua opened the door and entered Prathvik's cabin. Her heart was happily thudding in her chest. A big smile adorned her face making her more beautiful. But soon her smile dropped when the door opening sound made a girl, who was already inside Prathvik's cabin, turn around and briefly stare at Dua. Dua stood there calmly. There was no sense of threats and negativity because of that unknown girl. "Who are you?", Dua, too looked back at that girl, and after a few seconds of observing her, she asked her in a soft tone. Dua calmly asked her and not for a second did that wrong of Prathvik as she found a girl in Prathvik's cabin. "Tisha", That girl murmured softly and Dua stood blankly at her spot while gazing at that girl, trying to understand the situation. They stared at each other for a minute and then Dua heard familiar footsteps. "Dua", Hearing a familiar voice calling her name, made Dua turn around only to find shocked-looking Prathvik. Dua smiled ge
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