Chapter 14

Nerezza's Point of View

I woke up with a warm hand around mine. The light was dim, almost non-existent. My memory was hazy at best. Slithers of what had happened pumped through me. Startling upright, I winced at the sheer pain in my abdomen. There were other machines beside me. Red liquid floating in the tube leading to my arm. 

Outside in the hall, policemen spoke to some staff. To some patients. Everything came flooding back. My heartbeat picked up. I felt my lungs tighten. Needed fresh air or to wake up from this nightmare.

Priamos' black hair came into view beside my bed. Then his brown eyes, watching me dutifully. Deep lines creased his brow. Every once in a while, his eyes would dart towards the police. From the look he gave them, I knew he had conflicting feelings about their presence.

I tried to sit up more. Tried to speak but my throat was dry. Sandpaper scratching against the sides of my flesh. Noticing my distress

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