Inducing Desires

Inducing Desires

By:  Byron Njoku  Completed
Language: English
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Craving for one another, there desires run wild, there list burns exploring there emotions. A touch runs deep darkening there infatuation, thirtst quenching from the friction of there heated body. Leonel and Ismael, heirs to ruvalry business empires, find pleasure in themselves, a pleasure that leads burning love , a flame that scourges all it touches. His eyes had found what he desired, the fiery flames of lust burning down his resentments to love, he craved for the touch of his lips, his excitement at there marital bound, lunching in there disruption, bringing there secrets to life, tearing for a long while themselves away apart from one another. years passed Ismael returns to the married Leo, with kids exactly aged at there departing day, seeking to find the truth at there striking resemblance, Ismael's revenge plan is revealed.

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67 Chapters
Billionaire's night
Fazing out the noisome sounds heralding his presence, Ismael deemed his eyes to the flashing lights of camera snaps."A step at a time" Ismeal muttered to himself, walking towards the halls doors.Doors set ajar, Ismael walked in, drawing all attention towards himself, his elegance being the reason for such, no one seemed to resist the sight of his radiating splendor.Feeling relieved from the anxiety he felt previously from his earlier reporters, Ismael heaved a sigh of relief, shutting his eyes, sucking in his breath, in preparations for what he did expect next."Welocome son" Ishmael hears his dad's voice, indicating his arrival.Ismael shuts open his eyes, rolling them at the view of his father walking towards him, destesting his very presence."Thought for a while you wouldn't make it" Ismael's Dad stated, whispering into his ears, while giving him a hug."I wouldn't be, if I weren't forced to Dad” Ismael replied, whispering back, facing towards his mum, giving her too a hug.“Ho
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Governor's contract
Ismael grumbled the next morning, waking up to a banging head, his eyes blurry for seconds,he could feel his senses intact, with a little bit of consciousness. “Where am I?” Ismeal asked, staring at the man who stood before him, while sitting up from where he laid.Ismael hands straddled upon his forehead with no recollection of what had happened the night before, his body grown weak, he wished he hadn't awoken yet.“At a club house ” the man replied, handing in a piece of paper, which seemed from his expression, was definitely given by Leonel his boss.Ismael opened the note reading its contents, flinging it to the floor once he felt he was done“He left already?“ Ismael asked, referring to Leonel, standing up, as he made his way into the washroom, putting on nothing.“A meeting before noon, he said he has to attend, one he believes your attendance is also of importance”the young looking man responded to Ismael, stepping close to the washroom doors for easy audience.Ismael felt his
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Contract demands
Setting ajar  Leonel's room door, Mary, Leonel's housekeeper walked in, accompanied by the his maids, who's work it was to clean up his room. Setting apart the window's curtains, rays of sunlight pervaded the room, letting in also flushes of the cool mornings breeze.Squinting his eyes to the harsh rays which flashed his way, Leonel awoke, placing his palms above his face, shading his eyes from the hurt he felt, from the burning sunlight, which radiated brightly upon him.“Good morning sir” Mary greeted, standing before his bed, awaiting his highlight from where he slept.Responding to Mary's greetings, Leonel twisted his neck, raising up himself with his elbow pressing onto the mattress,”return in few minutes” he ordered, striding towards the side of his bed, bringing his bare feet to the ground.Awaiting there exit, Leonel sat straddling his with his hands, while the walked out, his elbow placed up his knees, as he watched them
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Violent strife
Ismael awoke to the the next morning, to an incessant ringing of the door bell, stretching out his hands, while still feeling sleepy, Ismael laid back on his soft coated bed, dozen back off as he fell to it. Woken once more by that same constant noise, Ismael grumbled, stepping down from where he had slept, recalling Alexander's absence the previous night, he assumed it had to be him, as he made his way down the stairs, dragging his feet accross the floor, yawning as rubbed his hands upon his eyes.“Who might you be?“ Ismael questioned the young lady, who's picture appeared before the door monitor, squinting his eyes so he could see clearly.“Your new house keeper” the lady responded with smile, while raising her ID, so that he could see.Ismael drew open the door, his hands still rubbing unto his eyes, he walked towards the kitchen, getting himself a drinking water. Entering the house, the lady shut the door right behind her, standing ri
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Alicia heard screeching sounds of halting tires, assuming it was Leonel, she dashed forth hurriedly towards the door, flinging it open.“Good evening sir” Alicia greeted, a disappointed look waving accross her face, at the sight of Ismael.Ismael at once, understood the cause of Alicia's downcast expression, feeling a surg of pity for her, who had been left aside by Leonel, he walked in with no expressions, not ready to interfere in anothers issues.“Set my meal on the table” Ismael said, walking up to his room.He threw himself upon his bed, on getting in, tired from the days work, he set to rest, pulling off his clothing once he found the strength. Grunting at the sound of his grumbling stomach, Ismael rose off his bed, decided against his wish for sleep, he placed on a short and shirt, walking down to the dinning room, once he was done. Pulling out a chair, Ismael got seated right before his already laid out meal, d
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Leo felt bewildered, his thoughts in disarray, he sat at the dining room, staring at Ismael who was sitted across, paying no attention to the meal before him.Sure he had lost appetite for food, Leonel stood, requesting it be taken out, by the one who stood right beside him, as he had no intentions of returning to it.“We need to talk” Leonel said to Ismael, walking to his eating table.“I do not wish too ” Ismael responded, his eyes yet fixed upon his phone, he scrolled through, paying no attention to Leo, who stood before him.Indicating he was late for work, Ismael sipped a little off his coffee while standing up his seat, picking up his suit jacket, he walked out exiting the premises into his car.Leonel folded his hands into a fist, dashing it accross, onto the mirror which stood hanging beside him. Breathing heavily yet filled with annoyance, he felt his blood trickled down, dropping to the ground, same as where the shatte
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“Go check the door” Ismael said to Alexander, hearing the door bell ring.Looking up from his phone, he beheld a man stepping right in after Alexander, the door shut behind them, Ismael could recall meeting such a man, but couldn't quite place where or when.Thinking fuyher, Ismael opened wise his eyes in realization of whom it was. “How did you get here?“ Ismael asked, suprised by Andre's ability in locating him.“Hey” Leonel greeted, before Andre could respond, jumping down the last stair.He offered with a friendly smile on his lips, a handshake towards him, hitting it off, both hugged tightly, like lost buddies, who had reconnected.“You do know him?“ Ismael questioned Leo, suprised at there reaction, on seeing one another.“Yes, my childhood best friend” Leonels replied, falling into the sofa, placing upon his lap, a sized cushion pillow.“Thought as muc
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“Stop staring” Leo voiced out, watching Andre's gaze upon his crotch.Alexander flinched back in reflex “I wasn't staring, I was only just” Alexander shutted off his lips, realising he had been stautaring.“You've seemed quite interested in me of recent” Leonel noted, walking slowly towards him“We could let loose, you know?“ he whispered, a sly smile plastered upon his lips, as his face stood closer to Andre's.“Stop the teasing Leo” Ismael stated, walking by where Leo stood, his fingers placed upon his shoulders, he dragged him off, as he advanced.“What?, I might be serious you know” Leonel noted, walking right behind him, as Ismael sat throwing off the book he held by his side.“I know you wouldn't, even if you had the chance” Ismael stated, placing his head over Leo's lap, as he laid “You're a one person man” he noted, rubbing slightly, upon Leo's cr
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“Hey…take this” Leonel called unto Ismael, handing him a file “You should be making use of that at wok” he explained, hands stretched forth towards Ismael.Ismael looked up at him, soon turning back towards what he was previously doing “Alex could you help me get that?” Ismael requested, his eyes yet glued to his phone.“Sit still Alex, don't you make a move towards me” Leonel commanded, his voice stern, forcing alex back upon his seat “seems you're adamant not to quit your childish act?“ He noted, his voice calm, with no hint of anger.“Let me be Leo” Ismael responded “ drop it off on the table, would pick it up when I'm in need of it” Ismael said, standing to leave.“An unending annoyance it is” Leonel muttered, dropping the documents he held, on the space, right before him.“You're wrong Leo” Ismael chuckled, getting hold of his wor
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Terminal point
“Congratulations all, on a job well done” the presidential representative cheered, sharing a handshake with the men present. “Finally it's over” Ishmael sighed in relief, being done with with such a hectic project, was one too celebrate.“Are you that excited?“ Andre questioned, walking beside him “You're definitely going back to your hell of a home remember?“ “That I don't really care about, seeing this job done with, is a greatest relief” Ismael responded turning backwards, catching hold of Leonels prying eyes.Ismael chuckled, if his guess would seem correct, Leonel should be coming over where the stood in seconds, definitely to halt whatever conversation he was having with Andre.“You seem really excited” Leonel said, walking in on both males.“And you seem jealous” Ismael mumbled, turning away for a second.“Sorry, what did you s
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