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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT Elena is a simple and naive country girl who falls hopelessly in love with Kyle from the moment she sets her eyes on him, even though he seems way out of her league. Things surprisingly seem to work out in her favor as Kyle takes an interest in her and promises to marry her. What happens when Elena gets heartbroken and Kyle disappears without a trace?

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I just love this one... please give this story a chance and u will not regret it... I am literally in love with the innocence of Elena.... I just love her character ,she is soo raw, pure. This story will take u through a roller coaster of the way it's written... truly beautiful.........
2023-09-01 13:29:40
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Angie Yaunke Szoke
Any updates soon please?
2023-06-15 05:31:54
59 Chapters
Elena Jameson walked out of the house with her bag. "Listen," her stepmom called out, "Make sure you harvest enough maize otherwise, there'll be no dinner for you tonight." Elena paused and nodded, "Yes, Patricia, before making her way to the farm. When she got to the farm, she harvested as much maize as she could and put them in the sack bag she carried. However, she did not feel like going home because she knew more chores awaited her. She sat on a stone, thinking about her life. She hated it. Her half-siblings, Andrew and Claire, were presently in college studying, whereas she was wasting away. At twenty, she was a high school dropout, and there was no hope of going to college for her. This was not the life she dreamed of when she was little. Her parents were very happy together, and she was their little princess. After her mom died, her dad brought in Patricia and married her. She realized that he already had children with Patricia because his first son, Andrew, was older tha
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Elena stood there watching until Kyle got into his car and drove away. She placed her hand on her chest, "Oh my God, why was I feeling so flustered just now? Such a man can only be mine in my dreams. He's so handsome." She continued walking to her friend's house until she finally arrived. Natalie had already begun watching the show without her, so she became upset and slapped her on the head, "What is wrong with you, Natalie? You knew I was coming to watch." "Come on," Natalie replied, "I had no control over when it started. Besides, just because you're not here doesn't mean I'm not allowed to watch it." "No, you're not allowed to watch without me," Elena said. "What's up with the bruise on your arm? Did you fall?" Natalie asked. Elena smiled, "Well, a very handsome man who looks just like my prince charming almost ran me over. I fell and got this bruise, but then he came out of his car and spoke to me. He gave me some money, but I refused to take it. He told me that his name is K
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Kyle stared at Samantha in surprise while Jordan got up and asked, "What is going on here?" Samantha said, "Honey, this is my ex, the one I told you about." Kyle asked, "What do you mean by ex?" He walked closer to her and said, "Samantha, what's going on here?" Brookes folded his arms and stood by the door, staring at both of them. He wasn't surprised because he had always had a bad impression of Samantha. He had tried to tell Kyle numerous times that a woman who went back and forth like that with him was cheating, but Kyle wouldn't believe any of it because he was head over heels in love with her.Samantha said, "Listen, Kyle, I know that...." "No, I understand what is going on here. Jordan, you did this, right? You're trying to take my girl away from me!" Kyle interrupted. "What rubbish are you talking about?" Jordan asked. "I will not be quiet about this," Kyle said. He held Samantha's hand and wanted to take her away, but Jordan pulled her hand back. "What do you think yo
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Kyle stood outside staring at Brookes as he walked into the house. He felt so angry that he didn't know what to do. He got into his car and drove out of the villa. He drove to a quiet spot, came out of his car, and screamed. While he kept screaming, two girls who were inside the bush plucking some fruits heard his screams and ran out to stare at him. When he saw Elena and Natalie, he looked at both of them in surprise."Elena said, "Oh, Kyle, it's you." Kyle tried to control his emotions and stood by his car, "I'm sorry about that. I was just trying to let out some steam.""No, don't apologize," Elena said.Natalie kept staring at him just like Elena. She also fell in love at first sight. She could not believe that Kyle looked so handsome. When Elena had described him to her, she thought Elena was exaggerating. "Hi, my name is Natalie," she said. "I am Elena's friend. She said she made the mistake of....erm....""Forget about it," Kyle replied. "It is all in the past. What are you
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Jordan smiled at Kyle, "Yes, Kiddo, I'll love to see you try." Afterward, Kyle moved past him and went into his room. Brookes, who was staying in the other room, came out and said, "Oh, you're back.""Yes, I'm back," Kyle replied. Brookes followed him into his room and said, "Let's talk," "Okay, I'm all ears," Kyle replied sadly. "Listen, I couldn't help but overhear your threats to your brother, Jordan.""Stop calling him my brother." Kyle snapped. "Okay, sorry, I overheard what you said to Jordan, and I just want to tell you that you're missing the real issue here, which is Sam. I mean, what is wrong with you? Don't you get it? Alright, think about it this way: if Sam saw you with another girl, who should she be upset with, the other girl or you?" "This is different," Kyle replied. "No, just listen to what I have to say, okay? Let's assume that the other girl is her sister whom she hates. Should she be upset with her sister or you?" "She should be upset with her sister," Ky
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Elena stared at Kyle in surprise, "What? Me, your girlfriend? Are you serious?" "Yes, I'm serious," Kyle replied."But why?" She asked. "Well, I like you. I like you a lot so I want you to be my girlfriend, and your eyes tell me you like me too. Am I wrong?" Kyle asked.Elena looked down shyly and shook her head, "No, you're not wrong. I like you too." Kyle cupped her cheeks and said, "Look at me. You like me, and I like you. That's settled. So, do you agree to be my girlfriend?" "Yes, I agree," Elena replied. Kyle smiled, "Thank you so much, Elena. You don't know what you've done for me. I'm so happy."Kyle happily hugged her while Sam who was watching the both of them, rolled her eyes. She could not understand why Kyle was hugging such a girl. Jordan came from behind and tapped her. When she turned, he asked, "What are you doing in here?" She smiled and said, "It's just funny. I mean, I can't believe after Kyle fought with you, he moved on so easily, and that too with such a
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When Elena arrived at the villa, Kyle took her shopping, just as he had promised. He picked out a lot of clothes for her and paid for them. Afterward, he asked her to change into one of the gowns. When she did, he stared at her, feeling impressed. "Wow, you look really beautiful," he said. "Let me drop you off," He offered when they left the boutique. She smiled and asked, "So soon? Actually, my stepmom asked me to sleep outside, so I was wondering if we could spend more time together."He stared at her in surprise, "Sleep outside? Is that what she normally does?" "Well, that's Patricia for you," Elena replied. "In that case, come and stay with me in my room." Elena widened her eyes, "Your room? As in, you mean at the villa?" He nodded, "Do not be afraid, okay? Nothing is going to happen." "Of course, I trust you." She said feeling uncomfortable."Come with me. You can comfortably spend the night in my room. You're my girlfriend now, and you shouldn't be worried about anythi
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After hearing Brooke's words, Elena felt hurt. When he left the room, she quickly changed into proper clothes and ran out of the villa. Meanwhile, Kyle was directed to the anteroom where he had a meeting with the men responsible for making burial arrangements. He didn't notice when Elena ran out. Once he finished the meeting, he returned to his room, but Brooke stopped him before he could enter."Kyle, I need to talk to you," Brookes said. Frustrated, Kyle replied, "Come on, Brookes. You can't keep being hung up on the same issue. I know what you want to say, and I'm not going to stop.""But think about it, not only will you get hurt, but she will also get hurt. As much as I don't want to feel sorry for her because she's a desperado, as I said, I don't want you to turn into the kind of man you wouldn't recognize. This game you're playing is wrong. This is not the Kyle I know."Kyle sighed, "Listen, stop saying things like this. If Elena hears you, she will become worried. I cannot gi
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After finishing up her chores, Elena left the house, telling her stepmom and her siblings that she was going back to her job. On her way back to Kyle's place, she decided to stop by her friend Natalie's house and tell her about everything. When Natalie saw her, she stared at her in surprise, "Is this really you, Elena?"Elena smiled, "Yes, this is me. My boyfriend is taking good care of me."Natalie nodded. "I see. So... you came from your house looking this way?""Well, actually, I spent the night at Kyle's place.""What?" Natalie's mouth fell."Why do you seem so surprised?" Elena asked."Well, it's unlike you, having sex with a man you barely know.""Come on, I didn't say I had sex with him, not that I wouldn't if he asked. I just said I spent the night at his place and that's different." Elena explained."Oh, so nothing happened between you two?""Of course, nothing happened," Elena replied. "I laid on his bed, and we just hugged. He's such a nice man. This morning, he took me to
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Kyle walked into his room. He looked at Elena, who had tears in her eyes, and turned back to stare at Samantha as he asked, "What were you doing in my room?" Samantha ignored his words but kept standing outside the door. He knelt beside Elena who was now sitting on the bed. "What is it? Why are you crying?" he asked. He cupped her cheeks and lifted her face so she could look at him, "Come on, Elena, tell me what happened." Elena wiped her nose, "Your brother's girlfriend said that you're just using me to make her jealous and that she's the one you love. And once she gives her consent, you'll dump me in a heartbeat." "No, no, no, do not listen to such things. Listen to me, Elena. You're the one I love, okay? No one else. I'm not going to leave you." Kyle looked at Samantha who was filled with anger. She had waited to hear what Kyle would say to Elena. Initially, she believed that he was doing everything just to make her jealous. But now that he was affirming his love for Elena in
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