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Jordan was the popular fashion designer in the country. He was not new to struggles, however his life turns upside down when he is kidnapped by the known mafia, Lee Tennyson. Lee was known as the strongest mafia in New York. His fiancé Jasmine was killed and Jordan was accused as he was at the crime scene where Jasmine was killed. How Jordan's life take turns when he is trapped in that house and was tortured by Lee every single day not able to escape when the fear of being killed hauted him, but soon realizes that he has fallen for Lee. Lee was also in dilemma, as he wasn't able to kill Jordan yet, and couldn't give reasons to his actions. What will happen when these two will learn about their feelings for each other. Can Jordan live with the fact that he has fallen for someone who tortured him? Can Lee forget about her fiancé and love Jordan?

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remarkable this author is is one of the most talented people I ever known the story is amazing and they should keep writing for however
2023-07-26 04:20:35
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Rachana Sahoo
Loving the book so far
2022-07-03 22:10:50
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Rittah Paul
not the best that there is. Jordan shouldn't have died. not after everything
2023-06-29 03:49:05
60 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 " Welcome to hell"
JORDAN- "Pick up the pace, we need to finish this dress by 12 PM." I yelled while moving in the corridor. "Mr. Jordan, what about the suit?" My secretary inquired. I pivoted in disillusionment. "Do I have tell you that, are you new here my dear?" I was already stressed because of this dress which should be finished by today itself and she was simply adding oil to the fire. "Uh! Alright, I'll ask John, to deliver it." She said. "You ought to have conveyed it as of now, Ugh! Don't worry about it, I'll do the delivery for you ma'am." I said in a disturbing voice. I, the head of the company will now do the delivery. "Sir, I'll send the-" she said and I interfered. "Definitely! Without a doubt, which will require days for you to do so and I don't want that to happen, just put it in my vehicle." I said as I took my vehicle keys and moved towards the exit. I saw the location, and drove off. It was some sort of mansion and I understood I had gone into the place of the mafia everybody t
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CHAPTER 2 " Man with no mercy"
JORDAN-I was very weak to open my eyes, they were gradually losing its vision, so I dragged myself as much as I could to reach the table. I was unable to go far as my legs were likewise attached to something, but managed to touch the edge of the table. I extended my body however much I could, pain rushed all around my body when I tried to touch the glass of water he had left on the table. I, some way or another got the glass and drank without giving it a thought. It wasn't enough, I felt few drops heading inside but felt nothing. Now, I was more thirsty and I glanced around looking for something. I heard somebody opening the door. I picked up the pace and returned to my place. Every single step I took, made me feel great pain all around my body, which was terrible.A guard came in with some food and water and passed them to me. He was giggling at me since he was a same men whom I punched in their boss's room. Seeing me so powerless was a good time for him."Serves you right, asshole.
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CHAPTER 3 "My fiancé"
LEE-After Mr. Halt left, I texted him to irritate him as he got pretty angry earlier, I adored his brand, and never wore something different other than his suits. I've known him since I had begun wearing suits. My thoughts got interrupted as my phone rang, he texted me back, saying...... what? Huh! He replied, he will kill me and I had zero control over my laugh. I returned and started reading the documents. I had loads of work to do as these records must be endorsed by me and then passed onto Mr. Mathew, my dad. It's not that he gets to give the last call but simply needed to check if everything is okay. I had command over the clan but just respected my father's choice.I never had any sibling or something, so I was not known to warmth and affection, until I met Jasmine. Jasmine was the daughter of the Stake’s. Their family hated ours and I did likewise, but then Jasmine entered in my life and I tried to make friendly relations with them. We were both torn in between as our family d
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CHAPTER 4 "The suicide"
LEE- I wanted to see Jordan and laugh at his weakness. I went in my room to change into something comfortable and saw a note, is he not there in the room? I ran upstairs and the guards pursued me as though something bizarre had occurred. I went into the room and saw somebody shrouded in blood. I went close to him to see who that person was, and it was one of my men, Josh. I wanted to kick that knave as he let Jordan escape, I took my gun and shot him in the head. Then, I went towards the balcony and saw chains hanging, that bastard escape from my room. I surged down and took a look at the CCTV footage, Cole proceeded to call out for the guard who gave him the car keys. The men entered inside and I strolled towards him. "You don't know me, do you?" I said as Jordan got away from the mafia's home easily on account of his absurdity. "Sir, I…. I was unable to recognize him as he looked-" he said and I shot him in a moment. "Good for nothing, imbecile." I said out of resentment. Then
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CHAPTER 5 "Dad’s dead"
ANONYMOUS “Sir, why did you let that man leave, when he saw you killing Jasmine?” He asked, as I left Jordan alive that night. “We needed the murderer, and he arrived at the moment. Otherwise, I would’ve just killed that bitch and left it as a mystery. But now, I had someone whom I can put the blame at.” I said smoking the cigarette. “Oh! You are clever boss.” He said smiling and putting his hands on my shoulder. “Aren’t you too frank? I’m your boss remember?” I said glancing and he corrected his posture. “Sorry sir, but don’t you feel bad for that guy? He is the famous designer, people can look for him, this can cause problem to Mr. Lee.” He said fixing his tie. “Hmm, I was also thinking the same but later when I found his phone in the car, I texted his secretary statin
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CHAPTER 6 "The Stake’s empire demolished"
LEE- [ My dad and I were going to practice; we were having a race. Dad was running slowly as my small legs couldn’t match his one-meter step. I was giving my best but still lost with a huge difference. I frowned and he picked me up on his shoulder. “I’m taller than you dad.” I said giggling loudly. “Of course, you are my son.” He said and ran, I saw the beauty of the forest as I’ve never seen it from this height. “Yay, dad I’ll be a great man and see the beauty in everything.” I said excited seeing everything around me. An arrow came from an unknown direction and pierced his heart. My dad fell on the ground, I felt my back hit the ground harder but didn’t feel any pain as I saw my father lying on the ground. I shouted his name several times but he didn’t listen. I asked how I'm going to go through everything alone but I got his silence i
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CHAPTER 7 "The truth about Jasmine"
JORDAN-He had locked me in his room, I wanted to run from that place so badly that I began battling. But then he woke up and got angry, he hit me in my head and I collapsed in a minute. This was the sort of thing I was never acquainted with. I was tormented and these people weren't humans, they were coldblooded rats. I generally heard the mafia, 'Lee' being a merciless and cruel bastard but now, I saw myself languishing and felt terrible over that multitude of individuals who were killed by this creature, Lee. I realized I get no opportunity of getting away, on the grounds that regardless of whether I escape some way or another, his men will carve out me in no time and my life would be more terrible than today. As I felt pain towards the rear of my head, I went utterly crazy and couldn't think straight, when I awakened, the sun was going to sparkle and Lee was all the while dozing. This time I made no commotion and had a bizarre considered getting away from this damnation.
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Chapter 8 "Cole is a suspect?"
JORDAN-I sat in the room, when the doctor entered, I asked him and he told me all that happened. I was in shock as I was unable to take it any longer. What was Lee feeling, the aggravation he was going through was tremendous and horrified me.I waited, for quite a while he didn't come to shout on me. I was going off the deep end each passing moment where I was unable to see him. He didn't come, it’s been two days and he hasn't arrived, I moved up the bed and peeped through the window he wasn't there. Clark told me that he had locked himself in his room. I beseeched him to take me to Lee, yet he proved unable, as a matter of fact gave me a bizarre look when I asked him as I despised Lee and now was crying to meet him.It's been three days; I was deteriorating as I didn't have the will to eat anything or open my eyes until Lee is standing before me. The days passed by however Lee hadn't arrived, Clark gave me every one of the updates yet it wasn't making a
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CHAPTER 9 "Lee's Jealous"
LEE-I was all the while bantering with myself while returning home. Cole, isn't the sort who will double-cross me. I don't reserve the right to question him as he has consistently substantiated himself worthy of my trust, I can't live with the fact that Cole is the mole among us. He loved dad a lot. I hope it's just me assuming things and Cole is innocent.We entered inside and I saw Jordan yelling, what's with him now? He's been acting abnormal, he said nothing when I questioned him, however kicked Cole as though he was nothing. This person certainly has strength or, in all likelihood he wouldn't be alive yet. His physique was great and sharp while mine was on the bulky side, not the one that would gross people out, we were both ideal in terms of looks and I don't get odd and timid while adulating myself.I sent everybody in the doctor's cabin as they required some treatment and went straightforwardly towards my room. My body needs rest as this injury st
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CHAPTER 10 "Who's J. S?"
LEE-I wasn't thinking straight, how can I be so close to another person. Jasmine had died and I haven't yet tracked down the secret behind it. Everything is so screwed up and I am not doing anything other than spending time with this jerk.“Sir, Cole has been locked in the cell, on the sixth floor.” Shawn came running towards me and I got out of my thoughts.“Room number?” I asked the details as I wanted to talk to Cole.“404, sir can I say something?” He asked looking down on the floor. Shawn was dad’s head bodyguard and dad trusted him a lot. Shawn was in his mid-forties and I respected him a lot.“Yes” I said taking my phone out of my pocket.“Why, Cole? We know what he is to you, why him?” He asked and I gave it a thought before speaking.“His belongings were in dad’s room; I saw him hiding from the camera.” I said as these were clearly indicating that he did something weird that night.“I’m sorry if I’m crossing a line here, but Cole would
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