Lucifer's Redemption

Lucifer's Redemption

By:  Veronica Fox  Completed
Language: English
55 ratings
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Lucifer the God of Destruction, son of the infamous King of the Underworld, Hades, has come into a predicament that he isn't sure he will be able to handle. His power and anger grow daily, his father believing Kronos is trying to inhabit his body. He spends his days and nights torturing the souls of hell but it is not enough. His desire to run to Earth and destroy every living thing like his grandfather, Kronos, grows by the day. No longer thinking a mate would sate even his evilest desires, he continues to try and control himself all on his own. Goddess of Innocence, Uriel was born from Hera and her mate, Michael, an archangel. Since her birth, they have kept her hidden away, trying to keep her innocence. No one in Olympus or the Celestial Kingdom knew of this beautiful angel-like goddess, until one day she makes a glorious appearance at a baby announcement in the Underworld. Stealing the show, and completely oblivious of stares and whispers, she eats her fill of food only to be recognized by the woman-hating God of Destruction, Lucifer. What could possibly happen next? ***The female lead is extremely naive and innocent. She is unaware of the outside world and how it works, including people's true intentions***

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Great story, I’m a fan of mythology and this novel has an unique and interesting way of combining folk tales, pagan and Christian beliefs. I loved the story and the outlines of every character and it’s way of redemption/salvation.
2023-11-14 22:33:29
user avatar
Kellie DaSilva
... loving these series xo
2023-11-13 09:29:29
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Myranda Roche
Need one about Loki and Poseidon
2022-10-22 10:23:18
user avatar
Elizabeth Ashley Fisher-Slatton
need one about Loki now
2022-09-11 00:29:21
default avatar
So glad I randomly stumbled across this book it was a great read ...
2022-09-03 23:01:36
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Becky VanVoorhees
Lucifer's story is so drool worthy and his mate so awesome and doesn't take any crap from him.
2022-08-03 05:11:20
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Cristina Patrut
I've been waiting for Luci's story for some time. It's amazing and he is ... OMG
2022-07-08 15:39:18
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Amy Kruger
Love it!!! best characters and character development
2022-06-21 09:58:34
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Another amazing story! Thank you. Love this story and a happy ending we all can appreciate.
2022-06-20 13:25:24
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Melissa McCrimmon Reddish
Another winner by my favorite author
2022-06-14 23:57:02
user avatar
Debbie Wojtulski
Followed her here she is the best ...
2022-06-06 08:59:17
user avatar
Kathy Aponte
Totally amazing story!!! The humor was crazy funny! Thank you Author! Can't wait to check out your other books!
2022-06-05 13:18:01
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Absolutely the best book I have read on this platform and I have read many! Author you out did yourself. Awesome storyline, written well, and full of excitement. I am a new fan and will be reading more complete books from you!
2022-06-03 21:21:59
user avatar
Gail Scott
Excellent book from an excellent writer!
2022-05-26 13:54:33
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Miriam Ivy Lewis
Great job!! Absolutely love it! Any wait to read her forever 2!! You have such a gift for writing! Every single book of this series is a different adventure but I love love how they all tie into each other! thank you so much for an amazing read! ...
2022-05-22 06:20:57
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83 Chapters
Blurb:"I'm Lucifer." The voice made Uriel shutter involuntary. It was then, Lucifer realized who she might be to him. Glancing back at his mother and Parisa nodded her head frantically, but there was no smile, just one of worry."I'm the goddess of Innocence; what are you? Everyone has been asking me mine; I think I should ask you too!" Uriel giggled.For once, Lucifer felt embarrassed. He wanted nothing more than to strike fear in those around him, but with this small woman, he didn't want to tell her. "It isn't important," he adjusted his collar. Uriel stared back blankly for a moment until her head popped up."Ok!" Putting her empty plate down with extra honey from her dessert, she took his hand and shook it frantically. "Nice to meet you! I'm going to see what the kids are doing outside! Oh, you tickle!" She almost snorted and left without a care in the world.Lucifer was left standing in shock. Those tickles were the tingles his mother warned
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Baby Annoucement
Uriel“That was terrible!” I plopped my head on my gigantic fluffy heart pillow. A hot tear ran down my puffy face. “I can’t even finish the movie, if that poor little thing has to live on like that.” Taking the remote, I stopped the movie and tossed remote to the other side of the room. “That poor little deer lost his mom and had to go live with his really serious dad. I’m not finishing that. He looked waaay too grumpy to be a happy ending and I am all about happy endings.Sliding off the bed in my white nightgown, I glance at the clock to see if I could come out of my room. Mom and Dad have been waiting on the stork for a new baby brother. They said I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs all night long.The stork works the night shift, apparently.That was so hard too, because I like my midnight sneaky snacks. I had a fun little hiding spot right in the kitchen that Mom doesn’t even know about.
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Scheduled Prison
LuciferMy Father couldn’t look at me. His smoke tendrils wrapping around his body said it all. He was angry, and unable to control the emotions floating through him. I knew I had struck a nerve. My Father had tried so many times before to keep his cool. He shouldn’t have to, not when I’m his son. He should be allowed to punish me, to beat me into obeying like the young god I was, but now my power was equal to his, something unfathomable to think about for the God of Hell. Especially the first born of Kronos.“Lucifer,” my Father said calmly, his eyes glowing red. “You still have time. I believe this. If I lock you up now, what am I to tell your Mother? She calls for you constantly. I have to lie and tell her you are working else where besides that pit,” he spat.My wings retracted with the gust
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A New Friend
UrielIt didn’t take long for me to find the portal. It was the center of the Celestial Kingdom. Many angels walked in and out of it like it was nothing. The large stone archway was decorated with lightly colored granite, only to look like an oversized mirror that was twenty feet wide.I stood behind the corner of the bakery Mom likes to go to on Sunday mornings to plan my studies for the week to keep me busy. It was small and only had a few tables, and she said the carrot cake was delicious. I licked my lips, peaking inside, wanting to taste something sweet and savory, but the itch in my wings made me flutter at the real reason I was out here.To go to a party!That will have a lot of free snacks!My wings fluttered again, them not looking at all the same like the other angels. Many female angels don
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The Meeting
UrielI continued to squeeze through the crowd, not paying attention to Queen Parisa standing on the balcony. The cake looked so delicious to be ignored, and no one was even looking at it. My wings tucked close to my body still hit someone gently on their shoulder."I'm so sorry," I whispered. My wings shuttered, I was too nervous about pulling them inside my body, but the large man in front of me looked down with bright blue brilliant eyes. "It's quite alright. Are you okay?" This man was really muscular, wearing a light tan suit and flowing white hair that graced his shoulders. The white stubble on his face was a shade darker than the hair on his head. His hands steadied my shoulders, looking me in the eye."You look familiar," he tilted his head. "Yet, I have never seen you before. I know all the angels and gods. What is your name?" I
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Bad Word
LuciferStepping out of the front palace doors, many continued to glare holes in my back. The heat of their stares only magnified my mission to find this girl, figure her out. Surely there had to be a spell cast on her, to deter my emotions and seek some sort of revenge on me and my family.There was no secret. My father was, in fact, the God of Hell, but he wasn’t as evil as the souls he tormented. After my mother being saved from a sex traffic ring, he sent his own demon soldiers to act as humans, finding entire rings of darkened souls for them to feed upon. The soul eaters became father’s new favorite creation. They suck the lives of worthless humans or supernaturals, sucking them straight to the doors of torture. Bypassing the judgment table and earning a number one spot session with me.Bodies fell completely to the floo
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UrielEverything was going great. I made a new friend, even though he had a bit of a potty mouth. He even offered me candy! But of course my stomach and chest had to hurt when he said it would taste so good. I might have had too many honeysuckles and honey. I’ve never had a problem with too much sugar before.Maybe I was just too excited to be here! Yup, I was because I got to see some outstanding puppies and got to play in this exceptional garden full of flowers I had never seen before. The Underworld was an amazing place for sure and I didn’t want the party to end so I could explore more.Things with Loki patched up nicely. I was worried about giving up my first potential at a proper friend, but he changed really quick. It made my wings warm at the promise he made me, a real promise. Now I would have someone to go with me and give me a tour around the entire estate! The flutter in my wings made me giddy until a bright light flashed at the front of
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LuciferLoki looked shamefully at the ground as he was being scolded by Uriel. I kept my face disinterested to the whole thing, still not sure how to face the situation. Uriel was my mate. Her mother had kept her from the other gods, goddesses and angels all while she grew up. She knew nothing of the underworld, deemed too evil. The only reason I met my fated mate was because of a simple misunderstanding.Since the gods started claiming mates just twenty-five years ago with my Mother’s new gift, babies had been born left and right. Taking part in either their mother's or father’s original form at birth, so there would be no natural-born mix of whatever species the parents were. My father, being a god, it was only natural for my mother’s werewolf genes to morph and make her immortal, thus giving her the power of bonding to help Selena, the Moon Goddess, making mother a goddess herself.Mother had had plenty of gatherings so that the new gods, an
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Hi Luci
Lucifer“Aren’t you still an archangel, Michael? What happened to the bad-ass archangel from twenty-five years ago? You gotta take your mate by her ass and tell her how it is. Chicks dig that kinda shit.” Ares plopped down on the thick leather chair, not caring that sweat and blood dripped on the expensive upholstery.“Can’t act like that anymore!” Michae threw his hands up in the air. “I’ve got a daughter now. I’ve got to be a bit more civilized than that.” Ares huffed, rubbing the sweat off his brow and slapping the table. Opening his mouth, he paused, whipping his head back to Michael.“You got a kid? Fuck man, congrats!” Ares stands up, goes to shake Michael’s hand before my father exploded.“If you were at the party, you would have known!” Ares scratches his head.“Oh, was that today?” Father rolled his eyes, falling back in the chair. Mariah,
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 LuciferAfter ten minutes of Michael arguing with Hera, which could be heard down the hallway, mind you, I left my seat, unable to listen to the bickering between Athena and Ares. They were at opposite ends of the spectrum, intelligence-wise, mainly about the topics of relationships, and no one was getting anywhere in those discussions.I followed my body. I didn’t think of where to go or what to do. For the first time in my life, I let my body flow with its surroundings. I went down the hallway and saw that the paintings on the walls were lighter. The servants were chuckling, nudging themselves as I went by. The smiles I had never seen, or maybe never paid attention to, had me doing double-takes down the hall.Of course, once they realized I was staring, they busied themselves with their work rather than have my heated gaze fall upon them.My feet landed right outside Loki’s door. Giggling and slight tappings on the door had me intrigue
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